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Buy Weed Edibles Online Legally: 5 Best THC Gummies of 2021

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Ever since the world discovered the plethora of benefits associated with THC gummies, everyone wanted a share of the proverbial pie as the industry quickly grew to become a member of the billion-dollar industry club. But unfortunately, many were looking to cash in instead of providing high-quality THC gummies. So, we are here to show you the top 5 THC gummies you can buy.

Top 5 Best Weed Edibles Of 2021:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Strongest & High Quality
  2. Budpop – Most Potent Gummies
  3. Diamond CBD – Best CBD + THC Gummies
  4. Delta EFFEX – Nice Flavor
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular

How Did We Choose The Products?

As mentioned earlier, the THC industry is overcrowded with hundreds if not thousands of products. Unfortunately, most of them don’t carry the quality they purport to hold. Since finding the right THC gummies for your consumption can be challenging, we decided to make the work easier for you by doing the proverbial heavy lifting. The criteria we used to make the selection include the following:

  • Quality

The quality of the ingredients is the first thing we look at before deciding to include a brand on this list. For starters, they have to contain ingredients that are least harmful to the human system. We also took the liberty to list most if not all of the ingredients for each brand. That way, you can tell which one is best suited for you. The brands that made a list also tend to have all-natural ingredients overwhelmingly.

  • Variety

Nothing screams good quality more than having a variety. Most of the THC gummy brands that made a list had a variety of flavors. They also tend to come with different packaging that costs differently. The latter allows for customers with different budgets to still get what they want.

  • Good THC Levels To A Gummy Ratio

Great THC gummy brands are known for their effectiveness. However, the most crucial reason why you purchase top-tier gummies is to feel their effects. Most ordinary THC hemp-derived gummies have a THC concentration/gummy that’s either too low or too high. But for the brands that made this list, the concentration seems to be perfect. That seemingly ideal concentration level lies between 20-25 mg of delta-8 in every gummy.

  • Feedback

Feedback is one of the essential things you ought to look at before making any purchase. The same goes for THC gummy companies. The brands that have great hemp products that are effective always attract a ton of appreciation posts. A simple visit either on their official website or official Facebook pages will reveal many positive comments. If you find a few negative ones, don’t worry because you can’t please everyone, especially when you are in a lucrative business such as this one. We took the liberty of following some of these appreciation posts, and they turned out to be legit. A quick look at their pages, and you’ll realize that most of the feedback is from verified buyers.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is, for the most part, a reflection of a company’s hemp products. That said, most of the brands that have lousy customer service usually have low-quality THC hemp gummies. The latter is why we only chose brands that have good to excellent customer service. So, whether you inquire about their product’s quality, would like to track your purchase, or would like a refund, you can always count on their respective customer services to come through.

  • Price

Last but not least, we had to check the price. While most of the brands on this list offer top-quality items, they somehow managed to keep their costs on the down-low.

5 Best THC Gummies Reviews

#1. Exhale WellnessStrongest & High-Quality Weed Edibles


Brand Overview

Exhale’s THC Gummies have not only been a fine addition to the THC gummies industry, but it’s evidence that it’s a strong contender. These high-quality hemp gummies are produced from full-spectrum THC extract, which is responsible for its signature high potency. The latter means you don’t have to over-consume in a bit to feel its desired effects.


  • Exhale THC Gummies have a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product, which is highly unlikely.
  • No animal gelatin is used in the manufacture of Exhale’s THC Gummies, making it cruelty-free and easy on your conscience.
  • The natural fruit flavors make these gummies tastier than other ordinary, less-quality gummies on the market.
  • Exhale’s THC Gummies have a much higher potency compared to ordinary gummies.
  • Their customer service is quite impressive, making it easy for you to either call or email and get feedback as soon as you can.


  • Some customers have been vocal about the Exhale Hemp THC Gummies being quite expensive compared to its closest competitors. But you can get up to 25% off by simply subscribing.
  • The high potency may affect some consumers, so it’s essential to follow the instructions to the latter.


  • Exhale’s THC Gummies have natural fruit flavors for tastiness, explaining why most customers love the brand.
  • It’s infused with full-spectrum THC extract makes it effective without making you high, as it’s the case with unprocessed cannabis.
  • Exhale Hemp THC Gummies contain zero animal gelatin, making them vegan-friendly and other animal rights champions.
  • It’s 100% organically grown with all-natural ingredients, making it less likely to cause allergic reactions to you and yours.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Most customers have nothing but good things to say about the Exhale Hemp THC Gummies. Most of the praise came in because of the fruit flavors. Everyone loves the fruit flavors. In addition, the fact that its ingredients are 100% natural makes it go down easy for most consumers, resulting in little to no allergic reactions. The brand’s signature high potency makes it effective. The only complaints – which were very few – came in the form of pricing. A section of customers feels like the price is way too high compared to other similar brands. To solve this issue, the company allows a 25% discount upon subscription. ⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Deals

#2. Budpop – Most Potent Marijuana Gummies


Brand Overview

Even though Budpop were only started in 2021, the brand shows clear signs of taking up the number one spot on this list. After taking more than three decades to understand hemp plants, the founders have a course to believe that this is the product that’ll shake up the THC gummies industry. Let’s take a look at the features that make Budpop THC Gummies stand out from the rest:


  • These gummies are relatively affordable, meaning many can afford them with ease.
  • The Budpop THC gummies don’t make you feel super high. Most of the customers who took them confessed that it only changed their mood, making them more relaxed and happier.
  • The gummies treat a plethora of ailments, including anxiety and chronic pain.


  • There haven’t been any reported drawbacks when writing this article, which is a good sign.


  • You’ll find 25 gummies in every pack of Budpop THC gummies.
  • Some of the ingredients include plant-derived terpenes, THC, natural and artificial food coloring, sugar, pectin, water, corn syrup, sunflower oil, citric acid, flavoring, sodium acid sulfate, and sodium citrate.
  • They are vegan and gluten-free.
  • You’ll find the product in three sizes. These include the single pack, the 2-pack, and the 3-pack sizes.
  • There’s approximately 25mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy. Amateurs are advised to start with half a gummy.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Since Budpop THC gummies are a relatively new brand on the market, there’s still little feedback. That said, the few customers who gave their feedback had nothing but good things to say about the brand. The latter is why we highly recommend it for you, especially if you’re looking for an effective product with little to no undesirable side effects. One verified buyer who chose to remain anonymous said, “great-tasting and good potency.” “Another verified buyer by the name Patricia N was happy with how Budpop THC gummies changed her life. She said, “I have a severe anxiety disorder that makes it hard to eat, sleep, and stay motivated. But ever since I tried Budpop THC, I’m able to eat full meals again, and I sleep like a baby. “It doesn’t feel like the usual THC high, but it makes me happy and relaxed, which is exactly what I need! I take two gummies twice a day (once in the morning and once at bedtime), and they take about 3 hours to kick in for me. I don’t feel completely incapacitated from these, and I’m able to live a better life. Buy these gummies!!!” ⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Budpop for the Best Deals

#3. Delta EFFEX – Nice Flavor


Brand Overview

If you’re looking for gummies that’ll give you that much-needed high, then it seems no further than Rainbow Pack Premium THC Gummies. A single gummy is enough to provide you with high enough as it contains 20mg of THC. It also comes in different delicious flavors, which cater to people with different tastes. The brand is also affordable, which explains why most are choosing it over the ordinary brands available.


  • It’s pretty affordable compared to the rest of the brands on this coveted list.
  • The finished product is tested in a third-party lab to ensure maximum safety for you, the consumer.
  • If taken according to the instructions, Rainbow Pack Premium THC Gummies are effective for stimulating appetite, especially for sick people.
  • Even though the research is still underway, the experts believe that the gummies’ psychotropic cannabinoid has neuroprotective properties.
  • Taking these gummies can also improve your mood by a long shot. You can use the Rainbow Pack Premium THC Gummies at any time of day without worrying about throwing you off, as it only boosts your mood. It can also help you tolerate pain to an extent.


  • You have to build tolerance before upping your dosage. If not, then the chances are that it may overwhelm you. That said, it’s much better to follow the instructions and take half of a gummy until you get used to it. Then you can increase the number soon after your system is used to that amount of THC.


  • It’s an all-natural ingredient. These include natural hemp oil, food coloring, carnauba leaf wax, citric acid, gelatin, water, sugar, corn syrup.
  • It comes in a variety of flavors. These include mystery, blue razz, mango, green apple, and strawberry.
  • You’ll get ten gummies for every pack you purchase.
  • The brand has 20mg of THC per gummy, which makes it effective.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Most clients were pleased with two things: the brand’s affordability and, two, its effectiveness. First-timers only got the desired high after trying a little piece of it, instead of most regular brands that require consuming more gummies before getting to your desired “level of high.” Also, a few customers were quick to highlight the importance of having an all-natural ingredient. The latter enables most of the population to consume the gummies without fear of getting allergic reactions, as is often the case with brands infused with artificial ingredients. “Just enough to relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis.” A verified buyer named Art S pointed out. ⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Deals

#4. Diamond CBD – CBD + THC Gummies


Brand Overview

The Chill Plus THC Squares Gummies brand is loved for its quality and effectiveness. Most of the first-time users have become believers, swearing on the mind-blowing experience they had. Another thing about the experience is that it isn’t as high as when one smokes marijuana, meaning no hallucinations. The brand ensures their bona fide clients don’t have to wait too long to get their products. They have 2-day express shipping that’ll cost you nothing if your purchase exceeds $100.


  • It has free, two-day express shipping but only for orders exceeding $100.
  • It offers a mild psychotropic high, which doesn’t result in hallucinations, as it’s the case with smoking marijuana.
  • Its ingredients make you high quite fast, which is why most people love the brand for its effectiveness.
  • The brand boasts of its superior quality, which is why they confidently offer their 30-day return policy.
  • The brand promises reward points with every purchase you make.


  • Since most of the ingredients are synthetic, which may increase the chances of allergic reactions.
  • The 2-day express shipping only applies to orders above $100. Anything below that means you’ll have to cover the shipping costs, which is quite inconvenient.


  • It has a 5.34 mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy which makes it reasonably potent.
  • The product has a 187.2g weight-to-volume ratio.

You’ll get 50 pieces of Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Squares Gummies for the very 20mg bottle you purchase.

  • 100% coconut MCT Oil
  • contains organically grown hemp oil and hemp extract.
  • It has both natural and artificial flavors.
  • It uses 10% sodium benzoate potassium as preservatives.
  • It contains vegetable gum and modified starch.
  • It also has light corn syrup that’s made of vanilla, corn syrup, and salt.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

When writing this review, the rating of Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Squares Gummies was at 4.9 stars out of 471 reviews, which shows that the customers are more than happy with the brand. Most of them loved the fact that they get you high as fast as possible. A buyer named Darin S stated the following: “promises made, promises kept… these gummies had the effect described in the description. I will purchase it again.” Another buyer named Amanda M stated: “These gummies get you high! I take two and wait about an hour, then take one more, and I’m thrilled and relaxed and sleep so well. Great company and great people. I got them right on time.” ⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Best Deals

#5. 3Chi – Most Popular


Brand Overview

It’s no secret that 3Chi THC gummies are pretty popular among the THC gummies consumer section of the population. Besides being affordable and healthy, the brand of gummies is also famous for its effectiveness. For best results, consider eating your 3Chi’s Delta 8 THC gummies with food or 10-30 minutes after eating. Also, it would help if you were over the age of 21 to have these.


  • The THC percentage in 3Chi’s Delta 8 THC Gummies is relatively high, meaning you don’t have to eat more of it to reach the desired high.
  • The resealable Mylar bags are environment-friendly as they can be used time and again.
  • The brand of THC gummies is vegan and gluten-free, which makes them healthier to consume.
  • It comes in two flavors – black raspberry and watermelon.


  • Consuming 3Chi Delta-8 THC gummies can get you so high. Therefore, you can’t drive or operate any heavy equipment while you’re on the product. The same goes for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding/nursing, or have certain health-related conditions. That said, you’ll need to see your doctor before trying out this brand because not doing so may lead to some unwanted situations that may affect you as well as those around you.
  • This brand of gummies requires cold shipping since they don’t do well in warm and hot environments.
  • Refrigeration is required after opening if you’re to keep it safe. However, a few customers view it as an unnecessary inconvenience.
  • It doesn’t ship to many states due to being considered illegal.


  • You’ll find either 8 or 16 gummies for every pack you purchase.
  • The gummies are packed in resealable, environmentally friendly Mylar bags.
  • The 3Chi THC gummies are made from hemp plants. Other ingredients include the following: sodium citrate, citric acid, natural and artificial colors, pectin, natural and artificial flavors, distilled water, glucose syrup, and sugar.
  • 25 mg of delta 8 per gummy, which makes it highly potent.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Some customers have complained about its off-putting smell as soon as the package is opened. A few customers also feel like the two flavors aren’t enough since they have different palate tastes that’ll be satisfied with more options. Other than that, most customers are happy with the product, especially with how potent it is. The customers also loved the fact that 3Chi THC gummies are pretty affordable. ⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of 3Chi for the Best Deals

THC Edibles Buying Guide For Beginners

Being a first-time consumer of THC gummies is exciting. The latter is why you need to get the right brand for that. First, you’ll need to find a list, such as this one, to work with. Doing so not only protects you from low-quality THC gummies but also saves your money. It would be best if you also put your personal preference into consideration. For instance, if you love one flavor over the other, then that’s the flavor you need to go for. In case you aren’t sure, feel free to try a different variety of flavors before making your decision. But once again, always remember to take them in moderation, especially when you’re starting. Once you’ve decided to try out THC gummies, it’ll also be in your best interest to visit your doctor. As mentioned earlier, different people may get affected differently. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The good news is that most people always have a positive reaction when taking THC gummies, that’s after checking in with their doctors.

How Much Of The THC Gummies You’re Required To Take Per Day?

As a newbie, it’s always challenging to know how many THC gummies you’re to take every day. However, it’s important to note that no one has the answers to that because of many variables. For instance, some people have that natural tolerance to THC and therefore require a much larger quantity. For others, well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. That said, you might want to carry out some trial and error. Start with the smallest amount and see how it goes. At first, it might get you relatively high. But with time, your body will build some tolerance. When that happens, feel free to up the dosage. Of course, it would be in your best interest to involve your doctor every step of the way to be on the safe side. Once you get to your peak, maintain it, and continue enjoying yourself to the max. Also, make sure you’re following the instructions so that you don’t end up overdosing. The whole point of taking THC gummies is to make your life easier instead of putting your life in danger. Always avoid peer pressure, and you’ll do fine as the quality of your life will improve drastically.

Precautions You Need To Take

It’s pretty standard for newbies to get a bit excited before taking their first hit. The latter is what you should try to avoid at all costs. First, make sure you’ve read all the instructions and understood them before proceeding. If you don’t understand something, then I would strongly recommend that you contact the customer agent of the respective brand. If you can’t get your hands on them, then your best bet would be to get in touch with your supplier. They should give you all the instructions you need. You can also find more information on YouTube. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a device, and you’re good to go. In short, never experiment on any lab-tested Delta-8 THC products without knowing what you do because it may be harmful to your health. Another precaution you need to keep in mind comes in the form of counterfeits. Many newbies often make these mistakes more than they’ll admit. Unfortunately, there are so many counterfeit Delta-8 THC gummies out in the market. The only problem is that they can cause a lot of bodily harm because they’re not regulated. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to focus on getting your homework done and only getting your goods from a legit source. If you’re not getting it directly from the company, I would strongly recommend getting it from an authorized reseller.

Where You Can Buy The Best Delta-8 THC Brands

Lastly, you need to know where you’re getting your goods from because it’s essential. Once you’ve decided on the brand of Delta-8 THC gummies you want, your next step ought to be finding the right channel that sells them. Doing so is extremely important as it’ll save you from the jaws of con artists. The first place I’d recommend you checking out is Make sure you’re getting yours from an authorized seller. The other place it would suggest you get your Delta-8 THC gummies from is directly from the company. Most of the brands on this list offer shipping now from their websites. All you have to do is log in and place your order. You can also get amazing discounts if you’re lucky enough. Finally, you can buy your Delta-8 THC gummies from an authorized supplier in your area. But before you do that, make sure you live in a state with no issues with Delta-8 THC-related goods. The latter is essential because you can avoid getting arrested.

FAQs About THC Gummies

Q1. How Much Of The Delta-8 THC Gummies Should I Take Per Day?

When it comes to dosage, it’s essential to acknowledge that different factors come into play. Simply put, everyone comes with a unique design. So, taking a gummy a day may affect you differently from the next person. That said, the best way to test it is by getting started with the slightest bit. The experts recommend breaking a bit of the gummy and taking it. Then you can increase the dosage with time as your body continues building tolerance. That’s up until you get to the point where you feel the desired effects. Note that taking too many Delta-8 THC gummies may have undesired side effects. That’s why you need to get your doctor involved, especially if you’re a newbie.

Q2. Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

The consumption of Delta-8 THC gummies comes with its fair share of side effects. These may include lightheadedness, dry mouth, lethargy, drowsiness, and lowered blood pressure. The latter is why you need to take it in moderation, as doing so allows you to enjoy the intended effects while dumbing down on the adverse side effects. Thankfully, you only have to worry about the side effects in the beginning. Once your body has built tolerance, you won’t feel a thing.

Q3. Do Delta-8 Gummies Get You Me High?

Of course. But you’ll experience the kind of high that’s more relaxing than hallucinating. The whole point for these top-tier Delta-8 THC gummies is improving mood and boosting appetite, nothing more, nothing less. The latter is why you’ve got to keep the dosage down because the more Delta-8 THC you have in your system, the more the chances of you becoming high.

Q4. Are The Ingredients Safe For Human Consumption?

All ingredients used in top-tier Delta-8 THC brands undergo independent lab testing and are therefore safe for human consumption. In addition, most of these brands have their hemp grown in FDA-registered plants. We can’t say the same about ordinary Delta-8 THC gummy brands, which is why it’s not advisable to consume them. Always stick to the top-rated brands and look for lab testing reports, and you’ll always be on the safe side.

Q5. How Long Does Shipping Take?

Well, different brands take different times to ship their products. While they do their best, several factors affect how long your purchase takes before getting delivered to your doorstep. These factors may include distance covered, your area code, and circumstances beyond your control. That said, it would be in your best interest to track your purchase if you have the time. Then, you can always inform customer care in case of any unnecessary delays, and they’ll be all over it. Also, make sure you’re reading the shipping policies since each brand has a unique one. Doing so will help you calculate how much time it’ll take before receiving your item.

Q6. Do Delta-8 THC Gummies Need Any Special Storage?

Different brands of Delta-8 gummies have their ways of storage. While others require storage in a cold environment since they disintegrate when exposed to heat, other brands just need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. That said, make sure you’re reading the instructions attached to the package.

Conclusion – Which THC Gummies Should You Buy?

If the best experience is what you’re looking for, then I’d strongly recommend that you go for the Delta-8 THC brands listed above. They’re not only safe and effective but also very affordable. Whenever you’re in doubt, feel free to contact their customer care agents for clarification. Thankfully, their customer service happens to be as unique as their products. You might also want to get your physician involved. That way, they can tell you, based on the ingredients, if the brand is safe for your consumption or not. Finally, if you choose from any of the brands mentioned above, I would strongly recommend either Exhale Wellness or BudPop since they have the best qualities so far. They use a unique extraction method, use organic ingredients, free of harmful chemicals, and are highly potent.

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