Joint Restore Gummies Review – Do Not Buy Until Seeing This!

Dr. Ralph La Guardia is the developer of JointRestore Gummies. According to Dr. Ralph, his inspiration to create a natural supplement to manage joint and knee problems came from his inability to play comfortably with his granddaughter. Dr. Ralph shares that his granddaughter’s disappointment when he could no longer play with her pushed him to research natural ways of managing knee issues.

Knee pain affects millions of people around the world. There are specific locations on the knee joint where you can experience pain, such as the femur, fibula, tibia, patella, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Moreover, there are various causes of knee pain, including acute injuries and complicated medical conditions such as arthritis. You can experience pain in a localized area, or the pain can diffuse throughout the knee such that you are unable to pinpoint the specific location of your pain. Knee pain affects flexibility and mobility.

Besides, some conditions such as obesity and physical activity aggravate knee pain. Knee pain treatment depends on the severity of your condition. Thus, your doctor can recommend anti-inflammatory pain medications, physical and acupuncture therapy, injections, and surgery. Today, numerous individuals consume CBD products to help manage chronic pain problems, especially for the knee and back.

About JointRestore Gummies

For some time, Dr. Ralph depended on conventional analgesics like topical creams and ibuprofen to manage the pain in his knee. However, these treatments could only temporarily relieve his knee pain, and they were addictive. In addition, based on his medical background, Dr. Ralph understood that long-term use of these pain relievers could result in other complications such as kidney problems.

Dr. Ralph La Guardia’s friend and fellow doctor from Florida sent him an email on how one of his patients, whose knee had issues, made a complete recovery after taking a CBD + Boswellia extract blend. Similarly, Dr. Ralph La Guardia started consuming this blend daily, and his knee pain completely disappeared within time. According to the official JointRestore Gummies website, Dr. Ralph La Guardia’s complete recovery motivated him to package a CBD + Boswellia extract into a formula and sell it online for others with knee problems to benefit from it.

JointRestore Gummies focuses on inflammations that cause injury and pain. JointRestore gummies are a product from Prosper Wellness Company which specializes in manufacturing various dietary supplements. According to the maker, JointRestore Gummies are made from high-quality ingredients and two main ingredients for supporting joint health.

Unlike most CBD products, JointRestore Gummies contain full-spectrum hemp extract and Boswellia extract, which are scientifically proven to soothe pain and restore the health of your knee. Each container of JointRestore Gummies contains 30 gummies that should last you for thirty days.

What are the signs that you need JointRestore Gummies?

Usually, knee pain starts with a minor ache. Other symptoms include:

  • Limping due to knee discomfort and damage to the ligament,
  • Inability to bend the knee,
  • Knee instability makes mobility problematic,
  • Develop swelling and redness on the knee,
  • Failure to extend the knee.

How do JointRestore Gummies improve your joints?

Naturally, your body depends on inflammation to heal damaged joints. First, the synovial fluid is located between the knee joints, and its primary role is to lubricate the joints. However, with age, the knees and joints become subject to wear and tear. As a result, the cartilage and synovial fluid start to break down, leading to inflammation. While inflammation can repair short-term knee damage, chronic pain requires an advanced healing mechanism.

When your knees have chronic inflammation, you suffer from more pain and swelling, which Dr. Ralph La Guardia refers to as “the bystander effect.” For example, when you accidentally fall in front of many people, you are unlikely to get help due to the “bystander effect.” So naturally, when you get knee damage, your body triggers inflammations with natural healing properties to the joint. However, chronic inflammations cause pain and swelling but do not heal your knee.

Normal pain relievers versus JointRestore Gummies

Prosper Wellness claims that pain relief medications offer short-term relief, targeting only one part of the inflammation. Naturally, your body produces two enzymes (prostaglandin and leukotriene) when you get inflammations.

Prostaglandin enzyme prevents further injuries by making your body stop using the injured part, while leukotriene stimulates the muscles around the injured part to tighten up. Pharmaceutical medications target prostaglandin enzyme only, thus the temporary relief. According to Dr. Ralph, complete healing must address both inflammatory enzymes.

How does Boswellia target joint pain?

Dr. Ralph La Guardia cites one study where individuals overcome joint pain and stiffness after consuming Boswellia. As per the study, patients who consumed Boswellia reported lower pain and stiffness reduced by 68%. Similarly, the subjects reported a 57% drop in inflammations while others could walk farther by up to 38%. Lastly, the patients’ life quality improved by 42%.

Further analysis through x-rays and imaging researchers confirmed that the improvements were due to increased cartilage between bones. Thus, Prosper Wellness claims, JointRestore Gummies can remove inflammations by rebuilding the cartilage between the joint bones. Boswellia extract works by soothing joint pain, lowering inflammations, and stimulating the body to heal itself.

How CBD (cannabidiol) alleviates joint pain

The cannabis plant is rich in hundreds of different cannabinoids (CBD). THC (a psychoactive compound) is a popular compound in the cannabis plant. However, CBD is non-psychoactive and interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) in numerous ways. CBD can be topically applied or ingested to offer pain relief, alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve sleep quality and other medical purposes. Dr. Ralph La Guardia claims JointRestore gummies contain enough CBD to end your pain and heal your joints permanently.

Unlike most CBD gummies containing CBD isolates, JointRestore gummies use full-spectrum CBD, which has more terpenes and other natural chemicals to improve your health. Equally, Dr. Ralph La Guardia asserts that the CBD in these gummies reduces leukotriene levels by 80%. In addition, CBD loosens and relaxes knee muscles, thus improving blood flow and reducing joint pain. Also, the CBD in JointRestore Gummies improves your sleep quality, enabling the body to heal itself naturally.

What are the ingredients in JointRestore Gummies?

Each JointRestore gummy contains 200mg of beta-Boswellia acid, 20mg of CBD, and 3g of pure cane sugar per dose. Compared to most CBD gummies which contain 2.5mg-20mg of CBD for every serving, JointRestore Gummies are considered a strong dose. In addition, JointRestore Gummies are portable; thus, you can conveniently pop a gummy any time you need to relieve joint pain. Unfortunately, the natural taste of Boswellia extract and CBD can be repulsive to most people.

Therefore, Dr. Ralph La Guardia and Prosper Wellness add other ingredients to JointRestore Gummies to make them tasty and appealing. Also, most people who find swallowing capsules difficult will find JointRestore Gummies convenient and easy to consume.

As per JointRestore Gummies product label, the full list of ingredients in each gummy includes:

  • 20mg of CBD organic full-spectrum hemp plant
  • 200mg of Boswellia extract
  • 3g of organic cane sugar

Carnauba wax, vegetable juice (color), lemon oil, vegetable oil (coconut origin), sugar, tapioca syrup, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, and natural flavors


JointRestore Gummies Features

It contains zero THC; thus, you will not fail a drug test after consuming JointRestore Gummies.

  • Legal in all 50 states in the United States
  • JointRestore Gummies contains zero allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, and artificial hormones.
  • Prosper Wellness claims all ingredients are free from pesticides and GMOs.
  • JointRestore gummies have a mild strawberry flavor.
  • Dr. Ralph La Guardia claims all JointRestore Gummies are made in FDA-certified facilities.

Prosper Wellness offers a lifetime guarantee, and thus, if these gummies do not improve your joints, you can ask for a refund via email or a toll-free phone call at:

Why should you consume JointRestore Gummies?

The official website states that studies show that JointRestore Gummies work from within to eliminate the root cause of knee pain. Regular consumption of JointRestore Gummies improves lubrication, thus enhancing mobility and flexibility.

Joint Restore Gummies also provide 3rd party lab results and the CoA’s for each batch of the gummies product they make: PW20B01 PW20B02

JointRestore Gummies contain effective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory which can improve your immunity and reduce inflammations.

Dr. Ralph La Guardia affirms JointRestore Gummies can improve blood flow around the knee, thus protecting your knee from possible damage. Similarly, improved blood flow enables your muscles to relax and eliminates stiffness.

JointRestore Gummies can help alleviate anxiety and stress, thus boosting your moods and improving your quality of life.

JointRestore Gummies can improve your sleep quality by alleviating pain and promoting relaxation, thus enabling you to fight insomnia. As a result, you will be able to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

How to consume JointRestore Gummies

Dr. Ralph La Guardia directs that you can consume JointRestore Gummies whenever you feel pain. However, new users should take about half a gummy daily and increase the dosage gradually. Then, you can eat JointRestore Gummies as you would a candy without the need for water.

How to buy JointRestore Gummies

You can only buy JointRestore gummies exclusively from their official website. The company offers several options and prices:

  • Buy One Bottle Joint Restore Gummies $79.97 Each
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Joint Restore Gummies $159.94
  • Buy 3 Get 3 Free Joint Restore Gummies $239.91



JointRestore Gummies can rejuvenate your knees and give you back the freedom to move around without pain. However, before taking JointRestore Gummies, ensure you seek medical guidance. Equally, if you experience any side effects from taking JointRestore Gummies, it is advisable to stop the dosage and seek medical attention.


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