Tarot Card Reading: Best Online Tarot Reading Experts Can Help With Love & Destiny Questions

How to get the most accurate tarot card readings, a guide for the best sites for online tarot reading, learn more about how online tarot card readings can help you get answers in times of uncertainty.

Uncertainties are a constant presence in every individual’s life. Even when they are at their happiest or best moment in life, they are filled with doubts about what the future holds and whether they are ready to face the upcoming difficulties.

These doubts could be about their love life, career, education, other relationships such as family ties, or finances. Not having a solution or a reliable answer leaves one feeling more anxious and depressed. Instead of simply relying on their intuition, they can look for concrete answers in the form of tarot card readings.

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Psychic readings and tarot card readings are century-old practices that depend heavily on the perceptive abilities of the tarot card readers to find answers for any doubts, queries, or questions the user may have about their future. The reader interprets the card picked by the user and accordingly provides results based on their analysis of the user’s situation.

Since there are so many online tarot card reading sites, it can become difficult for the user to choose the most trustworthy one. To make lives easier, Psychic-Experts.com has reviewed the top 4 tarot card reading sites and made a detailed deduction about the pros and cons of each.

Reputable Sites For Accurate Tarot Card Readings :

Kasamba Excellent Reviews, Great for Love and Tarot Readings 3 Free Minutes + 50% Off

California Psychics Accurate Tarot Readers To Uncover Your Past, Present and Future, $1/Minute + 5 Free Minutes (CODE: “ADD5”)

Keen Psychics Best for Meeting Your Budget, 10 Minutes For Only $1.99

Psychic Source Great Options for People Just Getting into Tarot Readings 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off

Highly skilled readers, excellent service


This site comes with over 20 years of experience in the field of tarot card readings. Not only does it provide accuracy in its readings, but the site has also garnered attention as one of the best in the field of love tarot readings. If one is facing any doubts in their relationship or is confused about which path to take in the future as a couple, they can always seek the tarot card readers at Kasamba for solutions.

Key features

  1. Kasamba offers services round the clock and provides tarot card readings, psychic readings, cartomancy readings, astrology, numerology, and many more. Its unique feature of Best Match Guarantee ensures that users can find the most suitable tarot card readers for their needs and requirements.

  2. Kasamba has an excellent filtering option that is both specific and sensitive and allows users to find the exact services they are searching for. With the filter’s sensitivity, they can also narrow down the mode of the tarot reading easily, the reader they wish to work with, and the tool they may decide to use for the reading.

  3. Kasamba offers top-notch customer service. Users can reach out to the customer support team at any time of the day and ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with the reading.


  1. The site is very economical and cost-effective. It provides the first 3 minutes of the session for free, followed by a whopping 50% discount for the remaining session for the new users.

  2. The recruitment of tarot card readers is done very strictly and with utmost scrutiny, ensuring that all the readers are background checked and authenticated.

  3. To make tarot card readings easier and more comprehensive for new users, the site offers Android and iOS. It also has several blogs and articles on both the app and the website, which provides detailed directions and guidance to those approaching tarot readings for the first time.


  1. The site offers online readings only on phone calls and live chat. Since video calling services are not available, the accuracy of the readings and results is often questioned.

  2. Despite subscribing to the services, Kasamba does not offer features like free horoscopes and daily astrology predictions to its readers. They also do not provide any access to newsletters to their paid users.

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California Psychics – Trusted and Reliable Readers


Most people go through a point in their lives where they worry about the future, what it holds for them and what they should expect. It is a well-known fact that the past of a person leaves a deep impact on their present and future. It is no news that people are eager to know if their future will be happy or filled with difficulties.

One can find answers to all these questions at California Psychics. With over 25 years of experience in the field of tarot card readings, the readers at this site have mastered the art of future telling. These gifted readers’ guidance is well-known among those who regularly use their services to receive answers and solutions.

Key features

  1. The site offers all its users a unique service called Karma Rewards. This is provided to every user who registers with the site. On initial entry, the user receives $20 in their rewards account, which they can use for any service available on the site. Every time they avail of service on California Psychics, they receive points added to their Karma rewards. Eventually, when sufficient points have been gathered, they can unlock treasures, promo offers, and discounts.

  2. California Psychics offers its users birthday and anniversary discounts. The users either receive a free natal chart worth $35, or they receive coupons and offers. Moreover, they can also enjoy perks such as less waiting time, more free minutes, and many others during their birthday month.

  3. The site has a unique feature wherein the user can peruse through the various tarot card readers highly rated and reviewed by other users. These testimonials can help guide the new users on deciding which advisor they wish to work with.


  1. The site has very low rates and prices for tarot card reading. Users only have to pay $1 per minute, and they also enjoy three free minutes on their first session. New users can use the promo code ‘ADD5’ to enjoy an additional 5 minutes of the session for free.

  2. As the rating and popularity of the tarot card reader increases, so make their appointments. This means that the user would have to wait for quite some time before consulting the advisor. But the good part about this site is that it displays the real-time waiting period of the advisor before the user can consult them. This allows users to track the activity of the reader and plan their schedule accordingly.

  3. California Psychics values its customer’s privacy and confidentiality. As a result, each tarot card reader and advisor is thoroughly checked and verified to ensure authentic and genuine services. Their credentials and certificates are scrutinized to make sure that users receive only the highest quality of services.

  4. California Psychics is one of the few tarot card reading websites that offers its services to users worldwide. Users from any part of the globe can enjoy the reading sessions at any time of the day. The site caters equally to both domestic and international clients.

  5. The site has a very active customer service team that is available round the clock to assist users. The team ensures that users are satisfied with the services and that their queries and problems are solved promptly.


  1. Tarot readings are not available on a video call. There are two cons to this point. Firstly, it takes away from the overall experience of a tarot card reading, which new users enjoy quite highly. Secondly, it interferes with the accuracy of the reading. Advisors cannot form a deeper connection with the user, and hence, find it difficult to provide more personalized solutions for their problems.

  2. Although tarot card readings are available on a phone call and live chat, not all advisors use both modes to conduct their readings. This further reduces the efficacy of the readings, and users are often put off by the lack of options for availing their readings.

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Keen Psychics – Best Deals for New Members


While most other websites offer discounts to their users for the first session, few offer them cost-effective and cheap rates as Keen Psychics. It is perhaps one of the cheapest sites for tarot card readings across the internet. From career to finance, from education to love life, there are very few questions left unanswered by the advisors at Keen Psychics.

Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, the site has garnered attention from the users for its wide variety of advisors housed under one roof. Their decades of experience allow them to cater to the audience with precise and accurate readings.

Key features

  1. The site has an available and compatible app on both Android and iOS. It allows users to enjoy their tarot card readings, psychic readings, and other services at any time and in any place across the world.

  2. The tarot reading site provides its registered users with daily horoscopes, astrology predictions, and other updates, including a newsletter subscription for free. Users can also go through the blogs and articles present on its site and app, guiding approaching tarot card reading.

  3. One of the unique features of this site is the Keen Psychics radio available at specific times of the day and answers questions anonymously by clients and curious users. It also relays horoscopes and other predictions for the day and provides other useful information about spirituality for those interested in learning more about it.

  4. The site has spent considerable time and effort in presenting the profiles of its advisors. Users cannot only receive a thorough background check about the advisors, but they can also click on their pictures to see the ratings and reviews left by other clients.


  1. The site offers the first 3 minutes of the session for free to all its new users and only charges $1.99 for 10 minutes after that. This makes it an extremely affordable option for the clients trying out tarot card reading for the first time and are unwilling to spend too much on the readings.

  2. When a new user registers or applies for an online tarot card reading and chooses their advisor, they undergo an initial session to prepare them before the actual reading. Here, they are given a list of commonly asked questions related to the subject they have selected, such as education, relationships, career, and so on. This guides the users about the kind of questions they should ask the advisors during the session.

  3. The site has more than 1700 advisors and readers to choose from, making it one of the biggest platforms for tarot card readings on the internet. Clients can enjoy multiple services on just one website.


  1. The tarot card readings at Keen Psychics are available only on a phone call and live chat. This limits the experience of the readings and also affects the precision of the results. Users may not be very satisfied with the results and may question their accuracy because of a deeper connection with the advisor.

  2. While it is a compliment to have such a large network of advisors and readers working under the website, it can become a major disadvantage if the user is not guided properly through their first few sessions. Such a large variety can leave them feeling more confused and out of place about how they should approach the reading and what kind of subject and questions they should ask. Sometimes, the users may be so overwhelmed that they may opt-out of the reading altogether.

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Psychic Source – Excellent For First Time Users


There are various types of tarot card readings available for users to choose from. This includes angel card and cartomancy readings, some of the best services that Psychic Source specializes in. With over 30 years of experience, this site is one of the oldest tarot card readings websites established so far.

Since the advisors on this site come with tons of experience in the tarot readings, there is undoubtedly one reader to solve the user’s questions and queries. Regardless of the subject, mode, or tool of the reading, every user can find their match on this site.

Key features

  1. Psychic source has amassed some of the best tarot card readers and advisors under it. Nearly every reader comes with ample experience and specific areas of expertise, which enormously improves the reading quality offered to users.

  2. To make the most of the services at Psychic Source, the site offers a sensitive filtering tool that helps divide the services into structured and unstructured ones and based on the psychic tool used and the subject to be broached. With these exact specifications, users can easily avail themselves of readings at no time.

  3. Almost every advisor on the site comes with at least ten years of experience, ensuring that users can get precise and accurate readings.


  1. Psychic source offers very economical and affordable readings. New users can enjoy the first 3 minutes of the session for free, following which they only have to pay $1 per minute. If there are any other running offers for the new users, they can even enjoy reading at just $1 per minute for up to 30 minutes.

  2. This site is one of the very few that offers tarot card readings to its users on video calls, live chat, and phone calls. This reading mode is available for all the readers, and users do not have to pick and choose among the readers and advisors.

  3. The site offers a full refund, no questions asked, to its users if they are not satisfied with the readings. The active customer support team always tries its best to make the readings as safe and enjoyable for users as possible. They also actively review any offense that the user has reported.


  1. The initial offers for the new users are very attractive. However, as the user starts availing more services at the site, they begin to get progressively more expensive. This is especially true for the highly-rated readers who charge quite heavily for their services.

  2. The site can sometimes have long waiting times, especially for the readers with high ratings and reviews. Users are often forced to wait several hours before they can avail of the reading, which often puts them off completely.

  3. The site does not offer services like newsletters, free horoscopes, daily astrology updates, and so on, even to the users who have subscribed for specific packages.

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What is tarot card reading, and how does it help users?

Since the 15th century, tarot card readings have been used to predict the future or find answers to mysterious questions and curiosities. This reading relies on the tarot card decks and the perceptive abilities of the tarot card readers to find solutions.

The reader asks the user to pick a card and interprets the card according to the situation or scenario explained by the user. The session usually begins with open-ended and intuitive questions. The reader spreads the deck of cards and picks the card that calls out to them the most. They then interpret the card based on a set of rules and guidelines that have been established for years.

The results of these sessions are not always positive. Sometimes the reader may find that some impending doom or challenge the user may have to face soon. But the silver lining to this cloud enables the user to be prepared to take on any adverse situation they may face in the future.

Often, the results are positive and describe the happiness or the achievements the user is about to gain in the future or a major step or life decision they are about to make. Sometimes, the answers are simply a form of guidance and do not have any direct positive or negative connotations.

Tarot card readings help the user understand their life and their emotions better. These readings probe deep into the user’s conscience and allow them to connect with their spirit in a way they have never done before. It helps them reach revelations about thoughts they were not aware of.

As a result, these readings help them find solutions to all their unanswered questions. Sometimes, it even answers questions which the user did not even know were circulating in their head.

Can anyone do tarot card reading?

Tarot card readings come with a set of guidelines to formulate the results. While this guide is more or less universal, it can be tweaked to some extent by each reader. Those advisors who have plenty of tarot card readings often follow their guides that they have learned over the years.

The real deal with these tarot cards is to interpret their meaning correctly. Every card represents a similar thing, but its interpretation varies depending upon the situation of the reader. For example, a card about pregnancy and fertility may indicate an impending pregnancy for a user and the loss of a child for another.

Amateurs can follow the guides available on the internet to try their hand at tarot card readings. However, the accuracy is compromised in these types of readings. Advisors with experience and expertise can provide correct answers and more precise readings.

Moreover, when it comes to sensitive subjects like the loss of a child, family member, or cheating in a relationship, they are better equipped to handle these situations and find satisfying answers for the frenzied users.

This is why it is said that not every person can perform a tarot reading. The experience, exactness, and validity of the results improve as the expertise of the reader increases.

What does the success of online tarot card readings depend on?

To make an online tarot card reading successful, there are some factors of both the reader and the user which influence it. One of these is the openness of the user and their willingness to share personal information. Since tarot readings are private affairs, the more openly the user divulges details about their lives, the more accurately and promptly readers can predict answers for their questions.

However, the skill of the reader is equally important. If the readers cannot apply their experience and expertise during the reading, there are high chances that the reading is not as correct and accurate as it may otherwise be.

How can one make the most out of tarot card readings?

New users signing up for their first reading can get quite overwhelmed with the hundreds of options they have for tarot card readings. This can make them quite nervous for their session, and they could end up fumbling through it. Not only do they lose a fruitful outcome from the session, but they also end up spending money without making the most of their expensive session.

Here are some ways that users can make the most out of their tarot card readings.

Be open

Tarot card readings require users to share some of their most personal and innermost feelings and doubts. Baring their thoughts so publicly may make them feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, if they are more introverted or private, they may have difficulty sharing their problems.

However, users should get over their fear to some extent to express their worries openly. All the readers on online platforms ensure complete confidentiality of the users, and there is no breach of personal and private information. Readers have too much to lose if any information gets leaked.

Therefore, users should ask open-ended questions which allow both the user and the reader to be more discerning and dig deeper into their conscience.

Ask the right questions.

As new users, the biggest worry clients have what kind of questions they should ask the reader. The most important factor to remember is to never ask close-ended questions that can be answered in a yes or a no.

For example, instead of asking ‘will I get married’, users should ask, ‘when am I likely to get married and with what kind of person. This allows the reader to understand the user’s dilemma better and covers the user’s questions.

Most tarot card readings such as cartomancy and angel readings attempt to connect with the guardian angel in the user’s life to find answers. These answers stem from emotions, subconscious feelings, and the user’s conscience, and therefore, cannot be answered in a simple yes or no.

Finding the right reader

Finding the right reader can completely transform the way a reading proceeds. While most readers come with experience and bookish knowledge, what sets them truly apart is their ability to understand the innermost thoughts of the user and connect with them.

Almost all tarot card reading sites offer detailed profiles of their advisors and readers, their areas of expertise, their personality, the tools used by them, and the ratings and reviews they have received from other clients. This makes it much easier for new users to choose when finding the right tarot card reader.

How are online tarot card readings better than offline ones?

There are several advantages to online tarot card readings, so they have gained immense popularity in recent times. Firstly, online readings are more convenient for users. They can avail of these readings from their homes and do not have to travel long distances for offline ones.

Moreover, offline tarot card readers are not easy to find in every town and city. If the concept of tarot card reading is not very popular in the user’s culture, they might not be present at all. Online readings allow users from any part of the world to enjoy them, crossing the physical barrier of distance.

Most tarot card readers are available throughout the day, and users can fix appointments for their readings whenever they wish to. International readers can also enjoy the readings without worrying about the time difference. Customer support of these sites is also available 24/7, allowing users to make the most of the readings at their comfort and convenience.

Offline settings do not offer users discounts and offers. They have fixed prices which the user must pay, and if they are not satisfied with the services, they cannot ask for a refund. In online tarot readings, not only do the new users receive promotions, offers, and discounts, but they can also enjoy a full refund and other services such as rewards systems for their readings.

Online sites also provide users with a much wider range of advisors and services to choose from. Ranging from tarot card reading to cartomancy reading, from angel card interpretation to dream analysis, users can avail all these services under one roof. On the contrary, offline readers usually only specialize in one area and provide only that type of reading.

Another major advantage of online readings is that they come with a guarantee. If the user is not satisfied with the reading or feels that the reader has scammed them, they can always report the issue to the customer support team. The readers are also thoroughly checked and authenticated to ensure only genuine services for the users.

All the services are transparent in online settings. Users can go through the profile of the reader, see their qualifications and reviews. They are given a choice for selecting their advisor.

The concept of customer service and user choice does not exist in offline settings. There is a lack of choice, and there is no evidence to prove the efficiency and abilities of the reader. Users cannot register any complaints or report an issue that they feel is offensive.

If they are the victims of fraud by offline readers, they can only choose not to come back to the reader for further sessions. They, unfortunately, cannot report the issue or leave behind useful reviews for other users to be careful.

This makes online tarot card readings much more safe and secure as compared to offline readings.

Is it better to have online readings via phone, live chat, or video call?

While there are various modes for online readings, picking the perfect one for each user can be challenging. Phone readings are a better option than live chat since the reader can converse with the user and understand their personality to some extent. Of course, completely connecting with the user on a deeper level is not possible on a phone call.

Moreover, many times, users may be connected to the call, but they may be left on hold for very long due to a waiting time. If they disconnect the call, they lose the appointment and have to go through a new one. This results in a loss of time and effort.

Live chat comes with its problems. While some people find chatting more comfortable than video calls or phone calls, many times, the less popular tarot reading sites scam their users by setting up chat bots on the live chat rather than real advisors and readers. Not only is this a major waste of the user’s time and money, but it also damages the reputation of the tarot reading website.

However, video calls continue to remain the most preferred method by the users among all these options. They are the closest users can get to an offline reading, which is undoubtedly more popular for the overall tarot reading experience. Not only do the connections go beyond the superficial ones between the user and the reader, but the reading quality and accuracy also improve.

Readers can gauge the user’s body language, attitude, personality, and character better, allowing them to rely more freely on their intuition for answers. It also ensures that users can enjoy a tarot card reading full experience even while basking in the comfort of their homes.

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