Biodynamix Joint Genesis Reviews – Is It Really Effective?

Joint discomfort is a common problem, especially among the elderly in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. For such people, the joints have become weaker and more painful so they can’t comfortably squat, bend, or twist for multiple hours. Fortunately, this can stop, thanks to the new Joint Genesis formula.

If you have experienced occasional discomfort in your joints after doing a few household chores, this review has a solution. Does Joint Genesis work? What are its ingredients? Where can you find it? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Joint Genesis?

Joint Genesis is an all-natural dietary supplement that is designed to help people fight age-related joint decay. The doctor-formulated formula contains science-backed ingredients that claim to support healthy and long-lasting joint function. It was developed, especially for people aged between 50 and 70 years who might have problems with mobility and joint function.

According to the official website, the new supplement focuses on the newly-discovered cause of joint decay—the continued loss of the protective Joint Jello. The continued loss of Joint Jello causes serious dehydration and starvation of the joint cartilage, leading to their crumbling.

When that happens, stiffness, swelling, and aching occur, making it difficult for people to move around or even get out of their seats. They cannot climb stairs or even twist open a pickle jar. In the end, the affected persons end up looking helpless in front of their loved ones. They feel like prisoners trapped inside their own bodies.

The Joint Genesis formula works to restore the protective Joint Jello, which begins to decline as soon as one reaches 30 years. So how does the formula achieve its goals?

How Joint Genesis Works

The idea behind the creation of Joint Genesis is to block the loss of “joint jelly” otherwise dubbed “Joint Jello.” The formula achieves this by using two powerful components: Pycnogenol® and Mobilee®. These products are designed to focus on a very important part of the joint that is often overlooked—the synovial fluid.

In one study, scientists discovered that Pycnogenol contains powerful antioxidants that are distributed directly into the synovial fluid to eliminate the cytokines and alleviate inflammation even faster. In the end, users can get relief for longer. According to the creator, the combination of these two ingredients is unique.

Joint Genesis Ingredients

The Joint Genesis formula uses only two all-natural ingredients:


This ingredient is obtained from the bark of the French Maritime Pine. Packed with powerful antioxidants, it’s one of the world’s most powerful active ingredients for promoting a healthy inflammatory response. According to the creator, this ingredient can alleviate inflammation and joint discomfort while eliminating stiffness and swelling. It also supports improved joint function.


Mobilee is another key ingredient used in the formulation of Joint Genesis. It works by restoring the lost synovial fluid using hyaluronan. It’s 10 times more effective compared to the standard version used in successful clinical studies. It has the power to quickly lubricate and cushion the joint, nourish cartilage tissues and facilitate healthy inflammation.

In addition to these two main ingredients, Joint Genesis contains:

  • Boswellia extract
  • Ginger root powder
  • Hyaluronic acid matrix
  • Black pepper

Key Features of Joint Genesis

  • The Joint Genesis formula embraces the following features:
  • It uses pure, natural ingredients
  • It’s free of GMOs, BPAs, and other components that may affect the health of users
  • It’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  • It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free

This means that users can take the formula without worrying about any harmful side effects.


How to use Joint Genesis

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule of Joint Genesis daily to obtain its advertised benefits. Each bottle of the formula contains 30 capsules, which are enough to last for one month. Users should take the supplement for a longer duration because that increases its effectiveness.

Users are urged to buy the formula for up to a six-month supply to ensure they are not affected by short supply. Importantly, the manufacturer offers huge discounts on the formula for those who place their orders today.

Benefits of Joint Genesis

  • It works faster
  • It contains natural ingredients without side effects
  • It works even for people with food allergies
  • It’s available for a one-off purchase
  • It has a two-year shelf-life so there’s no worry about stocking up

Joint Genesis Pricing

The Joint Genesis formula is available on the official website only. Here are the current prices:

  • One month supply: 1 bottle of Joint Genesis costs $59 + Free US shipping
  • Three months supply: 3 bottles of Joint Genesis cost $49 each + Free US shipping
  • Six months supply: 6 bottles of Joint Genesis cost $39 each + Free US shipping

Joint Genesis Moneyback Guarantee

The manufacturer is confident that users will get the best results with the formula. However, individual results can vary, as no product is perfect. Therefore, users have six months to try the product risk-free. If any user changes their mind for any reason, the company refunds 100% of the purchase price without any question.

Joint Genesis Final Word

If you’re suffering from incessant joint pain and you’ve tried any other supplement in vain, Joint Genesis offers the best solution. The formula uses natural ingredients that have no harmful side effects. Besides, it’s produced in an FDA-approved facility under GMP conditions.

If for any reason you don’t enjoy the results delivered including better movement and improved mobility and flexibility, you have six months to try the formula risk-free.

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