Kerassentials Reviews – Shocking Consumer Complaints? [Updated]

Brittle yellow nails can cause severe damage to one’s nail health if not taken care of on time. The Kerassentials anti-fungal oil, with its natural formula, helps one to deal with issues of toenail fungus by eliminating them and stopping their growth.

Created by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, the formula aims at helping people who want to maintain their nail health without having to use any damaging chemicals. The oil contains natural ingredients like almond oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc.

You will find a lot of Kerassentials reviews online that will give you various information regarding the products and their way of working. However, all that information might overwhelm you, and you might find it difficult to find a single trustful review that will answer all your questions.

However, we are here to solve that problem for you. We have tried to cover all the important points regarding this product in this review. Read on to know the essential details about Kerassentials.

Let us now look at the product briefly before delving into the details:

Product NameKerassentials
ClassificationSkin and nail health support formula
Core ingredients
  • Lavender oil
  • Almond oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Undecylenic Acid
  • Aloe vera
  • DL-alpha-tocopherol
  • Tea tree oil
  • Isopropyl Palmitate
  • Organic flaxseed oil
  • Quantity0.5 oz/ 15 ml per bottle.
    Main benefitIt takes care of your nail health by destroying fungus from your nail and skin.
    Research teamDr. Kimberly Langdon along with her team consisting of experts in fungal infections.
    Quality standards
  • The product is manufactured in a facility that is certified by GMP.
  • Consists of natural elements and is free of any harmful chemicals.
  • The product is non-GMO.
  • It is formulated by a doctor and has been created with the help of advanced technology.
  • Major benefits
  • Helps in the treatment of fungus on nails.
  • Ensure that the fungus already on your nails is not mutating further.
  • Take care of your cuticle and nail health.
  • Eliminate the yellow strains that might have appeared on your nails.
  • Boosts healthy growth of the nails.
  • Usage instructionsShould be applied four times in a single day on the affected nails.
    Side effectsBecause of the usage of natural elements, the chances of side effects are zero.
    CompatibilityPeople above 18 years can use this.
  • Take good care of your skin and nails.
  • The formula of this oil is totally natural and free of chemicals.
  • Does not result in unwanted twitching or irritation.
  • Helps regrowth of damaged nails.
  • Destroys the fungus on the nails.
  • Cons
  • Children cannot use it.
  • The product takes different times to work on different people.
  • Restrictions
  • Children who are not 18 should not use this.
  • It is only for external usage.
  • People with certain chronic medical conditions should refrain from using it.
  • Price plans
  • 30-day supply: one bottle that costs $69 per bottle.
  • 90-day supply: Three bottles that cost $59 per bottle.
  • 180-day supply: six bottles that cost $49 per bottle.
  • AvailabilityKerassentials can be purchased only on the official website.
    Refund policy60-day money-back guarantee.

    What Is Nail Fungus?

    Nail fungus is a common condition that affects the nails and surrounding skin of your feet, hands, or toenails. It can be caused by many factors, including poor hygiene, genetics, and even certain medications. The good news is that nail fungus is easy to treat with over-the-counter remedies.

    What Causes Nail Fungus?

    The most common cause of nail fungal infection is improper foot care. This includes not washing your feet regularly, wearing shoes that are too tight, or using harsh chemicals on your feet. If you have diabetes, it’s important to keep your blood sugar levels under control so as not to develop any infections in your feet.

    If you wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops, make sure they fit properly and don’t rub against your toes. If you wear socks, choose ones made from natural materials like cotton rather than synthetic fibers.

    If you work at a job where you spend long hours standing, consider purchasing an ergonomic desk chair. These chairs will help prevent back pain and other health problems associated with sitting for extended periods of time.

    Genetics also plays a role in nail fungal infection. People who have family members with this problem may be more likely to get it themselves.

    Medications such as birth control pills, antidepressants, and antihistamines can increase your risk of developing nail fungal infections.

    Symptoms of Nail Fungal Infection

    • You notice small white spots on your nails
    • White spots on fingernails
    • White spots on toenails
    • White spots on the sides of your nails
    • White patches on your cuticles
    • White patches on your skin around your nails
    • Your nails become thickened and brittle

    What Is Kerassentials Oil?

    Kerassentials is one of the widely used oils with a unique blend of essential oils, linseed oil, lavender oil, clove bud oil, clove oil, and tea tree essential oil.

    With this unique blend of natural oils, Kerassentials work to protect your toenails from growing fungus. It has wondrous anti-fungal properties that help you remove the bad-smelling fungus from growing around your toenails.

    The aloe vera gel is another natural ingredient of this product that makes your toenails ten times softer and smoother. Kerassentials anti-fungal oil is one of the very effective oils that takes the form of an odorless liquid serum. It is easy to apply and easy to use.

    The consumers can easily apply the serum with an enclosed brush applicator on the affected areas to get rid of the smelly feet caused by fungus.

    How Does Kerassentials Oil Work?

    Kerassentials oil has a scientifically proven line of formula that helps in the removal of foot fungus. Any good and authentic Kerassentials reviews will tell you the secrets of the oil and how it works.

    This is a magical formula that prevents you from growing any unwanted nail fungus or toenail fungus with all the natural ingredients in it. Because of the presence of natural ingredients, it is one of the very few foot fungus oils that do not show any side effects on the health of the users.

    This natural product keeps your nails hydrated and prevents itchy toes. Kerassentials oil works to treat fungal infections and get rid of any kind of bad smell that might have been bothering you.

    It has a highly maintained official website that says loud and clear that all the Kerassentials ingredients are natural and have different properties for preventing fungal infections of the toenails.

    This product, by virtue of its varied properties, works to prevent skin-related issues around the toenails.

    What Are The Ingredients Used That Help Prevent Nail Fungus?

    If you check the official website of Kerassentials, you will find the entire list of the ingredients that are used in the radical formula of the product.

    Kerassentials anti-fungal oil ensures that the individual ingredients of this product do their own share of the work for making this oil one of the best ones on the market.

    Among the usual Kerassentials ingredients, some are mainly oils with different anti-inflammatory properties. These natural elements help you maintain healthy nails and develop a healthy feet area.

    The natural formula of Kerassentials oils is enriched with chia seeds making this an even more healthy option for its customers.

    So, in this Kerassentials review, let us have a brief discussion regarding the separate ways these oils and ingredients work individually. Focus on the different types of ingredients and the way they all work together in the product.

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil is one of the main essential oils in the product. Lavender oil has rich anti-inflammatory qualities that make this oil one of the essential names among the Kerassentials ingredients.

    With a bunch of health benefits, this essential oil has a marvelous faculty for treating nail infections, and it has been proved scientifically that it has the best effectiveness of all.

    This oil also has a unique antioxidant property that helps in improving skin and nail health for the users. As one of the major natural ingredients of the Kerassential oils, lavender oil basically has a major share of work for your toenail fungus.

    It has a soothing effect on your nails as it smoothens the nail’s surface with its oil extracts. It leaves an oily cover on your toenails so that you are no longer worried about the existing poor nail health and the emery board factors. Moreover, this essential oil gives you more strength and never lets your nails break.

    Almond Oil

    Almond oil has been medically proven to have a ton of health benefits. Because of its antifungal benefits, it removes your foot fungus without you suffering from any side effects.

    There are numerous studies that show this oil is one of the most effective essential oils in the category of anti-fungal oils. The anti-inflammatory functions of the oil make this a great thing for fungal nail infections.

    This oil keeps your skin and nails healthy, amazing, and without any worries regarding any kind of fungal infection. All the properties of this oil support healthy nails and skin and thus present you with an improved and impressive nail set on your feet.

    It also helps in removing any infection on your toenails. That is why Kerassential oils work best if they have a perfect proportion of this oil in them.

    Tea Tree Oil

    The two most important and noteworthy properties of this oil are that it is antibacterial and also antifungal. So, this one works in both ways and removes both bacteria and fungus from your suffering toenail.

    This tea tree oil has many of the skin and nail health benefits of other essential oils. Yet, this one is unique in so many ways. If you are using any product enriched with tea tree oil, you will be treated for your chronic pain around your toenail infection.

    Because of the natural ingredients of Kerassential oils, it has pain relief properties. This is one of the best Kerassentials ingredients that support healthy nails. Tea tree oil also strengthens your nails and protects your skin and nails.

    Because of the presence of an active ingredient, namely, terpene- 4-oil, tea tree oil is instrumental in stopping the unnatural growth of toenail fungus.

    This element also helps in the healthy growth of your toenails. The antiviral and antiseptic properties of this particular essential oil boost the health of the toenails by ten times.

    Lemon Grass Oil

    Lemongrass oil is another ingredient in Kerassentials that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to combat fungal infections and thus supports healthy nails and skin.

    Besides helping with foot fungus, lemongrass oil also ensures that the user has hydrated skin and does not suffer from any skin-related issues. The presence of lemongrass oil also helps with nail growth and also takes care of the itching and pain that are caused by fungus on the nails.

    Organic Flaxseed Oil

    The next ingredient on this list of Kerassentials ingredients is organic flaxseed oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and contains omega-3 fatty acids. The presence of this oil helps with toenail infections.

    The natural extracts of chia seeds work as kerassentials and nail fungus eliminators. They also help a user deal with toenail issues along with taking care of their immune system.

    Chia seeds also have a high quantity of fatty acids like organic flaxseed oil and help to keep the nails brittle along with ensuring their growth. With the help of chia seeds, you will be able to keep your cuticles and nails moisturized and hydrated.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is another one among the natural ingredients that are used in the discussed product. Aloe vera gel has numerous benefits like protection against fungal infection and many more.

    The inclusion of this ingredient in this oil ensures that you have healthy skin. It also helps prevent toenail fungus and nail infections. Your nails and skin remain hydrated because of the usage of this element.

    Other Minerals & Oils

    Besides the discussed elements, there are certain other essential oils that are used in Kerassentials. These oils include clove bud oil, linseed oil, etc. The presence of clove oil helps with brittle nails and takes care of the user’s nail and skin health. These oils and minerals also help to treat nail fungus.

    What Is The Scientific Evidence Behind Kerassentials Oil?

    There are many scientific studies that prove the efficacy of Kerassentials and its positive effects on fungus on foot. The way it works on the ailments of your feet is proven with fixed objectivity and recommended by many physicians.

    Consumers of this oil are satisfied with the working formula of this oil, and if you choose this one for your feet, you can bid farewell to your obnoxious nail fungus and toenail fungus.

    With such relief, you can also get relaxation from any chronic pain that is making your day hell. The natural elements of the product, like clove oil, clove bud oil, and other essential oils, help you grow and sustain healthy nails for your healthy feet.

    This formula is organized in a way to destroy any kind of fungus on the foot that can be growing around human toenails. The scientific proofs have opened up the ignorant eyes of the customers, who now understand and trust the way it works.

    The two-way working of the product consists of two precise steps. Once you apply it to the affected area, it kills and removes the fungus and then continues to work towards making your feet heath better.

    So, as a result, you get rid of the fungus, and then you have great foot health. The almond oil, flaxseed oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender oil, and other essential oils work together to make your skin smooth. So, your feet look gracious.

    And the aloe vera ensures the affected area does not get any infection. Therefore, behind the magical work of this product is the orchestrated works of different Kerassentials ingredients.

    The natural ingredients of this oil work in unison to kill off the big spores of the fungi. Ultimately by killing the growing spores, the germination of the fungi is restricted, and eventually, the rate decreases to such a rate that it stops altogether.

    What Benefits Should You Expect From The Kerassentials Oil?

    Going through the Kerassentials reviews that are available on the official website of Kerassentials, you will see the various benefits that can be availed by using this oil. Besides helping with nail fungus and toenail fungus, using this oil will ensure that you have healthy nails with the help of its skin and nail health support formula.

    The Kerassentials formula is completely natural, and that is why the Kerassentials benefits come without any damaging side effects. Let us now look at the various benefits that one might avail of by using this oil.

    Prevention Of The Root Cause Of Toenail Fungus

    A lot of the Kerassentials reviews have mentioned that this oil fights the root cause of nail fungus and toenail fungus and thus helps the users to get healthy nails.

    The Kerassentials formula has been specially crafted to deal with damaged nails and toenail infections. Consisting of ingredients like aloe vera and other natural oils, Kerassentials ensures that you have the best nails and skin.

    Improvement In Nail Health

    The primary benefit of using Kerassentials is that it contains natural elements like clove oil and the like of it, which help to retain healthy nails and keep the nails hydrated.

    Using Kerassentials on a regular basis will ensure that you do not fall prey to nail fungus and you have healthy and glowing nails and skins.

    Besides helping to maintain healthy nails, this oil also supports nail growth as well along with helping to prevent itchy toes.

    Helps In Preventing Skin Aging and Sagging

    Besides having anti-fungal properties, Kerassentials also helps in maintaining skin health and thus prevents it from aging. Having tree essential oil and various other important minerals, Kerassentials ensures healthy skin for the users.

    Using Kerassentials regularly will give you hydrated and shiny nails and skin and will also make you look younger because of its anti-aging qualities.

    Moisturization Of The Skin

    Another benefit of using Kerassentials is that you will have healthy skin. The Kerassentials formula consists of natural elements that take care of your skin health.

    The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator contains aloe vera gel that is especially helpful as an ingredient to take care of nails and skin. Usage of such elements ensures that your skin remains moisturized and nails remain healthy and hydrated.

    Kerassentials Pricing – How Much Does Kerassentials Cost?

    The manufacturers of Kerassentials oil have ensured that the Kerassentials bottles come at an affordable and cost-effective price. Taking care of your skin and nail health with the help of Kerassentials will not cost you a fortune. The pricing details of this product are available on the official website and are mentioned below:

    • 1 bottle containing a month’s supply costs $69 + free shipping.
    • 3 bottles containing three months’ supply cost $59 + free shipping.
    • 6 bottles containing six months’ supply cost $49 + free shipping.

    Where Should You Buy Kerassentials Oil?

    If you are dealing with issues of nail fungus or toenail fungus, then Kerassentials can come to your aid. Currently, the product can only be purchased from the official website and will help you deal with fungal infections.

    Ordering the product from the official website is very easy. All you have to do is visit the official website and pick one from the three types of packages available and click on buy now.

    You will then have to fill up a form with the required details like your contact information and address and choose the payment method. Once you have made the payment, the company will deliver the product to the provided address.

    You should be aware of any third-party website that tries to sell you Kerassentials by claiming that they have the same formula because the product is not available anywhere except on its official site.

    Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

    No matter how good a product is, it might not work for some users. The rule applies to the Kerassentials solution. Despite being an excellent product that takes good care of a user’s skin and nail health, one might find the results unsatisfactory.

    The manufacturers of the product understand this problem, and thus the Kerassentials bottles come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can claim this 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results that the product has on your nails and skin.

    The official website of the product clearly mentions the refund policy, and therefore you should not be worried about getting cheated.

    How To Use Kerassentials?

    Using Kerassentials solution will endow you with brittle nails and will save you from fungal infections, and take care of your nail and skin health. The official website of Kerassentials mentions that you should apply the solution to your nails using a brush applicator and use a cotton swab to apply it to your cuticles.

    According to the manufacturer of the product, a user should ideally use Kerassentials for three months to see the positive results on their skin and nails. However, this period might vary from one user to another. A number of Kerassentials users reported that they saw positive results within weeks of using the product, while for others, it took more than five-six months.

    You might think Kerassentials protects skin? The answer is a big yes. However, you need to know how long to use it as per your skin and nails requirements.

    What Do Customer Reviews Have To Tell About The Product?

    The Kerassentials reviews available on the official website talk highly of the product. Most of the Kerassentials customer reviews mention the various health benefits that can be availed through using the product.

    Most of the Kerassentials reviews available online have been posted by verified users and mention the various health advantages offered by Kerassentials solutions. If you are suffering from fungal infections, then using Kerassentials will help you.

    Besides helping with any kind of fungal infection on the nails, the product also helps the users to maintain glowing skin and does not cause any major side effects because of its usage of natural elements.

    What Are The Safety & Side Effects?

    Most of the Kerassentials reviews have mentioned that the product does not cause any damaging side effects in the process of taking care of your skin and nail health.

    The usage of natural ingredients like lavender oil, almond oil, tea tree Kerrassential oil, and flaxseed oil makes the product an ideal solution for nail infections. Since the product is completely organic, the users do not have to worry about the side effects either.

    How To Use Home Remedies To Improve Symptoms Of Nail Fungus?

    There are several ways to treat nail fungus naturally. You can use home remedies, buy over-the-counter products, or see a doctor if you think you might have nail fungus.

    1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to fight bacteria and fungi. Simply mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water and apply it directly to your infected area. Let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat this process once every day until the symptoms disappear.

    2. Apply Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and fungi. Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil and olive oil together and massage into your affected areas. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Do this twice daily until the symptoms go away.

    3. Cuticle Cream

    Cuticle cream helps moisturize dry, cracked skin and promotes healing. Apply it directly to your affected areas and leave it on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

    4. Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe vera gel is another great remedy for treating nail fungus. Simply soak a piece of aloe vera gel in warm water and apply it to your affected areas. Cover your entire hand with the gel and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this procedure three times per week until the symptoms disappear.

    5. Baking Soda

    Baking soda is a powerful antiseptic agent that kills germs and fungi. Simply mix baking soda with water and apply it to the affected areas. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Do this twice daily for best results.

    6. Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Massage some coconut oil onto your affected areas and leave them alone for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water and repeat this treatment twice daily until the symptoms disappear.

    7. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that works well against nail fungus. Simply mix one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts water and rub it onto your affected areas. Let it stay on for 30 minutes and then rinse off. This treatment should be repeated twice weekly until the symptoms disappear.

    8. Olive Oil

    Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damage by free radicals. It’s also a good source of vitamin E, which strengthens cell membranes and prevents infections. Rubbing some olive oil on your hands and feet each night will keep your nails healthy and strong.

    9. Salt Water Soak

    Salt water soaks help draw out toxins from your body. They also promote blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Simply add 1 cup of salt to 2 gallons of warm water and soak your hands and feet in it for at least half an hour. Remove your feet first, and then do your hands. Repeat this treatment once a week until the symptoms disappear completely.

    10. Sugar Scrub

    Sugar scrubs work wonders on rough, dry skin. Simply mix sugar with enough water to make a paste and scrub your hands and feet thoroughly. Wash your hands after using it.

    Final Verdict – Is Kerassentials Oil Worth It?

    Having glowing skin and nails is essential to have overall good health. Toenail fungus is not a very uncommon condition, and if you have been suffering from the same, then Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator will come to your rescue.

    The Kerassentials solution helps to fight any kind of fungal infections that might occur on the toes and nails of an individual. Kerassentials penetrate the fungus and thus cure the user successfully.

    Most of the Kerassentials reviews have mentioned how the product has worked wonders on their skin and nail. Since it consists of natural elements only, Kerassentials is free of any harmful side effects.

    Though the product takes different periods of time to work on different people, it has almost never been mentioned that the product has not worked. Therefore, if you are using Kerassentials and cannot see the results within a few weeks, there is nothing to worry about, as it might take a bit more time to work.

    Kerassentials also comes at affordable rates, making it accessible for people who are not ready to spend large amounts on a solution that would take care of their skin and nail.



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