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Dan Ferris Extreme Value Research Review (Stansberry Newsletter)

Extreme Value is a financial analysis newsletter from Stansberry Research.

Editor Dan Ferris leads the newsletter. Dan identifies one stock he wants to put all his money into as part of a recent marketing campaign.

What is Dan Ferris’s #1 recommended stock? Should you subscribe to Extreme Value? Find out everything you need to know about this investment newsletter today in our review.

What is Extreme Value?

Extreme Value is an email newsletter featuring stock tips, market analysis, and investment ideas.

By subscribing to the newsletter today, you can discover money making strategies from Dan Ferris and his team of analysts.

M-PDN-20210305-Dan Ferris ExtremE

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Dan recommends buying one specific stock, claiming this one could “has the chance to soar 1,000%” in the near future. Dan is so confident in the stock. In fact, he claims, “If I had to put all my money into one stock, it’s this.”

To learn the name of Dan’s recommended stock, you need to subscribe to Extreme Value today. As part of a new promotion, Dan is offering a two-year subscription for $1,500. All new subscriptions come with a copy of Dan’s bonus report discussing his new recommended stock.

About Dan’s Recommended Stock

Dan has identified a single stock he believes could jump 1,000% in the near future.

Dan is confident in the stock, claiming he believes it “could beat everything he’s recommended in 20 years.”

By subscribing to Extreme Value today, you get access to a report called The Hands-Down No. 1 Pick of My Career.

In that report, Dan names the stock and its ticker symbol. He also explains why he believes the stock could grow 1,000% in the near future.

We can’t spoil the name of Dan’s recommended stock upfront without ruining the report. However, here are some of the things Dan says to tease the stock and its moneymaking potential for investors:

Dan claims he has “never – ever – felt so strongly about getting one single idea out to the public.”

Dan claims this stock is so promising that he “had to speak up or [he] wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

Dan describes his recommended stock as a huge potential opportunity for investors, claiming “this could be the single biggest financial opportunity I’ve ever uncovered.”

Despite the high upside, Dan describes the stock as a “low-risk, low-volatility stock” that he expects to “soar” in a melt-up scenario; in fact, Dan claims his recommended investment “has very limited downside,” and he considers it “one of the lowest risk opportunities anywhere in the markets today.”

Dan believes a rise of 1,000% is within reach for his recommended stock, claiming “it could climb as much as 10 fold in the coming years as the prices of gold and silver continue to rise.

Based on all of these things, Dan claims his “best suggestion is that you buy this stock and essentially forget about it.”

Obviously, you should be skeptical any time an investment analyst recommends a stock with huge upside potential – especially when they claim there’s “low-risk” in the investment.

If someone genuinely believes a stock will skyrocket 1,000% in the near future. That person is completely convinced about the stock, then that person would be unlikely to share that stock with the world – they would keep it to themselves and their trusted circle to maximize profits.

As evidence his stock could rise 1,000%, Dan cites some of his past recommendations.

Dan claims his previous investment recommendations have led to 628% gains on Constellation Brands (STZ), 406% gains on Prestige Brands (PBH), and 600% gains on Automatic Data Processing, among other impressive returns.

By subscribing to Extreme Value today, investors could purportedly get similar returns by Dan’s latest recommended stock.

What is Dan’s Recommended Stock?

We can’t spoil the name of the stock upfront, but it’s related to gold markets and royalties.

Dan describes the stock as “the best gold business on Earth.” Here’s how he describes the company and its business model:

“The No. 1 stock recommendation of my life is a company that makes millions of dollars from gold, silver, and other precious natural resources. I call it “the Best Gold Business on Earth.”

And I believe buying it today could be a lot like getting in on the world’s best royalty companies at the very beginning of their astronomical runs.”

That company is:

Not a miner

Not an explorer

Not a producer

Not any other type of gold or precious metal business you’ve heard of

Dan claims gold explorers, miners, and producers are risky businesses for investors. As mentioned above, Dan believes there’s little risk in his recommended investment. You get all of the profit of gold investing – with none of the downside.

Instead, Dan’s company earns royalties from gold. They take a cut of the gold market itself:

“The Best Gold Business on Earth collects a fat, steady royalty-type payment not on a mining operation… but on a big chunk of the gold market itself. They essentially take a cut based on people’s desire to own gold.”

As the desire to own gold grows, the value of this stock rises. That’s why Dan believes the company could grow 1,000% in the near future – and much higher in the long term.

Why does Dan think he’s smarter than the market? Why does Dan see potential in a random gold stock?

You’ll need to read the report to find out. In the report, Dan lists the name and ticker symbol of the stock along with his reasons for recommending the stock.

To get the report, you’ll need to subscribe to Extreme Value. After subscribing, you get immediate access to the report. However, you cannot obtain a refund. Once you have learned the name of the stock, you cannot get your money back.

Dan Believes Gold is at “The Start of a Decade of Gains”

Why is Dan so optimistic about his gold-related stock? Dan believes we’re at the precipice of an unprecedented run on gold. Dan believes the next decade will lead to huge gains for gold.

Some of the evidence Dan uses to support that claim include:

Gold already hit an all-time high during the pandemic, and it surged during the political chaos of 2020

Bloomberg Intelligence predicts the gold rally is just getting started

During the last financial crisis in 2008, gold nearly tripled from $700 to $1,900

Dan cites one analyst who believes $4,500 gold is within reach in the near future and another analyst who claims we’ll soon see a $7,500 price of gold

Dan also believes the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing money will lead to higher value for gold; as the value of the US Dollar drops, Dan describes the price of gold to rise, creating “a decade-long bull market in gold that will create absolute fortunes for readers who listen to what I’m saying,” according to Dan

For all of these reasons, Dan believes gold – and his recommended company – will surge in the coming years.

The Gold Stock is Run by “Mr. X”

Dan claims to have a personal connection to his recommended gold stock. Dan claims he talks to one of the people who run the company “regularly.”

Dan describes his source as “one of the most successful precious metal investors of all time,” claiming that it’s also a name that many Stansberry Research readers will recognize.

In other words, this is a company and a man that Stansberry Research has recommended in the past – and appears to have close connections to members of the Stansberry Research editorial team.

Dan calls the man Mr. X. That man claims to have earned 28% annualized returns over the past 10 years, which would put him among the most successful hedge funds on the planet.

Obviously, Dan does not reveal the name of Mr. X upfront, as it would spoil the name of his gold venture. However, Dan is obviously confident about his source’s potential for growing the company to new heights.

What’s Included with Extreme Value?

As part of a new promotion, Extreme Value comes with a bonus report and a two-year subscription for $1,500.

Here’s what new subscribers get with Extreme Value:

Two-Year Subscription to Extreme Value: A one-year subscription to Extreme Value is typically priced at $1,500. As part of the new promotion, Extreme Value is available for $1,500 for a two-year subscription. Subscribers receive a new issue of Extreme Value on the second Friday of every month. Each report features new stock recommendations and investment ideas. Dan claims to only identify stocks “with the potential to at least double your money.” As mentioned above, Dan claims his recent recommendations have led to returns of 406% to 628%, and he believes his latest recommendation could grow 1,000%.

The Hands-Down No. 1 Pick of My Career: In this report, Dan discusses a gold-related stock that he expects to grow 1,000% or more in the near future. Dan claims if he had to invest all his money into one stock today, he would pick this one. He’s extremely confident about this stock, claiming it provides enormous upside with little risk. The company earns revenues based on the demand for gold. It’s not a miner, explorer, or producer, but Dan believes it will still rise in value as gold gets higher.

Extreme Value Pricing

Extreme Value is priced at $1,500 for a two-year subscription, based on the new promotional offer.

The newsletter is normally priced at $1,500 per year. Because of the new promotion, you effectively get one bonus year for free.

As far as we can tell, your credit card will continue to be charged $1,500 per year after your initial two-year subscription ends. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Extreme Value Refund Policy

Extreme Value has no cash refund policy. You cannot request a cash refund on Extreme Value at any point after your purchase.

However, Stansberry Research offers a 30-day store credit refund. If you’re unhappy with your investment returns over the next 30 days, or if you are disappointed with Dan’s recommended stock, then you can receive a 100% refund in the form of Stansberry Credit.

You can use Stansberry Credit to buy other financial reports, investment subscriptions, and other products through Stansberry Research.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a financial publishing company founded in 1999. The company has 500,000 free and paid subscribers worldwide, including 70,000+ lifetime subscribers.

Key members of the Stansberry Research team include Brett Aitken, Steve Sjuggerud, Dan Ferris, and Austin Root, among others.

About Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris is an editor for Stansberry Research. He creates monthly issues of Extreme Value.

Dan’s goal is to identify stocks that provide high upside with low risk – which is obviously what every investment analyst aims to provide. In fact, Dan claims he focuses exclusively on recommending stocks with the potential to double in the near future.

Dan joined Stansberry Research in 2000, and he became editor of Extreme Value in 2002. Today, he’s known for recommending cheap stocks with high growth potential.

As mentioned above, the Extreme Value sales page claims Dan’s stock recommendations have led to gains of 400% to 600%.

Final Word

Extreme Value is a financial analysis newsletter promoted online with a powerful guarantee: Dan has identified a gold-related stock that he believes will grow 1,000% in the near future, with further gains expected beyond that. Best of all, he describes the stock as low-risk.

By subscribing to Extreme Value today, you can learn the name of Dan’s recommended stock, including why Dan thinks it will grow enormously. A two-year subscription is priced at $1,500.

To learn more about Extreme Value and the new offer from Stansberry Research, visit online today at StansberryResearch.com.

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