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Psychic Reading Online: Live Psychics You Can Trust

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Whether you are on the quest to find true love, a successful career, or wealth, online psychic readings can help you unfold your destiny.

People have used gifted psychics to seek wisdom for centuries. Some consult them to gain more clarity about their true purpose in life and others want to uncover all its secrets. Our tech-driven world makes this search for the truth simpler via online psychics.

All you have to do is type ‘free psychic readings online’ or ‘best psychics near me’ to connect with experts. Not only does this make the whole process quicker, but it makes it easier too. Many newcomers believe that disclosing personal details during psychic readings by phone or chat are less awkward than in-person sessions. Additionally, you benefit from the diverse range of services virtual psychic platforms offer. These include accessibility, versatility, and the choice to connect with an expert that’s right for you.

Nevertheless, your inner critic might hold you back. Many first-timers are afraid of disclosing personal details to the wrong person. You might have reservations about the authenticity of certain sites or be wary of online scams. Or interacting with a well-designed algorithm that spouts generic answers instead of personalized solutions.

After all, nobody wants to get duped by con artists posing as online psychics. Then there’s the question of choosing an advisor that feels right.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then don’t worry. We won’t let these skeptic musings and doubts stop you from uncovering your true potential. Instead, we are here to unlock the world of psychic mediums, spiritual guides, and fortune-tellers through our practical guide.

We do this by shortlisting the best websites for free psychic reading online. Our detailed reviews to find out key features, best deals, and other reasons people love each platform. More importantly, we have conducted thorough research to ensure that each choice leads you to a trustworthy psychic advisor.

Let’s begin.

Top Free Psychic Reading by Phone and Chat for 2021

Our dedicated team scoured the internet to find the best psychics to your virtual doorstep. This led to the discovery of four top-notch contenders. Each platform offers a unique experience to individuals interested in psychic readings by phone or chat.

Our top picks include:

1. Kasamba — Home to the Best Love Psychics Online

Kasamba secures the #1 position for the most trusted and 100% accurate psychic readings online. Explore its amazing options with free psychic reading online (available for the first three minutes) of your trial run.

Plus, newcomers get 50% off during the first session.

2. Psychic Source —Find the Most Popular Career Gurus and Financial Advisors

Aspiring professionals and seasoned industrialists can seek mystic advice for their careers. Use their affordable services to get ahead of the competition by consulting well-vetted online psychics. Special offers include a 3-minutes long introductory session. Interested individuals can continue the first psychic reading with a discount deal (i.e., 75%) upon completion.

3. California Psychics— The Go-to Platform for Accurate Tarot Reading

An ideal choice for tarot card reading, no tool psychics, astrology, and accurate horoscopes online. Find the answer to questions related to love, career, death, and pets on this platform. Get five minutes free using code “ADD5” during your introductory psychic reading and pay $1/minute for the remaining session.

4. Keen Psychics — A Safe & Secure Way to Navigate Life with Experienced Mystics

It’s a popular platform for affordable psychic readings by phone and chat. Connect with verified psychics to discover your true calling in life. This platform invites you to take a leap of faith with special offers and an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Enjoy 10-minute-long trial readings for only $1.99.

The next section focuses on in-depth reviews featuring the most recommended websites for free psychic readings online. These descriptions are followed up with a practical guide on how psychic readings work. That way, you can learn a few tips and tricks to make the most of this experience.

So without further ado, let’s embark on this mystical journey—featuring psychics, tarot readings, crystal balls, and more.

The Full Disclosure: Which One of These Psychic Sites Is Right for You?


Can’t make a decision?

Scroll through our descriptive reviews to select a site that aligns with your unique needs, desires, and goals.

Here’s an overview of each virtual psychic reading provider:

#1: Kasamba: 100% Accuracy on Matters of Your Love Life & Financial Future


Kasamba was established way back in 1999 amidst the boom of the internet. Despite being one of the oldest psychic platforms, they have managed to stay on top of online trends. This has allowed them to transform the lives of over 3 million satisfied clients. The secret to their success lies in the value they bring to each psychic reading.

Clients appreciate the anonymity and security this platform offers throughout its mystic journey. For instance, the first few clicks bring users face to face with a well-encrypted registration process that only asks essential questions. As a result, your personal details stay hidden from the appointed psychic. You can also opt for confidential chat psychic reading features to participate in private live sessions with your mystic advisor.

Apart from this, Kasamba appoints experienced highly experienced psychic advisors from all corners of the world to help its clients. That means you can schedule a psychic reading regardless of your zip code.

Moreover, this platform increases transparency by providing current reviews from satisfied clients. In turn, this gives you a better idea of what you can expect from each psychic.

What’s More?

Having a worldwide network of gifted psychics has allowed them to take psychic readings online to new heights. Current specialties include tarot reading, astrology, career forecast, psychic mediums, numerology, dream analysis, & numerous other live psychic services.

They claim to provide the ‘best psychic match’ by offering free psychic reading online. These one-on-one sessions last for three minutes. We recommend new clients to read psychic profiles. It will allow you to select an advisor based on their skills, niche, and experience.

If things don’t go well, you can select a new psychic to start another free session without any strings attached. Plus, new clients receive 75% off after they complete their first psychic reading.

Key Features: Why Should You Choose Kasamba?

  • Meet highly experienced psychics and clairvoyants from all around the world.
  • Choose the perfect psychic via free one-on-one sessions (maximum duration: 3 minutes)
  • 24/7 psychic consultation with top-rated advisors
  • Anonymous chat sessions and secure payment methods
  • Enjoy 50% off on your first session (exclusive offer for new members)
  • Affordable psychic readings with trial rates starting at $1/minute
  • You can connect with various highly experienced psychics via one platform.
  • You get access to a diverse range of psychic reading formats (i.e. tarot reading, astrology, numerology and more)
  • They offer a 100% money back guarantee for assurance
  • They have designed an app for daily updates and live psychic chats(Available for iOS or Android devices)

Besides this, Kasamba has over two decades of experience in this line of business. You can trust this platform to hire highly experienced and well-vetted psychics for each service. In addition to this, new clients will appreciate the diverse range of options available for psychic readings online.

Get An Insight Into Your Future With The Best Online Psychics On Kasamba.

#2: Psychic Source—The Best Site for Live Psychics & Free Psychic Readings by Phone


Psychic Source was founded in 1989 by psychics invested in changing people’s lives through phone readings. Their business quickly garnered attention as being one of the first trusted psychic hotlines for tarot readings, horoscopes and forecasts.

Over the years, the owners expanded their network by updating its services to align with the growing needs of a tech-savvy generation. This led to the introduction of love readings, dream interpretations, energy healing, astrology readings, angel card readings, etc. All these services offer view phone readings, chat psychics, and live video sessions.

Having various options within reach attracted an audience of millions as the platform continued to grow. Their dedicated team and budding community of gifted psychics have become a recurring feature in 5-star reviews shared on their website. Clients consider Psychic Source as a top-rated psychic service for accurate psychic readings online.

Moreover, many clients recommend this platform for career forecasts and financial tips.

What’s more?

Users can use an advanced Psychic Tool to connect with three compatible psychics available for real-time readings. Clients can consult Customer Care operators for further assistance if anything goes amiss during browsing, registration, or reading.

Best of all, each registered psychic shares a detailed profile with skills, fields, and experience level stated within the bio. You can use this information and customer feedback to choose a professional advisor. Additionally, the platform maximizes security and credibility by developing a strict selection policy to ensure that you receive the best service possible.

Lastly, Psychic Source offers free psychic reading online for the first three minutes of your trial reading. After that, they charge as low as $0.66 per minute if you wish to continue. All new customers receive a 75% discount during their introductory reading.

These deals and the unconditional support you receive from the staff make long-term collaboration worthwhile.

Key Features: Why Should You Choose Psychic Source?

  • It brings in 30 years of psychic reading experience and advanced tools to accommodate your requests.
  • It’s a highly secure psychic hotline for different types of psychic readings.
  • A dedicated customer care team operates 24/7 to eliminate setbacks during live psychic readings.
  • Receive psychic readings by phone, chat, or video recordings.
  • Ask for spiritual advice about love, career choices, financial decisions, and more through in-depth discussions.
  • An online psychic reading tool speeds up your search to find the best psychic.
  • An assorted range of psychic reading formats and services at your fingertips.
  • Free 3-minute psychic readings online with 75% discount offers for new clients.
  • Affordable packages for new and old clients.

In short, Psychic Source manages to add a human touch to online psychic readings. They do this by keeping things real and always lending a helping hand from start to finish.

Connect with Caring And Compassionate Mystic Advisors At Psychic Source.

#3: California Psychics: A Trustworthy Psychic Line for Live Readings


If you are looking for an accurate and authentic psychic reading platform, then look no further than California Psychics. The company welcomed its first batch of clients in the early 90s and has become a beacon of light for wandering souls.

California Psychics have developed an advanced screening test to improve credibility and performance. Apart from running in-depth background checks, each applicant gets evaluated on experience, reliability, and diligence. Customer ratings and skill levels contribute to the overall ranking of each individual.

The talented team of top-rated psychics promises to instill a wave of positivity and hope into your lives with their non-judgmental readings of your future. They have more than 2 million happy clients to back these offerings through 5-star reviews and feedback.

Furthermore, California Psychics offers inexpensive psychic reading sessions at the lowest rates. They have divided their price structure into three sections (i.e. preferred, popular, and premium). These categories enable clients to make a budget-friendly decision based on their interests and convenience.

What’s More?

They have mastered the art of authentic fortune-telling and psychic interpretations of crystal gazing, tarot cards, i-Chings, pendulums, and more through decades of practice. All this is available via psychic readings by phone and chats.

California Psychics has received rave reviews about its excellent customer service and tarot reading accuracy. Clients consider it the ideal choice for psychic advice on love, financial advice, professional forecasts, and other personal matters. Adding to this are no-nonsense signup forms that make registration simpler for first-time users.

Subsequently, the website offers real-time customer support to assist clients whenever required. You can ask operators to set up your account, fix technical glitches, and connect you to psychic advisors that are compatible with your search.

Key Features: Why Should You Choose California Psychics?

  • You get to consult with a team of highly skilled psychics that work around the clock
  • 24x7x365 service available for local and international clients
  • 100% privacy via a confidential psychiatric reading
  • Real client testimonials and 5-star reviews for assurance and transparency
  • A diverse range of psychic tools (i.e. pendulums, tarot cards, i-Chings, crystals, etc.) are used for online readings.
  • Daily horoscope readings and real-time psychic advice
  • Low rates with only $1 charged per minute along with flexible offerings
  • All new customers receive free psychic reading online (for the first five minutes) and have the option to continue (or cancel) service as per their preference

In short, California Psychics has become a trustworthy and formidable source for psychic readings online in the 21st century.

Click Here To Find Accurate Answers to All The Burning Questions About Love, Life & Everything In Between!

#4: Keen Psychics: Transforming Lives Since 1999 with Precise Predictions


Keen Psychics has been in the astrology and numerology game since 1999. Their online platform might have evolved with time, but one quality and accuracy remained a constant throughout the years. This dedication has resulted in over 35 million successful psychic readings and a deeply invested relationship with thousands of clients.

They strive for excellence with their strict screening to hire certified psychics online and systematic profile upgrades. These steps ensure that you receive the best treatment possible when you choose a psychic medium to gain spiritual insights into your past, present, and future. Having a team of field-specific psychics and advisors on board paves the way for endless opportunities.

They give you the confidence and clarity required to make life-altering decisions through reliable psychic readings.

What’s More?

Keen Psychics sets itself apart by providing unbeatable deals and price plans for clients (old and new). Newcomers, in particular, can take advantage of their small 3-minute trial sessions and then delve deeper by paying only $1.99 for the next 10 minutes. Subsequently, this discount gives you a better chance to assess your psychic’s capabilities and learn more about your fate.

Apart from that, they provide various modes of psychic readings. These include online phone psychics and chat psychics scheduled according to your feasibility. All these factors result in a positive and happy experience for prospective clients and loyalists.

Key Features: Why Should You Choose Keen Psychics?

  • Supported by decades of industry-specific experience and certified skills
  • 24-hour psychic reading online via phone and chat for tarot readings, career forecasts, psychic mediums, relationship tips, and more field-specific decisions
  • The go-to place for quick and accurate psychic readings online
  • Consult with an extensive network of international and local psychics online
  • Explore career paths, awaken your inner self or find love with the aid of gifted psychics
  • Sign up for budget-oriented live psychic sessions without breaking your bank
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the past, present, and future with online psychics
  • Take short introductory sessions free of charge before booking a mystic advisor that meets your expectations
  • Receive unconditional support online from our growing community of skilled online psychics
  • Enjoy 10 extra minutes with chosen psychic if you decide to continue the trial session after its 3-minute mark

Besides this, Keen Psychics feature a user-friendly interface. It makes communication easier and your search for solace less time consuming. Therefore, we consider time spent on this platform worthwhile for every visitor.

Click Here To Unveil Mystical Secrets And Build Spiritual Connections With Keen Psychic Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Psychic Reading Experience?


The possibility of knowing what lies ahead can feel exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time. Knowing how to choose the best psychic online and setting realistic expectations of the whole process can make things easier for you.

Here are some things you should know before your first psychic reading online:

Q1. What Are the Different Types of Free Psychic Reading Online?

There are several kinds of psychic readings available online. We discuss the most common choices below:

1. Astrology

It’s a pseudoscience that studies celestial bodies (i.e. planets and stars) and their movements to predict the future of relationships, life-altering events, and economic success. Most astrologists use this date to create horoscopes for each zodiac sign.

2. Aura Reading

Gifted psychics have the power to visualize and feel human energy fields. They use energy work to heal people and offer suggestions that can alter certain aspects of that clients’ personality.

3. Crystallomancy

It’s a form of divination that revolves around crystal gazing. Here trained psychics get visions of the future by looking into crystals.

4. Numerology

These focus on psychic readings involving numbers and their occult meaning. Psychics interpret how birth dates, letters in your name, number of letters in your business etc. influence your personality.

5. Tarot Readings/ Cartomancy

Tarot readings are dubbed as the most popular and fascinating form of psychic reading. Most live psychics ask you to select a specific number of cards from the shuffled deck. In this case, practitioners answer life-related questions about your past and future by interpreting the selected cards.

As you can see, each type of psychic reading covers different aspects of human life. We strongly advise you to create a list of questions you’d like to ask. Use them to decide which psychic medium you’d prefer to use when you sign up for an online service.

Alternatively, you can talk to customer service providers for professional advice by giving them a gist of the things you would like to learn from a psychic. Then use their expertise to select a category that fits your needs.

Q2. How to Choose Trustworthy Sites for Online Psychic Readings?

Online scamming and dubious sites are not uncommon in the modern era of psychic readings.

Luckily, we know a foolproof way to steer clear of phony psychics.

Here’s what you have to do:

Rule#1: Do Your Research Before You Choose a Psychic Reading

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for love psychics or energy healers. You should not sign up for a live session without conducting a thorough background check. We suggest reading reviews and going through public profiles.

A quick search can help you differentiate between the best psychics with imposters. Always check experience, skills and specialization before making a decision.

You can also opt for trustworthy sites and well-vetted directories for psychics online. Using these protected platforms eliminates potential risks and safeguards your personal information.

Rule#2: Check Ratings and Reviews for Authenticity

Speaking of virtual directories for psychics, we recommend opting for service providers that share client testimonials. These can give you a basic idea of what each practitioner brings to the psychic reading.

Moreover, many websites have a rating system based on skill, positive reviews, and professionalism. Use them as a benchmark to select psychics with the highest accuracy rates.

Rule#3: Take a Trial Session

Bios and reviews can be misleading sometimes. Free psychic reading online is an excellent way to test the waters without any obligations. That way you can get a better idea of how shortlisted practitioners put their skills to good use.

Consequently, these real-life sessions will enable you to choose an online psychic reader that works for you.

Rule#4: Compare Payment Methods and Privacy Policies for Psychic Reedlings Online

Remember to read the fine print before finalizing anything. It can ensure that third parties or spam-prone advertisers are not sharing your details. The terms and conditions can also allow you to select services that keep financial interactions transparent and secure.

In the end, these guidelines can maximize the value you receive from online psychics. Consequently, these preventive measures are a practical way to avoid cybercrimes like phishing, hacking, identity theft, and financial fraud.

Q3. Psychic Readings Online vs. In-Person Sessions: What Are the Benefits of Online Psychics?

Virtual psychic readings have taken over the trend of making search inquiries for ‘psychics near me’. That’s because the post-pandemic world has taught us how sessions with online psychics can be safer and more secure than face-to-face sessions.

Other advantages of choosing online services for psychic readings are as follows:

  • Get Access to Free Psychic Readings and Affordable Offerings

    Unlike in-person appointments, virtual psychic readings often include free trial sessions. This minimizes the financial risk of signing up for a fake service. Plus, most platforms run year-long offers and discount deals to meet your budget.

  • Receive Psychic Advice Anytime, Anywhere

    Virtual appointments with psychics break many barriers within a few clicks. For instance, many websites allow you to consult international practitioners and certified online psychics. In addition to this, you can set a date that suits your schedule.

  • Enjoy More Versatility

    Joining a virtual community of psychics and enthusiasts allows you to expand your horizons. Instead of choosing a single-skilled tarot reader, you get to correspond with online psychics different fields.

In conclusion, online psychic readings are highly accessible and more flexible than in-person interactions. Our top picks for secure sites tick all these boxes. That’s why we recommend scheduling a date with Fate by giving any one of these platforms a try.

Q4. What Should You Ask During Psychic Reading Online by Phone or Chat?

Having a list of questions for your psychic can prove beneficial during introductory readings. It allows you to get as much information as you can within the designated time frame.

Here are some ideas:

  • Love psychics can give relationship advice about your current (and future) partners.
  • You can ask online psychics readers to offer financial advice before a big investment.
  • Use numerology to influence the growth and success of your business
  • Spiritual readings can help you heal and connect with your inner self
  • Find information about your past through free psychic readings online
  • Ask questions related choosing careers and switching paths

In other words, gain surety about what lies ahead. Everyone wants to be wealthy and successful. These consultation will give you an idea of what you need to prepare for a happier and more fulfilling life. Feel free to share your ambitions and current situation with mystic readers to receive specific details.

However, do note that interacting with psychics can be tricky. Avoid yes and no answers by framing open-ended questions for live psychics.

Q5. Phone Readings vs. Chat Readings with Online Psychics: Which One Is Better?

Do face-to-face interactions give you anxiety? Are you camera shy?

Psychic readings by phone and psychic chats are the most common mode of communication during these instances. Each has its pros and cons based on your comfort level, the preferred form of communication, and style.

Here’s what you can expect from these readings:

Phone Readings

Telephone readings have been a part of psychic readings for over two to three decades. It can be a hassle-free way to talk to a mystic advisor without any face-to-face interaction. Phone conversations create a friendly vibe and are often long, detailed, and more explorative than written correspondences.

If you prefer to talk rather than write, then this is an excellent option for your psychic readings online. Remember to keep a notepad handy to keep a record of important points. That way, it can refer to filling in gaps at a later date.

Chat Readings

If you are interested in going through word-to-word readings, then you should opt for chat psychics. Plus, it’s the most recommended format for individuals that communicate better in text. Or people that prefer non-verbal communication over verbal communication.

Apart from this, your chat sessions are more private and confidential. They allow you to receive guidance without the fear of being overheard by anyone, and you can participate in these live psychic readings without any interruptions from nosy or noisy housemates.

In conclusion, they both come with advantages and setbacks. Think about your communication skills, feasibility, and surroundings before choosing a category.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, a free psychic reading online by phone and chat can be an incredible experience for cautious clients. You can receive credible guidance and unconditional support during real-life problems from gifted individuals. All you need is a trustworthy advisor and network of service providers that can guide you during testing times and provide clarity regardless of location, time, and budget.

Due to this, many modern psychic readings by phone and text have become a norm in this tech-driven world. Take advantage of these services to get a glimpse of what lies ahead in the next five, ten, or twenty years.

Are you curious about what the future holds?

Choose our recommended websites for free online psychic readings via chat or phone. May the odds always be in your favor, and you unravel secrets that foretell a life filled with love, happiness, success, and countless adventure.

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