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Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive Review: Ingredients That Work?

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Leaky Gut Revive is a nutritional supplement that claims to help maintain a healthy gut lining.

The supplement is marketed to people with leaky gut syndrome. By supporting your gut lining using natural ingredients, Leaky Gut Revive could help with symptoms of leaky gut.

Does Leaky Gut Revive really work? What’s inside Leaky Gut Revive? Find out today in our review of Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive.

About Leaky Gut Revive

Leaky Gut Revive is a nutritional supplement that claims to support a healthy gut lining. To do that, Leaky Gut Revive uses natural ingredients proven to soothe your gut lining, which could help with symptoms of leaky gut.


The supplement is made by supplement company Amy Myers MD, which markets Leaky Gut Revive to people suffering from leaky gut syndrome. The supplement could nourish and repair your gut.

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition where your gut’s lining becomes more permeable than it should be. A permeable gut lining could lead to extra toxicity. Your body could absorb more than it should. Instead of filtering toxins from the foods you eat, a leaky gut could absorb these toxins and other unhealthy compounds.

Initially, doctors dismissed leaky gut syndrome as a fake condition. Today, however, there’s growing evidence that leaky gut syndrome is a real thing. Modern lifestyle habits and poor diet can weaken your gut lining, making your gut more permeable. If you have bloating, indigestion, or overall feelings of unwellness, then it could be linked to your leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Revive claims to revive your leaky gut with a flavorless and restorative formula.

How Does Leaky Gut Revive Work?

Leaky Gut Revive uses ingredients like licorice, slippery elm bark, and arabinogalactan to support your gut lining.


The formula comes in the form of a flavorless powder. That powder mixes easily into water, juice, and smoothies. You can mix it with your coffee, juice, or shake in the morning, for example, to support gut health all day long. Others add it to foods like oatmeal.

However you take Leaky Gut Revive, the ingredients work in a similar way to deliver their active benefits:

Step 1) Prebiotic fiber in Leaky Gut Revive promotes a healthy gut microbiome. Fiber is crucial for gut health. Fibers soaks up water in your intestines, pushing waste out of your digestive tract. Fiber also acts as food for the probiotic bacteria in your gut, which is why fiber is often called a ‘prebiotic.’ By supporting the probiotic bacteria in your gut, Leaky Gut Revive could support overall gut health helping with symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

Step 2) The arabinogalactan in Leaky Gut Revive boosts immune function. Arabinogalactan is a biopolymer formed from arabinose and galactose. It’s a type of fiber found naturally in plants and other living organisms. Amy Myers MD claims the arabinogalactan in Leaky Gut Revive boosts immune function. 70% of your immune system is found in your gut. The arabinogalactan in Leaky Gut Revive could support immunity while helping with leaky gut syndrome by supporting gut health.

Step 3) The slippery elm bark and marshmallow root enhance the mucosal lining of your gut. If you have leaky gut syndrome, then your gut’s mucosal lining may be thinner than usual. Due to lifestyle factors, genetics, or diet, your mucosal layer may be thinner than it needs to be. Leaky Gut Revive claims to support your gut’s mucosal lining with natural ingredients like slippery elm bark and marshmallow root.

Step 4) The licorice extract in Leaky Gut Revive could support normal blood pressure. The Amy Myers, MD sales page, claims the licorice extract “is not associated with adverse elevations in blood pressure.” That’s not quite the same as lowering blood pressure, but licorice extract could support a gut lining on its own. In fact, licorice extract is one of the most common ingredients in leaky gut supplements, and studies show it can support gut health in various ways. Leaky Gut Revive, like most supplements, contains deglycyrrhizinated licorice, which means a certain active compound has been isolated to maximize the benefits.

Step 5) L-glutamine nourishes your gut cells. The lining of your gut is filled with cells. As these cells weaken, it impacts the integrity of your mucosal layer and gut lining. Leaky Gut Revive contains L-glutamine to nourish your gut cells. Like licorice extract, L-glutamine is found in many leaky gut supplements sold online today. Studies show it can support gut health in various ways.

Just mix Leaky Gut Revive into water, juice, and smoothies, then drink it daily to support the effects listed above.

Leaky Gut Revive Features & Benefits

Amy Myers MD claims Leaky Gut Revive can support a healthy gut using fiber, prebiotics, herbal extracts, and other natural ingredients. The ingredients can encourage normal digestion, push waste out of your body, and support your gut lining and mucosal layer, among other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Leaky Gut Revive, according to Amy Myers MD:

  • The flavorless powder mixes easily into juice, water, smoothies, or any other food or beverage
  • It contains L-glutamine, licorice extract, and other natural ingredients to nourish gut cells
  • Uses slippery elm, marshmallow extract, arabinogalactan, aloe extract, and other natural ingredients to support a healthy gut lining
  • Promotes gut microflora using natural ingredients (including prebiotics)
  • Promotes gut-mending fatty acid production, helping your gut repair itself by kickstarting natural processes

Overall, Leaky Gut Revive claims to be the best leaky gut support supplement for anyone’s gut lining. The supplement contains strong doses of its active ingredients, giving you the ingredients you need to support your gut lining from the inside out.

Leaky Gut Revive Ingredients

Leaky Gut Revive contains approximately 5.95g of formula per scoop – about the same serving size as an average protein powder. The formula is flavorless, which means it’s easy to add to any food or beverage you like.


Because Leaky Gut Revive is flavorless, Amy Myers MD has not added any sweeteners, flavors, or other compounds to it. There are no unusual additives or artificial ingredients. You just get active ingredients shown to support gut health in various ways.

The full list of ingredients in Leaky Gut Revive includes:

  • 3,000-mg of L-glutamine
  • 2,750mg of a proprietary blend containing
    • larch arabinogalactan
    • marshmallow root powder
    • deglycyrrhizinated licorice root powder
    • slippery elm bark powder
    • aloe vera leaf powder

Each bottle of Leaky Gut Revive contains around 30 servings (30 scoops) of formula. Amy Myers MD recommends mixing one scoop with 8oz of your favorite beverage, then taking it daily to support gut health.

Benefits of Leaky Gut Revive: What Does Science Say?

All leaky gut supplements claim to support a healthy gut lining. But many of them don’t work. What makes Leaky Gut Revive different? Why is Leaky Gut Revive a better leaky gut supplement? Are any of the claims backed by science?

One thing that differentiates Leaky Gut Revive from the competition is its doctor-approved formula. Like other Amy Myers MD supplements, Leaky Gut Revive has been personally vetted by Dr. Amy Myers, MD. Dr. Myers claims to research and test every supplement under the Amy Myers MD brand. Based on her medical experience and training, Dr. Myers believes Leaky Gut Revive can help with leaky gut.

The ingredients in Leaky Gut Revive have been linked to supporting gut health in multiple studies.

In this 2015 study, researchers reviewed the effects of glutamine on gut health. After analyzing dozens of studies on glutamine, researchers concluded that glutamine could genuinely help with leaky gut syndrome. In fact, researchers found that “glutamine is considered the most important nutrient for healing of ‘leaky gut syndrome.’” Researchers found that glutamine deficiency was linked with intestinal barrier disruption, poor gut health, and inflammation. If you aren’t getting enough glutamine from dietary or supplement sources, you may be more likely to develop a leaky gut.

The dose of glutamine in Leaky Gut Revive is considered average to strong. At 3,000mg of L-glutamine per serving, Leaky Gut Revive contains more than enough of the most important leaky gut nutrient, and it’s possible the glutamine in Leaky Gut Revive can help support your gut lining in various ways.

Overall, dosage in Leaky Gut Revive seems strong. The supplement uses similar doses to what we see used in scientific studies. Some leaky gut supplements contain the right ingredients but the wrong dosages. Leaky Gut Revive contains strong dosages of all listed ingredients (even though we can’t see individual dosage breakdowns in the proprietary formula).

Licorice is also important for gut health. Leaky Gut Revive contains a special type of licorice called deglycyrrhizinated licorice, also known as DGL licorice. By isolating this active ingredient from licorice, doctors have found that licorice extract is linked with inflammation and other digestive health benefits. Multiple studies have found that taking 200mg of DGL licorice extract could soothe inflamed and injured mucus membranes in your digestive tract.

Leaky Gut Revive also contains marshmallow root extract. Because it’s the second listed ingredient in the proprietary formula, marshmallow extract is the third most common ingredient in the supplement overall (after glutamine and licorice extract). Why marshmallow extract? As WebMD explains, marshmallow extract has been used for centuries as a natural digestive aid. Some cultures also used marshmallow extract to treat symptoms of colds and flu. Today, research shows that marshmallow extract can help with the swelling of the digestive tract’s stomach lining and inflammation. Some research also shows that marshmallow extract can specifically help with mucus membranes in your gut, which could help with leaky gut.

Arabinogalactan sounds like a bizarre ingredient, but it’s a natural type of fiber found in plants. Research shows that arabinogalactan soaks up water in your intestines, helping to push waste out of your body and maintain digestive regularity. And, like other fibers, arabinogalactan could support digestion by acting as a prebiotic, giving your gut biome the fuel it needs to support a thriving ecosystem. As WebMD explains, arabinogalactan has been shown to increase intestinal bacteria and enhance bacterial activity in your gut, which could help with gut health beyond the leaky gut.

Overall, Leaky Gut Revive is backed by a real medical doctor and uses clinically-proven dosages of science-backed ingredients. It may be the most science-backed leaky gut supplement you can buy today.

Leaky Gut Revive Pricing

Leaky Gut Revive is priced at around $45 per jar, although the price drops if ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing works on the official online store at AmyMyersMD.com:

Each jar contains 30 servings (30 scoops) of formula. Each scoop is around 6g or roughly the serving size of an average protein powder. You mix one flavorless scoop with water, a shake, or the beverage of your choice, then take it daily to support gut health.

Leaky Gut Revive Refund Policy

Leaky Gut Revive is backed by a 30-day refund policy, which is the same refund available on all Amy Myers MD supplements.

Amy Myers MD charges a restocking fee of $7.99 for your refund. Aside from this fee, you receive a complete refund on your purchase (including shipping costs, which are bundled into the prices above).

To initiate the refund process, contact Amy Myers MD today.

About Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD is a nutritional supplement company launched by Dr. Amy Myers. The company sells Leaky Gut Revive and other supplements targeting various health and wellness goals.

All Amy Myers MD supplements are supported by Dr. Myers herself. That means you’re buying doctor-approved and doctor-formulated supplements targeting gut health and other health goals.


Amy Myers MD offers protein supplements, immune supplements, autoimmune supplements, candida formulas, leaky gut supplements, SIBO formulas, and thyroid supplements, among other products. The company’s most popular products include Collagen Protein, Leaky Gut Revive, The Myers Way Multivitamin, Paleo Protein, and Liposomal Curcumin.


Dr. Myers is a real medical doctor specializing in autoimmune, thyroid, and digestive problems. She founded the Amy Myers MD supplement company in 2017.

In addition to releasing supplements, Amy Myers MD publishes eBooks like The Autoimmune Solution, The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook, and The Thyroid Connection, among others.

You can contact Amy Myers MD via the following:

  • Email: store@amymyersmd.com
  • Phone: (512) 721-0424
  • Mailing Address: 8816 Cullen Lane, Austin, TX 78748


Leaky Gut Revive is a nutritional supplement that uses glutamine, licorice extract, fiber, and other ingredients to support gut health in various ways.

By taking Leaky Gut Revive daily, you can purportedly support your gut lining, digestive system, and more. Some people take Leaky Gut Revive daily to target symptoms of leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Revive is backed by a 30-day refund policy, making it easy to request a refund if you’re unhappy with the results. Visit the official website to learn more or to buy directly from Amy Myers MD.

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