PhenQ Reviews – Shocking Scam Concerns About Real Customer Results?

The number of people struggling to lose weight is countless. A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2018 found that at least 42.4% of Americans above 20 years of age were obese. From past pandemic years, overweight and obesity have become more vulnerable worldwide. These days people have tight work schedules putting them on unhealthy foods habits, which causes tons of fat cells in the body resulting in extra body fat.

The weight loss market is crowded with pills, drinks, and supplements promising to slim you down. Several slimming supplements on the market promise a fast and reliable way to get rid of that excess weight. Many men and women are looking for easy-to-apply weight loss supplements. However, it is difficult to choose a safe weight loss pill that keeps excess fats away from your body.

Anyone that wants to get in shape and fails eventually reaches a point in their mission when everything becomes exhausting. With PhenQ, consumers are said to be given a multi-angled approach for weight loss.

PhenQ is a new weight loss supplement that claims to promote weight loss by restricting the user’s appetite. The makers say their formula encourages energy improvements and increases the amount of fat burned. As reported by the PhenQ website, the formula is meant to be used daily, and it gradually can reach up to 2-5 kilograms (4.4-11 pounds) of weight loss per month. Sounds impressive?…Let’s dig out the reality in this PhenQ reviews post:

But before we get started, let us take a look at some basic PhenQ supplement details

Key Facts
Supplement Name
  • PhenQ
  • Takeaway
  • PhenQ is a unique dietary supplement that helps you lose weight in a more effective manner. It burns stubborn fat layers, suppresses food cravings, and increases your energy levels
  • Makers
  • Wolfson Berg Limited
  • Serving
  • A Bottle Contains 60 Pills For 30 Days Supply
  • Core Ingredients
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • A-Lacys Reset
  • Nopal
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Chromium
  • Advertised Benefits
  • Burn stored fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Block extra fat production
  • Boost mood and energy levels
  • Dosage
  • 2 Pills a day, One With Breakfast And One With Lunch
  • PhenQ Side Effects
  • No major side effects
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manufactured with FDA and GMP-Approved facilities
  • 100% Natural, Safe ingredients
  • 100% Vegetarian Ingredients
  • Customer Reviews
  • More than 190,000 satisfied customers. Check bias-free PhenQ reviews on their Website
  • Price
  • Starting from $69.99 per bottle
  • Guarantee
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Contact Details
  • Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632
  • Email: support@phenq.com
  • What Is PhenQ?

    The PhenQ website describes it as an advanced weight loss supplement containing natural ingredients, making the body burn fat, reduce appetite, and increase metabolism. Wolfson Berg Limited, which has produced dietary supplements since 2005, is the manufacturer of PhenQ.

    They advertise phenQ as a “five powerful weight loss pills in one” solution that works from all angles. These diet pills are prepared in GMP and FDA-certified facilities situated in the US and the UK. PhenQ manufacturers claim to have helped over 190,000 men and women to lose weight through this supplement. The company has been around for just a few years but is challenging other reputed weight loss products with incredible long-term benefits.

    How does PhenQ work?

    As stated by the makers, the powerful PhenQ supplement has the ability to burn through the fat that is already stored on the body. Still, that reaction is fairly close to what any metabolism booster offers. While the user continues to burn through stored fat, the formula aims to prevent new fat accumulation. Even if the user is not trying to lose tons of weight, the formula may keep users at a manageable weight with continued use. PhenQ may also provide appetite suppression, which means that users are less likely to consume extra calories when they aren’t actually hungry. Plus, as the user’s weight balances out, they’ll experience more energy and maintain a pleasant mood without stress.

    PhenQ works as a fat burner, appetite suppressor, and energy booster to give you a lean body and lean muscle. The natural ingredients in the formula are backed by scientific research and proven to help people burn fat.

    PhenQ website claims that their unique blend is effective and can cut down your body fat by 7.24%, and at the same time, increase muscle mass by 3.80%. During the blending process, manufacturers also ensure to use all-natural elements, so users don’t have any negative side effects on their health. Moreover, the potent ingredients improve your chance to lose stored body fat quickly and safely. They make the formula under the guidance of healthcare experts and fitness professionals teams to keep users’ health paramount.

    What Are The Ingredients Of PhenQ Weight Loss Pills?

    The ingredients in PhenQ are easily the reason that this remedy works so well. In addition to its safe, natural formulation, PhenQ is made from a combination of six clinically proven ingredients. According to the official Website, this formula includes:

    • L-Carnitine Fumarate
    • Caffeine anhydrous
    • A-Lacys Reset
    • Nopal
    • Capsimax Powder
    • Chromium Picolinate

    L-carnitine fumarate

    L-carnitine fumarate is a naturally occurring amino acid usually in foods such as red meat, nuts, and green vegetables. Amino acids help our bodies to build muscles by causing chemical reactions and transferring fatty acids to mitochondria. It also prevents sickness and boosts immunity naturally. Furthermore, amino acid helps your body turn its fat stores into energy, meaning you’ll not only reduce fat but combat the tiredness often caused by following the proper diet. It triggers the body’s conversion of fat to energy, reducing the risk of tiredness.

    Caffeine anhydrous

    This ingredient is extracted from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants. Though caffeine is already a part of the Capsimax powder, it is also added as a separate ingredient. Caffeine promotes better focus while reducing fatigue, which commonly happens when someone eats fewer calories than they are used to.

    A-Lacys Reset

    It is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid and Cysteine helps to boost metabolism and thermogenesis in the user’s body. Alpha-lipoic acid, as an organic component, plays a great role in affecting antioxidant levels and internal body temperature in the human body. It improves glucose levels in the body to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Ultimately improved thermogenesis levels naturally start producing enough heat in the body to run the fat burning process.


    Nopal is a cactus plant, and it provides the user with an impressive amount of fiber. The 20 mg nopal cactus fiber makes the stomach feel fuller, keeping up the user’s energy levels and reducing the risk of fluid retention. Additionally, Nopal helps with flushing fluids from your tissues into your blood to halt weight gain caused by fluid retention. It’s also rich enough in essential amino acids to supply you required energy throughout your weight loss journey.

    Capsimax powder

    Capsimax powder combines several ingredients such as– capsicum, Piperine, caffeine, and Niacin. It boosts free fatty acids and glycerol to cut off the fat. While Piperine (also known as black pepper extract) and capsicum can both trigger thermogenesis in the body, the other ingredients maintain energy levels and promote better blood circulation. Piperine also triggers your body to block the formation of new fat layers. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, promotes the overall immune system and health of your body. Studies show Niacin is highly effective at improving bad cholesterol levels in many people.

    Chromium picolinate

    It is an essential mineral for the body, provides support for sugar cravings and an overactive appetite. Chromium picolinate in PhenQ makes it much easier to promote weight loss without actively fighting their desire to eat more.

    What Are The Main Benefits Of Using PhenQ?

    Burn stored fat

    The PhenQ weight loss supplement remains to its basic function, which is burning excessive fat. The natural ingredients of this dietary supplement help with fat burning from stubborn areas of the thighs and belly. It speeds up the weight loss process by boosting your body’s metabolic and thermogenic levels, bringing you back into your old clothes and sexy figure.

    Suppress appetite

    The elements such as Chromium Picolinate and Caffeine in PhenQ curb your appetite, reduce cravings, and make you feel less hungry, leading to more fat burn. This weight management process cuts off a good amount of calories that you used to consume.

    Block extra fat production

    PhenQ helps at not only losing weight but also block additional fat production. The ingredients contained in PhenQ take control over your appetite and metabolism levels, so you don’t consume excessive meals to put you back in the same situation again and again.

    Boost mood and energy levels

    Dieting is not as easy as people assume. Reducing your calorie intake and adopting a strict exercise routine may lead to low energy levels and mood swings. PhenQ contains caffeine and other effective ingredients that help you to keep active and charged all day along by improving energy production.

    Note- Weight loss supplements or pills are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; neither the supplement manufacturers are allowed to advertise the benefits of curing a critical sickness or disease using their product.

    Who Can Use PhenQ?

    Although both men and women above the age of 18 can use PhenQ fat-burning formula, there are still some restrictions for people having the unstable health condition. For example, if you are already taking some prescribed medicine, it is not recommended to take PhenQ diet pills or take them after consulting a healthcare professional.

    Furthermore, PhenQ is not suitable for a pregnant woman or a woman planning to get pregnant.

    Some people tend to have allergic reactions to a certain ingredient. So, it is recommended to read the PhenQ review and ingredients carefully; it will be better to consult a medical professional before starting to take pills to lose fat.

    How to Buy PhenQ?

    Buying PhenQ from its official Website is always a good practice. Other websites may offer you a lower price but you may become the victim of consuming copied or counterfeited PhenQ solutions. Available with free shipping, users can choose from the following packages:

    Each bottle contains 60 capsules, providing the user with enough capsules per bottle to take them through a month of use. However, if the user doesn’t see changes, they offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee to offer a complete refund.

    Frequently Asked Questions About PhenQ

    What are the benefits of taking weight loss supplements?

    Although, humans stay healthy and fit naturally if they are on a healthy diet and exercise routines. But the poor living style and eating habits increase body weight excessively, make people use fat burning supplements, and why not? Everyone deserves a healthy life. The ingredients in a quality weight loss supplement can accelerate fat burning and control your blood sugar levels. However, the market of these supplements is full of false claims and side effects. You must keep your eyes and ears open before trying anything.

    Do users require a prescription to get PhenQ?

    Not at all. All of the ingredients are described as safe and natural, providing a simple way to support weight loss without visiting the doctor.

    How long should users take PhenQ?

    Since everyone has a different reaction, users can take the product for as long as they see results. The average weight loss is 2 lbs. per week, though users that no longer see results may decide to stop use after a certain amount of time. Ultimately, the user should see a change within 60 days.

    How many PhenQ capsules should be used daily?

    Only two capsules are needed each day to make a difference. The Website doesn’t say whether the capsules should be taken with water.

    Will PhenQ work for men and women?

    Yes. This remedy promotes weight loss in any adult.

    Who should avoid PhenQ?

    PhenQ is not a good option for anyone under age 18. Furthermore, if the user is pregnant or breastfeeding, they should not use PhenQ or any other weight loss remedy without their doctor’s permission.

    Are there any possible side effects associated with PhenQ?

    All of the PhenQ ingredients are safe for the body, but anyone with a current health issue may want to consult with their doctor to ensure that this remedy is safe for them. Till today, there have been no major side effects reported. However, very few customers mentioned that they felt minor side effects such as bloating, dizziness, and headache. Always take the recommended dosage of PhenQ fat-burning supplement to avoid such negative side effects.

    The customer service team can be reached by calling 646-513-2632 or sending an email to support@phenq.com.

    Final Thoughts On PhenQ Review

    PhenQ may help anyone that wants to lose weight when other supplements have failed them. This solution requires no extra work or a specific workout routine, although a healthy diet is always recommended for long-term results. However, users can still trigger weight loss and keep their energy up with just a few ingredients. Men and women alike can use this product, allowing them to lose weight each month safely. No doubt that the PhenQ supplement comes up with great results for people’s desire to lose weight. When comparing PhenQ fat burner to the Exipure weight loss pills, it really becomes which approach speaks the loudest to you.

    Overall, this proven and effective fat burner puts a bar on excessive weight gain and helps you burn fat naturally. This all is because makers put all-natural ingredients to achieve desired weight loss goals within a few weeks.

    PhenQ makers keep conducting research on their product just to make it better every single day. They make it suitable and safe to use for any healthy adult. It is a great product for people suffering from obesity and bad cholesterol levels, feeling depressed due to excessive weight gain.

    It is important to understand that this supplement will only work to get desired results if you maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. You should opt for a low-calorie diet and avoid food with high sugar levels. Overall, Adding the PhenQ supplement to your diet can completely change your life. It is a highly recommended option to achieve your realistic weight loss goals in a few weeks.



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