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Survival Instinct Nutrition Reviews: Matthew Corbit SIN Diet Truth Exposed

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Survival Instinct Nutrition is a weight loss eBook exploring the benefits of the “SIN diet.”

The book was written by Matthew Corbit, who guarantees that the book’s weight loss advice is “unlike anything you have ever read, seen, or heard before.”

What will you learn in Survival Instinct Nutrition? How does the SIN diet work? Find out everything you need to know about Survival Instinct Nutrition and the SIN diet today in our review.

What is Survival Instinct Nutrition?

Survival Instinct Nutrition is a diet guide sold online through

Priced at $25, the guide comes in the form of an eBook. You buy Survival Instinct Nutrition online, then get instant access to its weight loss advice.

Survival Instinct Nutrition was written by a man named Matthew Corbit, who claims the book is unlike any other diet guide available today. Here’s how Matthew introduces the book:

“SIN is unlike any other diet that I have ever read, seen, or heard. SIN progresses our understanding of our bodies, medicine, and health. SIN showed me how to lose fat without changing what type of food I eat.”

By buying Survival Instinct Nutrition online today, you can discover the secrets to the SIN diet – and how it could help you lose weight, unlike any other diet you’ve tried.


How Does Survival Instinct Nutrition Work?

Survival Instinct Nutrition uses alternative weight-loss strategies to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and increase your metabolic strength.

Matthew bases his weight loss advice on research, case studies, and 10 years of personal and secondary experiences. Based on all of this evidence, Matthew claims the SIN diet is unlike any other weight loss program previously created.

Here’s how Matthew introduces the weight loss program:

“The SIN Diet or Survival Instinct Nutrition Diet is a program with techniques that use our bodies’ natural survival mechanisms to lose fat, gain muscle, and increase our metabolic strength. The techniques are derived from research, case studies, and over 10 years of personal and secondhand experiences, creating a dramatic formula for success that is unlike any other diet ever created.”

The diet is called the “Survival Instinct Nutrition” diet because it’s based on our natural human instinct to survive. All of us have a natural instinct to survive. It’s what pushes us forward – and it’s what has driven the human race to become the leaders of the planet after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

In Survival Instinct Nutrition, Matthew explains how to use your body’s natural survival instinct to your advantage. We all have this instinct deep within us. You can use it to your advantage to help you lose weight and enjoy other benefits.

Who Should Follow the SIN Diet?

Matthew claims his SIN diet is suitable for anyone, including people of “all genders, all ages, and all body types.”

The SIN diet doesn’t focus on specific people or goals. Some use the SIN diet to lose weight. Others use it to gain lean muscle mass. You’re putting your body’s survival instincts to work for you, and you can use those instincts however you like.

Matthew claims the SIN diet is ideal for anyone:

  • People of all ages, genders, and body types
  • Anyone who wants to lose fat, gain muscle and follow other general goals
  • Anyone who wants specific goals, like gaining strength without size
  • Someone who wants to lose weight in a sustainable way
  • Anyone disappointed by fad diets and other diet trends who wants something different

How Does the SIN Diet Work?

The SIN diet is built on the idea that we have innate human instincts inside all of us. You can’t help it: it’s human instinct.

Human instinct is a good thing. It’s what pushes us to survive and thrive. It has helped us survive for hundreds of thousands of years.


In Survival Instinct Nutrition, Matthew explains actionable strategies you can use to put your human instinct to work for you. Matthew tells you how human instinct can be a very good thing for weight loss and lean muscle mass. When human instinct is on your side, it’s easier to lose weight and achieve other health and fitness goals.

In Survival Instinct Nutrition, you’ll discover a range of actionable strategies you can use to put your human instinct to work for you, helping accelerate your health and fitness goals.

Some of the techniques discussed in Survival Instinct Nutrition include:

Metabolic Direction: Matthew claims that changing your food (as you do with most diets) “has little influence on metabolic utilization. Dieting doesn’t actually change your metabolism. It just changes the types of foods you eat. To get results, Matthew recommends changing your metabolism “so food is no longer important.” This is a better way to follow a diet long-term, and it could lead to superior results.

Delayed Eating: Matthew recommends putting your body into a “deep-efficient fasted state” with delayed eating. Matthew claims you can do this “without actually fasting,” allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fasting without the downsides.

Delayed Loading: Delayed loading helps your body achieve a psychological response where you burn fat while consuming calories at the same time – something most nutritionists claim is a bad idea. Matthew claims otherwise, suggesting that delayed loading can help you achieve better weight loss results.

Exercise for Survival: You can increase endurance without endurance training. You can also do certain exercises in minutes to maximize fat burning. In Survival Instinct Nutrition, Matthew recommends unique exercises to gain strength without size, build muscle with little work, and enjoy other benefits.

Supplements: Just like dieting, supplements won’t work without targeting your metabolism. Matthew claims that “our metabolic direction dictates the effectiveness of our supplements.” Even antioxidant supplements can promote unfavorable responses if your metabolism is imbalanced. Matthew explains how to optimize your metabolism to ensure supplements work effectively.

10 Day Plan: Survival Instinct Nutrition contains a straightforward 10-day plan anyone can implement to maximize weight loss and fat burning. Matthew describes this system as “possibly the most simple diet solution – ever.” By following Matthew’s recommended plan for 10 days, you could lose weight, burn fat, gain lean muscle, and achieve other targeted benefits.

The Dangers of Counting Calories

Matthew believes that modern diets don’t work because counting calories is wrong.

There are many reasons counting calories is wrong. People struggle to stay honest when they count calories. It also tempts people to cheat. Counting calories can drive you crazy, and it’s not an effective long-term diet strategy.

Matthew claims that the calorie itself is the problem: the calorie is a problematic unit of measurement. It has fundamental flaws that weaken the effectiveness of diets.

Here’s how Matthew explains his theory in Survival Instinct Nutrition:

“A calorie is a measurement of heat transfer, which was developed originally by blowing up food inside a metal container. This measurement is primitive because we utilize energy through complex physiological mechanisms (like enzymes) that break down food – not explosions in our bellies.”

Despite its flaws, the calorie has become the ubiquitous unit of measurement. It’s a part of every diet guide. Most nutrition guides recommend getting a certain number of calories per day, and diets can succeed or fail based on the number of calories you consume.

Why Diets Work Against You

Matthew claims modern diets have other problems: they work against you and inhibit your weight loss goals.

Some of the problems with modern diets, according to Matthew, include:

Exercise and food restriction can actually weaken and slow down your metabolism

Fad diets revolve around the creation of “life hacks” or “schemes” to increase exercise and decrease food

Modern diets are based on the success and failure of these life hacks, although dieting is much more complicated than a single lifestyle change or hack

Some diets put your body into “survival mode,” which makes it impossible to lose weight; your body’s natural instincts are working against you

In Survival Instinct Nutrition, Matthew explains how to avoid the problems associated with modern diets.

Survival Instinct Nutrition tells you how to put your body into a fasted state without actually fasting. You can eat less to gain muscle, eat more to lose fat, eat carbs to lose fat, and enjoy other benefits.

Overall, Matthew describes SIN as “the ultimate guide to tricking our bodies into performing what we actually want them to do – get leaner, stronger, and healthier.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

In Survival Instinct Nutrition, Matthew discusses how speeding up your metabolism is crucial for weight loss. Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, a slow metabolism could weaken weight loss results.

Matthew explains how to improve your metabolic direction to speed up your metabolism.

Modern diets involve caloric restriction. You eat fewer calories, which slows down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.

Matthew recommends targeting your metabolism instead, which lets you enjoy eating whatever you want to eat – while still losing weight.

Metabolism is a survival mechanism. When your body doesn’t get enough food, it enters a survival mode. Your brain tells your body to stop burning fat because it needs to keep as much energy as possible to stay alive. This is your body’s caveman instinct at work.

That’s why modern diets may be forcing your body to store fat instead of burn it. Here’s how Matthew explains the concept in Survival Instinct Nutrition:

“We see fat gain (anabolism of fat cells) as bad, but it’s really an unfavorable response to a good mechanism that’s meant to keep us alive. If we couldn’t store fat, then we couldn’t survive a famine.”

Matthew claims that these survival mechanisms are good because they’re designed to keep us alive. By working with these survival instincts instead of against them, you can achieve amazing results.

Survival Instinct Nutrition Pricing

Survival Instinct Nutrition is priced at $24.99.


You receive instant access to the eBook after your purchase is confirmed.

You can read Survival Instinct Nutrition on an eBook reader, tablet, computer, smartphone, web browser, or anywhere else. It’s a digital PDF file you can read anywhere. You’re also allowed to print out pages.


Survival Instinct Nutrition Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs survival Instinct Nutrition. You can request a complete refund on Survival Instinct Nutrition within 60 days of your purchase.

Note: The official website mentions a “1-month money-back guarantee.” However, the sales page mentions a two-month guarantee, which is standard for all Clickbank purchases.

About Matthew Corbit

Matthew Corbit is an ordinary guy who created a weight loss book. He does not claim to have any special certifications. In fact, there’s limited information about Matthew Corbit available online at all. However, Matthew cites plenty of references, backing up his claims with peer-reviewed research.

Survival Instinct Nutrition is published online by a Connecticut-based company named Tibrock, LLC. That company appears to be associated with Matthew Corbit.

The SIN diet also has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile.

Final Word

Survival Instinct Nutrition is a diet guide written by Matthew Corbit. The diet guide explains how to use your body’s natural survival instincts to help you lose weight.


Modern diets work against your body’s survival mechanisms. They weaken your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. Matthew recommends a different approach, helping you eat whatever you like while losing weight, building muscle, and enjoying other targeted benefits.

To learn more about Survival Instinct Nutrition and how the SIN diet works, buy the guide online today through, where it’s priced at $24.99 and backed by a 60-day refund policy.

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