Dr. Marty Shine & Luster Reviews: Dog Skin & Coat Formula That Works?

Dr. Marty Shine & Luster is a daily supplement for dogs to reduce the effect on allergens by improving the health of their coat. The formula dosage depends on the dog’s weight, ensuring that they get enough of the ingredients to make a difference.

What is Dr. Marty Shine & Luster?

Many dogs deal with issues like irritated skin, shedding, and gunky eyes. However, because these problems are so common, most pet owners just think that it is typical of having any dog. Realistically, the problem could be allergies, which is why treating the problem is so crucial. Dogs go through just as much discomfort as humans do, and no one wants their dog to go through misery if they can do something about it.

Dr. Marty Goldstein, a canine health researcher, decided to take on this problem and find a remedy. While there are some foods that can cause allergic reaction, the irritation is often the result of something in their environment. Moving to another region isn’t always a possibility, and there are new factors to consider wherever an individual lives. None of the dog foods on the market currently address these concerns, and that can negatively impact quality of life relatively fast.

Based on four decades of research, Dr. Marty Shine & Luster provides users with a way to improve their dog’s coat while still nourishing the irritation. Working for all ages, this formula isn’t a replacement for the dog’s current food, and it doesn’t require the user to take on any other changes. There’s no special diet that the dog has to adhere to, and the treat only takes a moment out of the day to help the dog out.

The formula is meant to help with many concerns, including watery eyes, shedding, low energy, itching, and other common reactions to irritation in the environment. Dr. Marty encourages all dog owners to take this formula for their needs, even if the dog is not very old. This formula nourishes the dog’s coat from within, allowing users to naturally balance histamine levels, helping to fight back against allergens.

This formula eliminates the gunk that builds up in dogs’ eyes, as well as the calluses that build up on their elbows. It even reduces the redness and shedding that can be difficult for pet owners, which benefits the air quality of their own area as well. If people in the household are currently dealing with their own irritations from their dog’s coat and extra fur.

Even if consumes are just trying to improve the luminosity of the dog’s coat, this treat makes a difference.

About Dr. Marty

Dr. Marty – or Dr. Martin Goldstein – is a veterinarian, and he is rather popular and respected in America. He graduated from Cornell University, and he even wrote a book with his research called The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat.

With 40 years of his career already behind him, his work primarily provides a combination of nutritional therapy and Western medicine.

How Does Dr. Marty Shine & Luster Help Dogs?

The reason that this formula is so helpful is due to the ingredients that Dr. Marty has put into the formula. He heavily believes on using nutrition to help with the needs of the body, which is why he has included:

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil Powder
  • Plant Phytosterols
  • Thymus Gland Substance
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Juvecol Salmon Cartilage Proteoglycans

There are also a few inactive ingredients that are used to maintain the composition of the treat. Read on below to learn more about the way that each of these ingredients help.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Powder

Omega-3 fish oil has consistently been praised for lowering high blood pressure and reducing the amount of plaque in the arteries. It also reduces flaky and itchy skin, making a good coat into an incredibly silky coat. In many cases, it eases joint pain and allergies, providing support for the immune system.

Plant Phytosterols

Plant Phytosterols work to support the immune system, and they can provide a defense against seasonal allergies. It reduces inflammation in the body, which can also improve the health of the skin.

Thymus Gland Substance

The purpose of thymus gland in remedies for dogs is to eliminate the foreign cells that can make them sick. It also can improve the immune system, preparing it to defend the body against illnesses and irritants.

Quercetin Dihydrate

Quercetin Dihydrate also reduces the impact of inflammation. Interestingly, it also reduces the amount of histamine that the dog’s body produces, which means that it can create the effect that Shine & Luster is known for.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is an excellent source of calcium and iron. It is packed with nutrients, which helps dogs with a weakened immune system to recover at a faster pace.

Juvecol Salmon Cartilage Proteoglycans

While Juvecol Salmon Cartilage Proteoglycans are still being studied, it is meant to improve the production of collagen and hyaluronan. It supports the health of the skin, bones, and cartilage, promoting the health of the skin.


Purchasing a One-Month Supply of Dr. Marty Shine & Luster

To order this product, consumers can only go through the official website. The retail cost of this formula is $64.95, but there’s no need to pay that much. The website already has a lower cost available, which decreases by ordering more of the bottles at the same time.

The packages offered currently include:

  • One bottle for $49.95
  • Three bottles for $134.85
  • Six bottles for $239.70

Anyone who exceeds $50 for this purchase will instantly qualify for free shipping. However, if the user finds that this remedy doesn’t work for their dog and that it doesn’t make the changes expected, they have up to 90 days to get a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Marty Shine & Luster

How much of the Dr. Marty Shine & Luster formula should be given to the dog?

The weight of the dog will determine how many of the treats that the user needs. Dogs that are up to 10 lbs. will only need to use one chewable tablet to get the benefits. For dogs that are 11-25 lbs., two chewable tablets are needed. Three chewable tablets are needed for any dog that is 26-40 lbs., while four chewable tablets are recommended for dogs that are greater than 41 lbs.

Why is histamine support necessary for dogs?

Anytime a dog is in an environment with a lot of allergens (including grass, dust, pollen, etc.), their body responds by releasing compounds called histamines. When their body produces too many histamines, they may experience dry and flakey skin. They also have gunky eyes, coarse fur, and excessive shedding. Higher histamine levels put the dog’s immune system at risk, which means that it is much easier for them to get sick.

Protecting their skin from irritation is one of the easiest ways to avoid these issues, and having this support is the best way to achieve these effects.

How will Shine & Luster help with histamine support?

This supplement is used to keep histamine levels balanced, and it doesn’t involve any chemicals to regulate the levels at all. It also includes Omega-3 fatty acids, providing support for the skin for a stronger and healthier coat.

Is Shine & Luster safe for dogs that already have to use prescription allergy medication?

Always speak with a veterinarian. The natural ingredients are completely safe to use with a prescription allergic medication, but there’s a chance that the dog will gradually need less and less of it to control allergies.

How can Shine & Luster benefit dogs?

The main reason that consumers give the supplement to their dog is to reduce the irritation that happens with exposure to allergens, like itchiness, buildup around the eyes, calluses, dander, and shedding. By reducing this shedding and danger, consumers can also look forward to better air quality in their home.

Will Shine & Luster work for any age?

Yes. The entire point of the formula is that it can be effective for all shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs. The weight of the dog will determine the dose, but all of these pets can use it to improve their histamine levels and coat within just two weeks.

What if Shine & Luster doesn’t help the dog to improve their coat and allergies?

With the education and experience that Dr. Marty has a veterinarian, he wants every dog to get the benefits. However, if they don’t, customers can get a refund within 90 days of their purchase.

The customer service team can be reached for any other questions or concerns by calling (800) 670-1839.


Dr. Marty’s Shine & Luster formula provides users with a simple way to improve their dog’s reaction to environmental factors like allergens, dryness, and more. The formula targets the health and quality of the coat, and it reduces the irritation that can make any dog uncomfortable. By choosing this treat, dogs even get the enjoyment of the remedy every single day while becoming healthier in a matter of weeks.



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