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BPS-5 Reviews: Legit Golden After 50 Blood Pressure Support?

BPS-5 is a supplement advertised as an effective solution to regulating blood pressure. Created by Dr. Dan Ritchie, Ph.D., who claims the formula contains only 100% natural ingredients known to lower blood pressure levels and to help with increased energy levels, remaining healthy, and becoming more confident because it drastically improves the quality of life, making it seem as if your younger years have returned.

How Does BPS-5 Work?

As Dr. Ritchie says, BPS-5 may deliver efficient results for those suffering from high blood pressure levels, in a natural manner, and without causing any side effects. He also claims the ingredients in this formula have been added in the dosage and combination to achieve maximum results.

The supplement aims to prevent fructose content levels in the blood from rising, BPS-5 reduces blood pressure, with fructose being the main cause of this condition. Furthermore, the supplement has claimed to raise the heart’s pumping rate and balance the systole and the diastole pressure. It’s also said to contain natural extracts that nourish blood vessels.

BPS-5 Benefits

BPS-5 includes many benefits associated with decreasing blood pressure levels which may include:

  • Prevents aging effects in younger bodies
  • Reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks, high glucose levels, and joint aches
  • Provides the most important nutrients for having increased energy levels
  • Supports an overall state of wellbeing and improves the mood
  • It helps the mind fight depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • It doesn’t cause any side effects because it’s made only with all-natural ingredients.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • It may be good for reducing bad cholesterol levels and keeping the heart-healthy.
  • Both men and women can consume it without any problem.
  • It can support the digestive system, cognitive function and may protect against memory loss.
  • It comes with the Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol as a bonus.
  • It offers a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning it’s a risk-free investment.
  • Improves the quality of life and, thus, self-confidence

BPS-5 Ingredients

As mentioned here and in numerous other BPS-5 reviews, BPS-5 contains 100% natural ingredients that normalize blood pressure levels and maintain them and support the cardiovascular system and heart function properly. Here are the supplement’s main ingredients explained:


Calcium is one of the most important components for the human body to be able to work well. It doesn’t only support bones and teeth, but it also helps regulate blood pressure, not to mention it relaxes the heart muscles to have them contracting better.


Magnesium needs to be present in abundance in the body for energy levels to be kept high. It also reduces blood pressure levels.


Glycine keeps the blood healthy and helps the liver to produce glucose. Moreover, it’s also known to have the prostate gland functioning properly. It’s added to this formula because it decreases blood pressure levels when high due to consuming an unbalanced diet.

Citric Acid

This special ingredient supports the production of many important chemical reactions in the body and the one of Malic Acid.

Malic Acid

Malic acid lowers muscle stress and keeps the muscular tissue healthy. Furthermore, when combined with the other ingredients in the BPS-5 supplement, it keeps blood pressure levels down.

The other ingredients in BPS-5 are nuts, fish oil, tuna, shellfish, herring, and salmon. All these reduce bad cholesterol levels. Celery, Omega-3, fiber, potassium, and whole grains in the same BPS-5 formula keep the heart healthy in the long run.

Who Can Use BPS-5?

Available in the form of capsules, BPS-5 can be taken by any adult man or woman who wants to have healthy blood pressure, feel younger, and be healthier. It’s understood from the supplement’s reviews and presentations. However, women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding should not use it, as they are advised not to take other supplements either if their doctor hasn’t advised them to. When it comes to taking prescribed medication because they are suffering from one or more chronic diseases, they need to ask their doctor for advice on taking BPS-5.

BPS-5 Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol FREE Bonus

Anyone who places an order for BPS-5 also receives the Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol book that contains information about rituals and habits to be performed every morning in only a few seconds for blood pressure levels to remain normal the entire day.

How to Buy BPS-5?

BPS-5 can be purchased only from the product’s official website. This means it is not being sold in pharmacies, health shops, and neither on Amazon nor through other online retailers. Here are the amazing pricing deals at which is being offered at the moment:

Each product is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning it can be returned for a full refund by unsatisfied customers, but only within 60 days since it has been purchased. BPS-5 customer service needs to be contacted before sending the products back to the provided Returns Address. If contacted by email, customer service should be allowed 24 hours to respond. Here’s the email address for sending requests for refunds, as well as other questions and inquiries about the supplement:

Other ways in which BPS-5 customer service can be contacted are:

  • By mail, so by sending a letter to:
  • PO Box 4731 Tampa, Florida 33677
  • By phone: (800) 351-6106

Hours of operations:

  • Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Returns Address: Jet Pack Returns 1140 Highbrook St STE 400 Akron, OH 44301

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