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Meticore Review – Morning Metabolism Trigger Scam Complaints

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  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021 12:18pm
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Meticore Morning Metabolism Trigger Scam Complaints [Review]

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Meticore is a recently-released healthy metabolism support formula that helps trigger morning metabolic rates naturally, effectively supercharging metabolism activity early in the day at sunrise with a simple routine that may actively reduce appetite, burn fat more efficiently for energy and act as a detoxifying catalyst for cellular cleanup. The Meticore claims about it being a real weight loss supplement by way of increasing low core body temperatures are plentiful online, but unearthing the solid substances surrounding this popular metabolism triggering formula are very worthy of digging into at much deeper levels than some of the vanilla flavored surface-level fluff found online when searching for actual Meticore customer reviews.

The eight-ingredient blend inside the Meticore metabolism boosting blend is strategically put together to trigger morning metabolism function by properly awakening a subpar ‘sleeping’ metabolic rate through the use of plant-based superfoods and catalystizing vitamins. Age related or not, everyone deals with metabolism as a core health pillar internally. Technically defined as ‘chemical reactions in the body’s cells that change food into energy’ or ‘ the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy your our bodies need to function’, metabolism activity within cellular functions are pivotal to the efficiency of fat loss and weight management, as well as balancing out those underlying hormonal imbalances. When there is a low core body heat environment, these cellular mechanisms do not fire or flow as fast or nor as fluid as need be overtime, causing the resting metabolic rate (RMR) to dip low and lower, resulting in it being harder and harder to climb back higher and higher of that when all was well in the body-specific youth of yesterday. Cell health is vital and must be continually jump-started like a battery through electrical impulses and consumed catalysts in the form of vitamins, minerals and the scientifically-rooted superfoods. These ingredients are purported to have strong beneficial antioxidant profiles that awaken users’ sleeping metabolism every morning, igniting low core body temperatures where all the major digestive organs reside early in the day at sunrise.

Losing weight can be the quickest way for someone to improve their health, confidence, and outlook on life. Millions of adults in the United States struggle with obesity. And the impacts are more significant than just aesthetics. Obesity, if left unchecked, can lead to multiple serious complications. Even if someone is healthy in every other aspect, high body fat percentages exponentially increase an individual’s odds of a heart attack, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and multiple other illnesses. When paired with other conditions, obesity becomes even more deadly.

A multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up to help people improve their chances of shedding the weight necessary to make their lives better and easier. The traditional medical industry is one thing, but many consumers have become dissatisfied with what Big Pharma has to say about obesity and obese people. Nutritionists have claimed for years that the only way to reliably lose weight is to burn calories through a combination of exercise and diet. We already burn a certain number of calories each day simply by living and moving around. But additional exercise and a low-calorie diet can make this number even higher.

If this is the case, though, why do some people who diet fail to lose any weight at all? The secret may lay in the metabolism, which is based upon low core body temperatures. Our metabolism is the process in the body that helps us to maintain—or lose—weight. When we are young, we generally have high metabolisms. But as we grow older, our metabolic strength gradually begins to decrease. This is one reason why older overweight people have to work so hard to lose their weight, while college-aged students eat all day and gain no weight at all!

Traditional nutritional work might not account for this important weight loss reality as well as it should. Let’s face the facts: some people need an extra boost in order to lose weight and maximize their quality of life. This is where the supplement industry might step in. Millions of Americans each year put their faith into various supplements to try to solve their weight problem in the places where traditional workout and diet regimens fall short. Successful supplements in this sector generally claim to supercharge or maximize the efficiency of the metabolism, which can have measurable benefits on overall weight loss.

As always, the key to metabolic supplement success is to combine supplementation with traditional exercise and diet. A supplement can only go so far. Actual weight loss requires quite a bit of work and diligence, especially among people with extreme obesity problems.

MetiCore purports to be one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market. Using this supplement’s patented formula twice daily might help people to make their metabolisms more effective and “kickstart” their weight loss process. But is it actually effective? Or is MetiCore one of many supplement scams in the weight loss niche in 2020? This review will answer every question you might have about the exciting supplement and its creators.

About MetiCore

MetiCore is a supplement meant to help people lose weight. The core philosophy behind MetiCore is that the metabolism is most closely measured by the “core body temperature” of consumers. The website created for this supplement explains that “low core body temperature” causes the “unexplained” obesity experienced by millions of men and women all over the world. On the contrasting side, a higher core body temperature makes the metabolism more effective, maximizing weight loss and health in people.

Just like many other supplements, one of the draws of MetiCore is its 100% natural formula. It utilizes only ingredients that are free of GMOs, without stimulants, vegetarian, and free of side effects. This is great to hear. All too often, supplements focusing on user weight loss include unsafe or unproven ingredients. Many supplements in this sector also include stimulants, which can cause addiction and dependency in consumers! MetiCore maximizes its ease-of-integration into the weight loss processes of consumers by using only the most natural, pure, and scientifically backed ingredients possible.

Additionally, MetiCore is apparently manufactured using “Good Manufacturing Practices” in an FDA-approved facility. We should note here that this classification refers to the facility—not to the supplement itself. The FDA has never approved a supplement for use by the public, and this continues to be the regulatory organization’s policy regarding dietary supplements like MetiCore. Beware of any review sites that claim that MetiCore has been evaluated directly by the Food and Drug Administration. This is a sure sign that the reviewer is being dishonest in order to help sell the supplement.

MetiCore is being manufactured by a company called Meticore. This is a little bit troubling to our team, which generally attempts to review supplements from companies that are as clear and transparent as possible about their origins, methods, and formulas. However, their official website presentation from Todd Pittman and Dr. Reginald Stone are forthcoming in how it came to be and the entire story behind its origins. We did figure out that this supplement is being offered only by Digistore24, which is a reputable third-party platform that is a marketplace for multiple products and programs. This affiliate marketing company has been responsible for the distribution of a number of supplements in this industry. But we should reserve judgement until we are able to more closely evaluate the ingredients of MetiCore. There are several scientific studies cited on the official product website for MetiCore at Regardless of the company producing it, these studies might just speak for themselves.

There was a previous statement about consumer updates regarding scam complaints and the weight loss supplement ingredients that said, “Meticore is an all-natural metabolic booster that has become the new hype all across the fitness world, thanks to its effective weight loss properties. By pushing the body’s natural metabolism and speeding up the process of digestion to throwing all the toxic materials out of the body, Meticore supplement seems to fight all potential reasons for weight loss at the same time. For people trying to lose weight but with no positive results, this weight loss supplement can be of great help.”

The next section will evaluate some of the science behind core ingredients featured in the MetiCore formula, as well as the information we were able to find online about the same formula.

MetiCore Ingredients

It is refreshing to see how clear the ingredients of MetiCore were listed on its website. Many supplement producers attempt to obfuscate their formulas by hiding key ingredients and their dosages behind sketchy proprietary blends. This does not seem to be the case with MetiCore. We spotted a few reasons to be skeptical of the ingredient list on the MetiCore site. Most of these reasons have to do more with the exact dosages of leading ingredients than with the chosen components themselves.

Here is a basic list of the key ingredients of this supplement, including a brief description of the function of each in the larger formula:

Moringa Oleifera. There are several benefits to the use of Moringa Oleifera, which has been included in multiple supplements in the weight loss niche industry. To start, it’s an excellent detoxifier. Also, using the right amount of Moringa can help people to improve their immune health. Immune efficiency is a little-known secret to weight loss. A well-functioning immune system can make it easier to workout and diet consistently while experiencing constant improvement to weight.

Ginger. Most people already know what ginger is. The ingredient is mostly used as an anti-inflammatory. Following especially hard workouts, our muscles can become stressed and inflamed. This can make it more difficult to continue to exercise, which inhabits our ability to lose weight. Ginger can help to prevent this cycle of failure.

African Mango. While African Mango doesn’t help people improve their workouts, it does serve an important function in the dieting process. Consuming African Mango is a great way to naturally decrease your appetite without some of the side effects of less natural methods of doing the same.

Citrus Bioflavonoids. Blood flow is another essential component of workouts and weight loss processes. When used properly, Citrus Bioflavonoids improves blood flow while also reducing inflammation. This is a dually effective way to help people workout for longer and more effectively.

Fucoxanthin. According to the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, using fucoxanthin in healthy amounts helps to improve weight loss. The compound does this primarily by reducing inflammation and preventing fat tissue from developing.

Vitamin B12. This is a big one. Thousands of new supplements featuring a hefty dose of B12 are cropping up this year—and with good reason. A proper dose of Vitamin B12 can help people to maximize the health of their nerves while also maximizing blood flow all over the body and its organs.

Turmeric Rhizome. Turmeric is another leading supplement ingredient in 2020. Like Vitamin B12, it can decrease inflammation and reduce the pain we feel in our muscles following a difficult workout. Turmeric Rhizome comes with an additional benefit: it releases dopamine in the body, making us feel happy and more motivated to continue working.

Chromium. Chromium is one of the most stressed and featured ingredients in this particular formula. It can help people with Type 2 diabetes improve their disease by better regulating insulin. Insulin issues can kill weight loss progress, so chromium’s work to improve insulin processes can be extremely helpful.

Our main concern about the ingredients in MetiCore is the lack of dosing ingredients included on the website. There’s no shortage of reasons to consider these key ingredients potentially helpful to obese consumers, but truth be told most of the studies cited to support this thesis feature specific dosages, making it hard to judge this supplement based on these studies. However, one overwhelmingly obvious caveat here is the sheer rise and popularity in the Meticore weight loss pills as a go-to metabolism booster and fat burner in 2021. After ending the 2020 calendar year in rising fashion, Meticore is off to a hot start in 2021 as the leading weight loss formulation to try today. Even right now there is a 90% discount off of suggested retail price on the official website at, where the 60-day money back guarantee is in place should the results not pan out to users favor.

While we do know that Vitamin B12 and Chromium are featured in dosages of 10 mcg and 35 mcg, respectively, all of the six ingredients inside the proprietary blend are well-known and respected individually. All of these ingredients are included in a “MetiCore formula blend” of 250 mg. We do not know how much of each ingredient in this formula is included, but are all must-have herbs and nutrients that the body can effectively utilize and benefit from day in and day out. Let’s go over the research and review Meticore with a scientific lense before answering all of the top pressing questions pertaining to this popular weight loss supplement.

MetiCore Scientific Support

There are a number of scientific sources supporting the effectiveness of various ingredients in this supplement. It’s going to be hard to find specific peer-reviewed studies concerning the entire supplement. A similar problem persists all over the supplement sector. Weight loss supplements are notoriously shady, and consumers should look for the research to cut through the hype and determine whether a given solution is actually helpful.

For MetiCore, some scientific research helps to make us more confident in the solution it purports to offer for consumers with weight loss struggles. The FDA has nothing to say about MetiCore. But don’t let this turn you away by itself. Remember: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not actually evaluate—nor approve—any dietary supplements. It is unlikely that the FDA will ever endorse any dietary supplement, especially as an effective way to treat a genuine medical condition, illness, or symptom. However, this does not mean that these unendorsed supplements are ineffective. To get the full scoop, users should turn their attention toward unaffiliated research.

MetiCore has a lot to offer when it comes to genuine research backing its formula. No studies (that we know of) exist to support the effectiveness of the full MetiCore formula, especially as a way to supercharge the metabolism and maximize weight loss. However, multiple scientific sources are used throughout the product website. Generally, these sources back the effectiveness of specific ingredients within the larger formula. In some ways, this is even better than an endorsement that addresses the entire formula.

We do know that most of the ingredients in MetiCore can, when taken in appropriate doses, help people to improve both their dieting effectiveness and their workouts. When combined with a solid diet and a consistent exercise schedule, we are convinced that MetiCore has the capacity to scientifically help people improve their overall weight loss potential over time or get the money back full stop.

How to Use MetiCore

This is one of the first questions anyone in the supplement industry should have before purchasing and trying a new product. MetiCore’s patented formula comes packed in gel capsules. The capsules are completely vegetarian, which is great news for consumers who don’t eat any meat.

To use this supplement, MetiCore’s website advises consumers to consume one capsule each day. It’s unclear whether these capsules should be taken with food or on an empty stomach, and we do not know if they need to be taken with water. Todd Pittman talks about the one minute sunrise routine that is to be coupled with the Meticore metabolism trigger supplementation each day. These distinctions are ultimately immaterial. Most supplements can be taken either with or without food. The important thing is that MetiCore contains no artificial preservatives and can be taken twice daily for maximum benefit of awakening a sleeping metabolic rate and regenerate cellular activity in the form of energy, detoxification and fat loss flushing.

Another important factor to consider when taking MetiCore is that it should be taken consistently over a relatively long period of time. MetiCore’s official site advises consumers to take the supplement twice daily for over one month. We’d recommend waiting at least a month or more before expecting significant results, but some users make noticeable differences within weeks of use.

Frequently Asked Questions About MetiCore

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Consumers are right to question many things about a solution that claims to help them lose weight. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about MetiCore and the science behind it.

Q: Does MetiCore have side effects?

A: There should be no side effects to using this supplement. Some consumers who overuse MetiCore might experience a few negative impacts. But this can be easily avoided by closely following the usage instructions printed on the back of the supplement bottle for MetiCore. MetiCore avoids some of the side effects associated with traditional appetite suppressants by including no added addictive compounds.

Q: Are there benefits to MetiCore?

A: Absolutely! This supplement includes several ingredients meant to help maximize the core body temperature of the user. Doing so might help to improve the metabolism, one of many key factors in weight loss. Losing weight can come with its own benefits, too. People who are obese are at an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Q: Are weight loss supplements a scam?

A: Some weight loss supplements are certainly scams. The big thing to watch out for is an overreliance on stimulants. Stimulants can help to suppress the appetite and contribute to weight loss. However, stimulants also increase the heart-rate and can create unnecessary dependencies in consumers. These supplements are often counterproductive.

Q: Is MetiCore a scam?

A: We do not consider this supplement to be a scam. Although the company behind it is obscured on the official website, we’re given clear information about the ingredients and scientific backing of MetiCore. Both of these facts are helpful in adding an air of legitimacy to the product for consumers. We advise readers to try MetiCore for themselves before passing any judgements.

Q: How does MetiCore work?

A: This supplement uses a variety of ingredients to try to raise the “core body temperature” of the user. Several of the ingredients can also help to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, among other things.

Q: What are the ingredients in MetiCore?

A: The ingredients in this supplement are as follows: Moringa Oleifera, African Mango, Fucoxanthin, Ginger, Turmeric Rhizome, Vitamin B12, Citrus Bioflavonoids, and Chromium. Each ingredient is carefully vetted and generally considered completely safe by leading health researchers. Together, they comprise a fat-burning metabolic booster known as MetiCore.

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Who’s Behind MetiCore?

This is a tough question to answer. The official website includes very little information concerning the exact company behind the formula, research, and production of the supplement due to copycat me too products. Despite their being real Meticore consumer warning alerts online worthy of investigating more into, however, we do know that it is being provided and hosted by a well-established platform in Digistore24, Inc. This company has successfully sold and marketed several highly touted supplements in the industry, and is one who honors all refund requests and has a responsive customer support ticket to help with any questions or concerns.

There is one piece of contact information for the team behind MetiCore available on the official product website. Consumers can email them at the following email address:


Some may be a bit troubled by the lack of information available concerning the company manufacturing MetiCore, but there is a lot of information available and a leading spokesmen and doctor referenced multiple times. However, this is relatively common among companies in the supplement industry. Many organizations producing supplements use an in-between to market their products. The Meticore company behind the Meticore supplement is believed to be offering formulations for over 19 years already, with Meticore being their latest and greatest formula for boosting metabolism, burning fat and losing weight via raising core body temperatures.

Purchase MetiCore

The best way to buy MetiCore is from the official MetiCore website. It is certainly the case that consumers can purchase it from other online retailers, including both Amazon and eBay. However, these options make it impossible for consumers to use the money-back guarantee offered by the product site. This guarantee makes it possible for users to get a full refund for their purchase within sixty days of purchase.

By buying multiple bottles at one time, consumers can also drastically decrease their cost per bottle. Current purchasing options include:

  • One Bottle: $59.

  • Three Bottles: $149.

  • Six Bottles: $234.

We recommend making purchases only from the official website only at This is generally our recommendation, as product websites often offer the greatest amount of savings. The refund policy of MetiCore is also only accessible using this site.

How to Avoid Meticore Weight Loss Scams

To observe social distancing rules in 2020, most people were confined to socially distanced environments where exploring workout places such as gyms was almost impossible. Back then, most consumers opted for weight loss supplements to keep their weight in check, purchased online, and some of them ended up victims of highly exaggerated weight loss scams and promotions. The Better Business Bureau has come forward with new world standard tips to help consumers avoid getting trapped and taken advantage of by fake weight loss supplement advertisements. They have compiled this list for the industry in hopes and with strategic advice and carefully analyzed tips to help people lose weight fast, avoid being ripped off, and stay safe from the harmful side effects of using substandard weight loss products.

You’re advised to assess with a skeptical eye whenever you see any product advertised with miracle claims such as ‘breakthrough formula’ and ‘lose weight permanently in 2 weeks’. While Meticore is far from any of these potential threats due to its open transparency and willingness to share the Meticore ingredients and all the details makes it for a much more open and direct offer in comparison to these non-genuine ways.

According to a Federal Trade Commission {FTC} 2019 report, more consumers fell prey to deceitful weight loss products in 2017 than they did to any other product. 2.6% of the survey participants had fallen victim to weight loss scams, representing 6.5 million United States adults. The respondents in these surveys claimed to have bought and used products such as weight loss earrings, dietary supplements, body wraps, skin patches, and topical creams to “dissolve,” “melt,” or even “flush” their accumulated body weight from their body. It is no secret that Meticore is the leading weight loss supplement due to its metabolism boosting methods of raising low core body temperatures naturally. But Meticore is much different than some of these others, where transparency comes at a premium and is easy to get a refund if results are not experienced. In a projected global market in the year 2020 where weight loss supplements were estimated to be at over $24 billion (and $33.6 Billion by 2027), Meticore stands out from the rest of the crowd for a number of reasons.

All weight-loss products with miraculous advertising promotions and immediate results promises should be seen as potential scams. These products don’t truly contain what they promise and rarely deliver results close to the promises. These products may contain hazardous ingredients, cause potential side effects, and pose serious health threats to the user. Meticore has become so popular that fake scams are set up using the same name brand but selling inferior products, even the ones listed on Amazon and Ebay.

Most scam weight loss products feature pictures of celebrities and other fraudulent endorsements. As per the 2018 BBB study, these misleading promises are backed with misleading free trials in the form of monthly subscription traps that have led millions of consumers to buy fake products that don’t work along with being charged for them. As per this report, almost 37,000 complaints were filed. The BBB ScamTracker reports found that consumers have lost approximately $186 since 2015 due to fake celebrity product endorsements and misleading free trial offers. Thankfully, there are zero indications of individuals or anyone associated with Meticore using fake props in the form of fraudulent celebrity endorsements.

Dozens of client complaints emphasized the difficulty of canceling the weight loss programs after failing to deliver client expectations. Many consumers were disappointed with what they found after they were made to believe that they were making a one-time purchase, only to realize that their credit cards were charged more money after the free trial period had ended. To their great shock, when they reached out to the customer support, they were told that they had signed up for a subscription that was initiated when paying for the shipping and handling of a free trial offer, which details were only mentioned in the fine print of the original purchase Terms and Conditions portion of the selling websites. There is no free trial offer with Meticore when ordering directly at, which means no hidden fees and a straight-forward pay for what you get.

In other complaints, consumers say that they were informed of an additional shipment of weight loss products they never ordered. After they tried to call the companies to have the orders canceled, they were sadly informed that the products had already been shipped, and most of those who attempted asking for refunds never received them, and for those who were lucky, it took months. Dozens of other consumers complained about not getting the results promised in the advertising product labels. So far, the only Meticore scam complaints found online of negative reviews is the fact that there are so many fake offerings with cheap ingredients that pose as a certified impostor.

What BBB Recommends to Protect You from Weight Loss Scams

Consumers should be careful of any products that come with endorsements and promotions promising miracle or immediate results. As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week is a healthier goal and the most successful way to achieve long-term weight loss. Talk with your doctor to know the most achievable weight loss goal for you. Meticore simply looks to act as a morning metabolism trigger that activates the resting metabolic rate naturally at sunrise, effectively increasing low core body temperatures for accelerating the cellular activity needed for energy.

Examine your fitness goals. Losing weight is naturally a hard nut to crack. In your best interest, look for a weight loss program that fits you well, and you’re comfortable adopting and implementing. Check if the program requires special foods and if you’re able to cancel the membership if you’re not satisfied with the results; in other words, be sure to look at the Terms and Conditions on the website selling the products.

Any program that promises weight loss results without exercise and diet should be avoided. Any product that recommends avoiding certain diets or reducing your food intake should be avoided. Your dietician, doctor, and any other expert in this area will tell you it takes more than just cutting out some foods will achieve long-term weight loss.

Confirm if the ingredients are FDA-approved. Don’t be fooled; most supplement websites that may be fake or hiding something state that their product was made in an FDA approved facility; this doesn’t mean the ingredients are FDA approved. Do not purchase any herbs, pills, and powders that promise quick weight loss before you have confirmed if the FDA has not approved them. There is nothing fishy going on about the Meticore weight loss supplement offer in terms of being FDA-approved, but do make mention of the fact they ensure the product’s encapsulation process takes place in a FDA-inspected facility that adheres to the good manufacturing practices standard of sterile and strict care.

Check out the FDA’s public notifications to know of any harmful weight loss products that should be avoided; another way to check is by searching the products name or manufacturing company of the product for reviews, away from the advertising website, you’ll find more truthful reviews on the products are found this way VS. those shared on the website of the product. As for Canadians, they should check the health Canada website for valuable insight and help.

Avoid products that don’t list the ingredients or the amount of each ingredient included in the product’s formula. Dozens of weight loss programs don’t truly give details of the ingredients. In most instances, when consumers buy these products, they end up discovering that they contain some harmful ingredients that lead to extreme side effects and, even worse, contain almost no beneficial ingredients. Meticore is an 8 ingredient blend and does not share all of the specific dosages of each of the six extracts that made up the Meticore metabolism matrix.

Don’t buy any product before reading the Terms and Conditions. One of the consumers’ biggest complaints is that they purchased certain products, and money was deducted from their credit cards the next month. You may contact the product’s customer service to complain, but the truth is if they have outlined it in their terms and conditions, there is nothing you can do. Carefully read the terms and conditions and ensure you grasp every single word and sentence. Below is a map of exactly how to get any Meticore order refunded if the product does not work for you.

Anyone can check for guidance. Explore the many client reviews and complaints on the website to know which products to avoid and why. There are no negative complaints about Meticore there so far, but there are many fake Meticore pill scams to avoid and not become a victim of these online traps.

Be vigilant when participating in weight loss and fitness chat rooms and forums. Don’t fall for individuals who are unrelentingly pushing certain products that promise quick results. Be careful when dealing with products that come with free trial offers, as these are mostly subscription traps that would lead you to regret later. Meticore is a straight forward purchase.

Report all fraudulent ads to the website of the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Confirm with the BBB scam tracker to find out more about scams and fake promotions. Always report all deceptive ads. Don’t be in a hurry to buy products that have fraudulent ads and fake celebrity endorsements.

How and Where to Buy Meticore Risk-Free

Meticore, as one of the most trusted weight loss supplements available in 2021, has received immense support from the global market since relaunching in October 2020. Since it targets the low core body temperature and gets rid of the metabolic slowdown problem from its root, many believe it is quite a reliable formulation that allows anyone to buy in a risk-free nature. Additionally, it’s a risk-free investment for those who intend to try it for the first time. Apart from being guarantee packed, the shipping and payment gateway is also quite secure.


Due to the product’s popularity, Meticore does ship across most countries around the globe. The trusted merchant, Digistore24 is responsible for processing all users’ order requests. Hence, your transaction will appear in the name of Digistore24 in the credit card statement or bill. You must give information regarding the ownership of the credit card at the very beginning (whether or not you own it.)

Upgrade purchases are segregated as separate transactions in your bill. If you wish to seek further assistance, then address a mail to

How long does Meticore take to ship your order?

  • Usually they try to ship your order on the same day of order placement according to their website.

  • If at all the same day shipping isn’t possible, they seem to encourage positively about shipping your order the next day.

  • Barring US holidays and postal holidays, our shipping services are functional throughout the week.

  • Standard shipping time is as follows: US/Canada- 5-7 business days and International- 1-2 weeks

  • You’ll get notified as soon as your order gets shipped. The notification will include a tracking link as well.


If you have purchased Meticore from the official website, then you can opt for a refund within 60 days of purchase. To do so, you have to ship a return package to the actual Meticore shipping faculty. This package should reach well within these 60 days.

Here is what the return shipment must hold:

  • All the Meticore bottles that you received. This must be sent irrespective of their condition (empty, half-filled, or full).

  • Bonus items, if any.

  • Original packing slip.

However, if you have misplaced the packing slip, you can put a note in this shipment. Do mention the following details on this note:

  • Digistore24 order ID

  • Full name

  • Address where you received your order

  • Email address

  • Contact number

The following peculiarities are important with respect to the return process-

  • You’ll be eligible for refund only when your return shipment passes an information and quality check. Everything that you send in the package should be authentic and validated.

  • Return shipment charges are paid by you. When the order is domestic, you get this cost refunded. If you’re an international customer, then return shipment costs aren’t refunded.

  • International shoppers also have to pay customs that are non-refundable.

  • Your refund should be visible in your bank statement within 3-5 days depending upon the speed of your bank.

  • Direct the return shipments to the following address-

Meticore: 1301 Ridgeview Drive – McHenry, IL 60050

Always only purchase from the official website at to avoid all the fake Meticore weight loss diet pills sold online at all these fake stores, as well as the scams listed on and

Final Verdict

Imagine the year being 2021 and it still being hard or extremely difficult to still lose weight. Many people struggle to lose weight and overcome obesity with all of the quarantine lockdown lifestyle going on, even when they work out regularly and eat right, and need that extra boost to help trigger morning metabolism so the body’s cellular energy levels and activity are operating at a higher function. The biggest reason for this might very well come down to the metabolism and having a sleeping metabolic rate that rests far too long into the day. People who have a slow metabolism might never lose any weight, despite working hard and making honest efforts at changing up their diets accordingly. On the opposite side of things, people who have fast-acting metabolisms might lose weight without even trying!

The official website for Meticore at does an exceptional job at explaining and elaborating on why they went to study the science behind low core body temperatures, associating it with the root cause of slow metabolism and improper weight management. Then they took it a step further by using a unique patented blend of scientifically supported weight loss ingredients, allowing MetiCore to work at maximizing the effectiveness of the metabolisms of users while also helping them to supercharge their weight loss processes.

In closing, it is very important to avoid Meticore scams and all of the fake weight loss diet pills posing as Meticore impostors. These also include all listings of Meticore on Amazon, as every Meticore offer is fraudulent and not supported by the real Meticore company that is formulated at an FDA-inspected facility with cGMP standards and independently third party lab tests to verify the accuracy and potency of the ingredients and doses. This independent review of Meticore weight loss diet pills for boosting metabolism and increasing low core body temperatures in 2021 was meant to give consumers a clear and concise view of all things regarding the number one selling morning metabolism booster in the world.

Act now and take full advantage of the New Year New You Special Discount Pricing on the Official Meticore Website,

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