Best THC Detox Methods Test Kits – Which Work Best?

An excellent detox process allows you to unhook yourself from the addictive power of THC, eliminating every trace of this element. This process is essential for two main reasons: to pass a drug test and restart your life. The best way to realize this goal would be to use a detox supplement, which works hand in hand with the body’s natural cleansing process.

An exceptional detox supplement can help you bypass a drug test. You could attribute this to its efficiency in eliminating THC traces from your bloodstream and body. At the same time, you will rely on it to prevent withdrawal symptoms, ensuring that the body is cognitively and physically stable to facilitate the process.

Understandably, you have a vast pool of THC supplements from which to choose. Yet, you must focus on one that meets health standards, preferably tested by various labs and third-party facilities.

Top Brands

The two main detox test kits brands are Pass Your Test and TestClear. Each brand brings different results to the table. In addition, you are confident of multiple options from which to choose. A few insights into what each of them brings will ensure that you make more logical decisions in the long run.

  • Pass Your Test: It is a top brand in the THC detox sphere. This company started operating in 2000, providing various products worldwide. It has been featured across multiple industry outlets, from Merry Jane and High Times to Vice and Leafly. This brand offers its supplements in pills, capsules, or powder. Remember, its products will cost you between $30 and $150.
  • TestClear: TestClear offers information and solutions to various drug testing issues. It provides multiple solutions that can help you bypass a hair, blood, urine, or saliva drug test. Its vast portfolio makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for variety. In addition, you get insights into what to expect from a drug test, ensuring that you make wise decisions.

The following are a few insights into the best options you have. They come from the top brands mentioned above.

Test Clear 5-Day Detox

TestClear 5-day detox is an excellent choice for people who prefer flavored supplements. This product is considered the most flavored of the TestClear brand. Its efficacy makes it an excellent alternative to some of the top detox supplements in the market, including products from Pass Your Test.

This product offers three functional protocols: pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox. The three-part protocol allows for enhanced efficiency, guaranteeing the complete elimination of THC strains in your body. In addition, this protocol is an excellent solution to heavy toxin exposure.

You’ll appreciate the multiple ingredients in this detox supplement, from minerals and herbs to vitamins. These elements will significantly stabilize your body, thanks to facilitating toxin removal rapidly. Thanks to these multiple ingredients, the detox process suffices within a few days.

TestClear 5-Day detox is an exceptional choice for multiple drug tests. It is worth relying on whenever you want to pass urine, saliva, and blood drug tests. Its instant effects make it suitable for those that want immediate results, including people with limited time.

In addition, this product is pretty affordable. It costs you about $110, which offers you considerable value for money.


Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers

Suppose you have a job interview today, and you need to pass a drug test. In this case, the best solution would be the Pass Your Test Same Day Cleanser. This product boasts various elements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These ingredients will help release toxins from your bloodstream, eliminating THC toxins within the same day.

Usually, this product encourages you to pee from time to time. It will assure you of incredible results, mostly within 90 minutes. However, this clean result will last for approximately six hours only.

Proper usage is the only way to get effective results in the long run. This option requires you to avoid THC toxins before starting the cleansing process. Dilute the supplement in enough water, depending on the instructions on the label. Once you consume it, ensure that you hydrate well, encouraging you to pass urine twice in 90 minutes.

These cleansers come with the Fail-Safe kit, which costs approximately $90. This kit ensures that you flush out the toxins within 90 minutes. Fortunately, the Pass your Test brand offers various alternatives, including Clean Shots and Clean Caps, which are significantly faster.


TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

Some companies might want to use your hair sample for the drug test. You could attribute this to how long hair can hold traces of THC. Remember, each hair follicle has a blood vessel that enhances hair growth.

Therefore, you can expect the hair follicles to hold onto the traces of THC from your blood. These follicles could keep the trails for a more extended period than your saliva or blood. Often, this period is approximately 90 days.

Relying on the TestClear Old Style Aloe toxin rid shampoo will eliminate toxins in the hair and scalp. While it is a deep formula, it does not harm your scalp or hair. Besides, it is significantly gentle, including when removing debris and residual buildup.

Proper usage will ensure the complete removal of toxins. It would help if you started using this product three to five days before the test. The daily application improves your odds, preferably up to 15 times before the drug test. This implies that you might need to take multiple showers a day if you do not have the time.

This product will cost you about $236.


Pass Your Test Permanent Cleansers

Suppose you need a five-day extreme detoxification program. In that case, the Pass Your Test Permanent cleansers will be an excellent choice. This product will help get rid of various toxins within your body, including traces of THC.

You’ll have access to two home test kits, meaning that you can verify whether there are traces of THC within the body after the cleaning protocol. Prior testing ensures that you walk into the interview or drug test confident. Further, there is a cleansing coach that helps improve your chances.

A detailed detox guide will be essential in giving you the results you envision. Fortunately, that is what you get from this option. This protocol comes with a comprehensive guide on using it, including a detailed meal plan to embrace. Its in-depth insights will ensure that the process is significantly successful in the long run.

This option clears the toxins permanently. For this reason, you are confident of unmatched value for your money. While you are likely to spend a considerable amount on it, you will no longer need to purchase a detox supplement.

You’ll choose between a 5-day extreme and a 10-day ultra detoxification program. The choice will depend on how efficiently and fast you want to achieve the results.

This program will cost you between $110 and $150.


TestClear Urine S with Powdered Urine Kit

As long as you want to pass your next urine drug test, this option will come in handy. This choice assures you of various synthetic urine tools to ensure you pass your next urine drug test. It has vital chemicals, including uric acid, making it an excellent alternative to your urine. This urine kit smells, behaves, and appears like drug-free human urine.

Various accessories come with this kit. For example, you’ll get a temperature strip that is highly accurate, reusable, and premium-quality. You could also consider a digital thermometer available at the time of purchase. Its accuracy makes it a perfect choice for first-time users, cushioning you against significant mistakes in the long run.

If you look at portability, powdered urine is much more effortless to carry around. All you need is an extra bottle of water, which you will use to dilute the powder. In most cases, you will get a transportation vial that you’ll have to fill up to the 50-ml mark. Remember, you will have to mix it at room temperature, preferably while at home.

Its affordability makes it a suitable selection for people on a tight budget. Usually, you will spend approximately $50 on getting this detox kit.


TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink

Suppose you want a drink to help you flush out the toxins in your body. In such instances, the best solution would be the TestClear Mega Clean Detox drink, which has multiple vitamins and minerals to facilitate the detox process. Its effectiveness has attracted hundreds of positive reviews over the past few years.

This product will help flush out toxins within a short time. You will also be sure of enhanced replenishment of vitamins and minerals, making your body healthier and stronger in the long run. Replenishing vitamins and minerals is a sure way to counteract the effects of THC toxins in the bloodstream.

You’ll find the TestClear Mega detox drink in various flavors, from tropical fruity to wild berry. The choice will depend on personal preferences, as they are both effective and similarly priced. Remember, this product will take approximately one hour to work on your body. It assures you of clean results for up to five hours. However, its optimum level is at about three hours.

You need no more than a one-liter bottle to experience your envisioned results. This product will cost you about $70.


TestClear Toxin R Detox Mouthwash

Let’s assume you want to take a drug test that uses saliva. In this case, you will need an excellent detox item that can help wash the mouth and eliminate any toxins in it. Rinsing your mouth with the Toxin Rid detox mouthwash is ideal for removing toxins. Its effects will last for approximately four hours, enough to get you through the drug test.

All you need to do is use it correctly. Ensure that you swish and swirl it around your mouth, preferably for a few minutes, before spitting it out. This process has to occur minutes before your drug test, boosting your odds in the long run.

Besides, it comes in a one-ounce package that is easy to carry to your interview. That means you do not need to use it before leaving the house. However, it would be best to use a mint after swishing the mouthwash in your mouth. This way, you are left feeling more comfortable and with a natural smell.

This product is a perfect choice for those on a relatively tight budget. While it costs you about $30, this mouthwash assures you of enhanced effectiveness. It will help eliminate various toxic traces within your saliva, making it easier to beat the drug test.


TestClear Toxin Rid Seven-Day Pills

Taking pills seems to be one of the safest ways to eliminate toxins from your body. This option allows your body to flush out traces of THC through various processes, including urine and sweat. Choosing the TestClear Toxin Rid 7-day program is wise. This option is designed for those with significant toxin exposure. It also works well for other toxins, not just THC.

It is a program with three parts, including pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox. Its ingredients include herbs, minerals, and vitamins. Notably, there are no artificial ingredients, including fillers, synthetics, and animal products. These ingredients will work within seven days, meaning your bloodstream will be free from toxins when you go for your drug test.

This pill works within an hour, meaning you can take the pill right before you take the drug test. Its efficacy lasts for a significantly longer time. This pill helps remove toxins from your blood, urine, and saliva samples.

Suppose you are looking for enhanced value for your money. In this case, this option will be worth considering. Usually, it will cost you about $154. Yet, you are sure of a money-back guarantee if you provide the necessary documentation.


TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

The TestClear XXtra Cleansing drink is a choice you cannot overlook. It is a beverage that helps flush out toxins from your body, including THC. Its efficiency is unmatched, yet you must use it days before the process. The manufacturer recommends using this product about 48 hours before the drug test. This way, you can be more confident of your results in the long run.

Various steps go into using this product well. It requires you to shake the bottle well before consuming all its contents. Once you do, wait for 15 minutes before getting plenty of water. You might need to drink more water throughout the day. This idea will help increase your urination frequency.

This product takes about one hour to start working. Its rich ingredients ensure that the process is successful. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese are some of the most common elements in this item. You’ll also get it in multiple tropical flavors, meaning you can choose one that suits you best.

This product will cost you approximately $39.95.


Other Brands


Macujo is yet another popular distributor that focuses on products that help you pass a drug test. Whether the drug test uses saliva, urine, or hair samples, you’ll be confident of the right solution. This company has a wide range of products, offering a premium lineup of tested and tried detox formulas.

You’ll be free to choose a product that addresses your needs. For instance, you could consider pills, powders, or detox shampoos.

Yet, you’ll need to follow specific instructions when using these products. Ensure that you have various ingredients at home, including facial cleansers, baking soda, laundry detergents, and vinegar. As long as you follow the steps laid out on the label, passing the drug test will be effortless.

Various options are at hand. That means you will choose a product depending on your preferences and budget. The detox supplements offered will cost you between $30 and $205.


Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink

Suppose you want to take a drug test in approximately an hour. In that case, investing in the Rescue Cleanse detox drink would be a wise idea. All you need to do is take this drink an hour before time, flushing out all the toxins within your bloodstream. You can rely on this detox drink for saliva, blood, and urine drug tests, thanks to such efficiency.

This product offers a maximum strength formula. This design aims at helping individuals who weigh up to 200 pounds pass the drug test. Its versatility will also attract many users in the long run. At the same time, you have multiple flavors to choose from, including apple and cranberry.

This item will cost you about $55.


Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is often used in passing drug tests. Its ingredients include uric acid, creatinine, yellow coloring, and other chemicals that mimic natural urine. Quick Fix offers you this urine, ensuring that your drug test goes smoothly. It is rich in urea, making it less detectable.

This brand offers a disposable heat pad to make the process much smoother. This heat pad will keep the synthetic urine warm, allowing you to deliver your sample within an acceptable temperature range. An excellent temperature range ensures that the sample appears more legitimate in the long run.

Quick Fix is a famous brand, meaning you have no reason to worry. It offers multiple products and packages, meaning you can get whatever you need for a particular budget. Today, most of their products will cost between $35 and $200, which is considerably affordable.


How We Ranked The Top THC Detox Products

Every brand will claim to have the best detox products. Yet, you could be disappointed unless you are careful with the selection process. Not all detox products work as advertised. Getting the best detox product requires observing various metrics, including the following.


Various herbs are said to reduce the THC levels in your body significantly. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to support these claims. For this reason, we prioritized detox products with science-backed ingredients, including vitamin B3, vitamin B3, antioxidants, and zinc.


Undoubtedly, you’ll want to buy your everyday items from a recognized and reputable brand. Our selection focused on how reputable the manufacturer is, including the quality of products they can deliver. This move aims at assuring you of premium-quality products in the long run. Quality items will ensure that you get excellent results in the long run.

In addition, transparency counts when selecting these detox items. An excellent manufacturer is transparent about the ingredients used in the product. This way, you will not need to worry about health and safety issues in the long run.

Test passing Score

Analyzing the effectiveness of a detox substance will help you understand how beneficial it will be to you in the long run. We gave each item a test pass rating on the list, depending on its effectiveness. An excellent item allows you to pass more tests, meaning that it is fair to rank it a little higher.

Shipping Options

Everyone operates on a particular budget and timeline. When deciding what product you need, it would be fair to focus on an easily accessible one. This way, you can start the process on time, getting excellent outcomes down the road.

We focused on detox products that are easily accessible and easy to ship. Affordability was also a significant concern in this selection process. Various top brands offered free shipping options, overnight shipping, among other perks. Naturally, companies with more perks ranked a little higher. Easier and faster shipping processes enhance convenience and flexibility.

Money-Back Guarantee

You want value for your money. Besides affordability, focusing on a product’s success rate would be fair. If your choice does not work, it would be best to get your money returned. An excellent manufacturer will offer to return your money if you do not pass the drug test. Usually, this moneyback guarantee shows that the manufacturer is confident of the item offered. Our list focused on manufacturers that offer all these perks.

Advertised Benefits

How honest are the advertised benefits? Some manufacturers might want to exaggerate the benefits offered by their items, engaging in deceptive marketing. While they might claim a 100% success rate, the truth might differ. There is little evidence suggesting that detox products will work within a significantly short time. For this reason, we focused on companies that were fair and more honest about how functional their items were.

Ease of Use

Always choose a product that is significantly easy to use. While most people would recommend trying this product for approximately six straight days, it is not realistic. Our list focuses on products that are easier and more effective to use.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System?

Cannabis will stay in your system depending on how frequently you use it, lasting between 36 hours and 90 days. For instance, infrequent users will test positive up to three days after use. While a moderate user will test positive after seven to 21 days, a heavy user will fail a drug test even a month after using it.

At the same time, cannabis will remain in various body fluids for specific periods. For example, while it can stay in the hair for 90 days, this element will last in your urine for between 3 and 30 days. Saliva will contain cannabis for up to 48 hours after use, while blood will hold it for 36 hours. Contrarily, THC stays in your sweat for between 7 and 14 days.

Suppose you want a drug test for work or an interview. In this case, expect them to use your saliva, blood, or urine to test for THC. You will likely fail this test if you consumed THC in the past 36 to 48 hours. For this reason, it would be best to avoid using the product about 48 hours before the drug test.

How frequently you use cannabis will impact your final drug test result. It will also determine how long it will last in your system. The best approach would be to minimize usage, cushioning yourself against significant complications in the long run.

What Remains In the System After Using Cannabis?

Cannabis releases cannabinoids into your bloodstream, circulating throughout your body. When you consume it, expect the elements to flow within your body relatively fast. Remember, cannabinoids are critical elements found in the cannabis plant. You’ll ingest these cannabinoids when you smoke or use cannabis.

CBD and THC are the most prevalent cannabinoids. Its popularity is thanks to its psychoactive properties. This property implies that you get high once you consume it. While you will remain intoxicated for a significantly short time, THC will stay in your body for a long time.

Cannabinoids are absorbed into your bloodstream pretty fast. They are highly fat-soluble, meaning they will get into the fatty tissues much quicker. These THC elements will remain in your fat deposits for several weeks or months, depending on how much you consume.

What Are the Side Effects of Cannabis Detox?

Various withdrawal symptoms arise from using cannabis, from insomnia and fatigue to constant headaches. You’ll also witness significant anxiety, stress, and feelings of rage. Understanding the symptoms will ensure that you make more informed decisions instantly and effectively. The following are some of the common side effects of cannabis detox.

  • Emotional instability, including mood swings, euphoria, and anger
  • A decline in concentration and focus
  • Nightmares, hallucinations, and vivid dreams
  • Instances of anxiety and depression
  • Tremors and shakiness
  • Appetite loss
  • Irritability, anger, and stress

You’ll experience these symptoms for days or even months. Usually, this period will vary with how you use cannabis. Naturally, the symptoms are likely to last longer in heavy users. At the same time, these symptoms will be less severe on light users.

What Is The Best Remedy for THC Withdrawal?

Natural remedies are considered an excellent solution to THC withdrawal. You can choose the best approach, depending on what you prefer. The following are the top options at your disposal.

  • Use lots of water, keeping yourself hydrated
  • Maintain your fitness, preferably through exercising
  • Warm baths could help
  • Reduce caffeine

How Drug Tests Work

Knowing how THC detox products work is the best way to understand how drug tests work. Typically, drug tests focus on traces of cannabinoids in your bloodstream or body system. For example, suppose your drug test uses urine as a sample. In this case, the idea is to find traces of cannabinoids in your urine.

The surging popularity of urine tests is hard to overlook. This option is significantly accessible, affordable, and effective. Besides, urine drug tests can identify the presence of cannabinoids up to three months from the time of ingestion. Other standard tests include hair tests, saliva, and blood drug tests.

While you might want to overlook it, drug tests are significantly innovative. This test looks for THC-COOH, a metabolite within your body. This metabolite is a blend of COOH and THC, and it is stored in your fat cells. This THC-COOH stays in your fatty cells weeks after ingestion. A drug test aims at identifying this.

How Detox Products Work

Plenty of detox products can help eliminate cannabis from your system, ensuring that you pass your drug test. One of the biggest questions is whether these products work or whether they eliminate THC traces from your body. These products come as pills, capsules, powder, or shampoo. You’ll choose depending on what you want to achieve and the type of drug test.

Detox products may or may not work, depending on your physiology and THC consumption. Detox products work in different ways—for instance, some work by flushing your kidneys to release creatine and natural contaminants in your urine. Yet, flushing might make your urine look contaminated during a drug test. Such a result implies that you’ll need to retake in the future. Buying time will allow you to flush more THC from your system.

You could also rely on THC detox kits, which have natural ingredients to remove THC from your system. This kit offers unrivaled effectiveness, whether a pill, shampoo, powder, or oil to cleanse the system. In addition, this kit has several elements, including the following.

  • Burdock Root: This product is common in traditional medicine. It helps cleanse your body and detoxify your system.
  • Dandelion Leaf: This ingredient encourages your body to release contaminants via urine. It is a popular cleansing compound that will help facilitate the detox process.
  • Goldenseal Root: It is a natural product that most manufacturers use in making THC and detox products. While it is not popular, it offers unrivaled effectiveness in the process.
  • Rhubarb Root: This option has proven effective in releasing cannabinoids from your system. It also comes in handy in supporting inflammation in the bladder.

All the elements mentioned above encourage you to urinate more frequently. The idea is to eliminate contaminants from your body.

Various people rely on detox drinks, which you’ll drink to help flush THC from your system. Sometimes, you might buy a powder and mix it with water. Mixing it will ensure that you get a beverage to help detoxify yourself. The powder has all the elements and herbs mentioned above, giving you the same results as oils or pills.

You could also opt for detox shampoos. While it is rare for employers to ask for hair tests, it happens. This method is significantly effective as it keeps traces of cannabinoids for up to 90 days. An excellent detox shampoo will penetrate your hair, removing toxins. You will also rely on this shampoo to eliminate environmental pollutants, chemicals, and contaminants.

Saliva tests are significantly standard, as up to 10% of employers use them. You could attribute this to their affordability and accessibility. However, they might not be as effective as other tests. Usually, this saliva test works by detecting the THC in the tissues within your mouth. Notably, this option suffices if you have consumed marijuana in the past 24 to 72 hours. A THC detox mouthwash would be an excellent choice in this regard. However, this detox should happen approximately 30 minutes before the drug test.

Undoubtedly, most people will want to carry out this procedure on the same day o the drug test. However, science does not back detox products. There is also no evidence supporting their effectiveness. Besides, using the detox products on the same day as the drug test might not be as fruitful as you expect in the long run.

Most experts recommend completing a seven-day cleanse to pass a drug test. Following this cleansing program will ensure that your body gets a better chance to release all the THC toxins in the body system.

Scientific Evidence for THC Detox Products

Various studies on THC detox methods have highlighted multiple elements to understand. These studies provide different pieces of scientific evidence, including the following.

The best way to pass a THC drug test is by abstaining from THC. However, this is not absolute. According to a study in 2015, you could test positive for THC if you are a secondhand user. This study required participants to stay in a non-ventilated room with cannabis smokers for approximately one hour. The result: non-smokers tested positive.

Excellent fitness activities will also help flush out THC from your system. Take the time to exercise, burning fats and fat cells that contain THC. Exercising will help burn THC-containing fats, expelling THC traces from your system. However, it would help if you did not exercise at least 24 hours before the drug test. It could release THC traces from the fat cells without expelling them from the body. A study in 2013 showed that exercise increases blood plasma concentrations by approximately 15%.

Staying hydrated could also help you bypass a drug test. Ensure that you drink a lot of water before taking this drug test. Today, a few cynics believe that detox products only work because they recommend substantial water intake. Experts recommend consuming approximately a gallon of water per day, increasing your chances of passing the drug test.

Combining vitamin B2, water, and electrolyte powder will provide you with an excellent solution to a drug test. Thanks to the efficacy offered, this blend will significantly improve your chances of passing the drug test. You’ll need to drink a large amount of this concoction before testing your urine. The more you drink, the lesser the concentration in the long run.

One other nightmare is whether you can use fake pee to pass a drug test. According to a study in 2019, researchers tested the effects of synthetic urine on drug test strips. Individuals were given fake and genuine urine samples to distinguish during this experiment. The individuals were able to identify five out of eight synthetic urine samples through physical observation. Yet, all the synthetic urine samples tested negative. In brief, while fake urine could work for your drug test, a physical examination might put you in trouble.

Niacin flushes could also come in handy in ensuring that you pass your drug test. It is a form of vitamin B3 that most people would swear by. Unfortunately, little evidence is available to back this claim. Instead, researchers found that niacin flush protocols could contribute to niacin toxicity in the long run.

Other Traditional THC Detox Options

Here are a few notable THC detox methods you could consider, including at home.


Coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it will increase the frequency of urination. Relying on coffee to pass your drug test is an excellent idea as it encourages urination. Constant urination translates to the seamless elimination of toxins from your body. In addition, coffee is rich in antioxidants that help detoxify. Various evidence proves that the combination of strong coffee, water, and electrolytes could help cleanse your body from multiple angles. This way, you are confident of positive results in the long run.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Multiple anecdotal reports indicate that apple cider vinegar will improve your chances of passing a drug test. You could attribute this to its natural antimicrobial properties, comparatively working like vinegar. This product can speed up metabolism, cleansing the body of all THC traces in the long run. It is not wise to keep chugging apple cider vinegar to pass your drug test. Besides being acidic and able to damage your mouth, this solution does not have a pleasant taste.


People take lemon and lemon juice for various reasons. Yet, this is a significant treasure for whoever wants to flush THC traces out of the system. This fruit is considered an excellent choice for enhanced detoxification. It also comes in handy in boosting your general health. While there is no substantial evidence to show that lemons will help detoxify, they could help remove various toxins from your system.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a popular choice for urinary tract health. Its effectiveness in boosting urinary tract health makes it a perfect choice for passing drug tests. Ideally, cranberry juice is a detox beverage, helping to eliminate various toxins from your body. It is an excellent alternative to apple cider vinegar, thanks to its pleasant taste and smell.

Cranberry is a diuretic, meaning that it encourages frequent urination. Increasing urination allows for the body to eliminate different toxins and contaminants from the bloodstream, ensuring that you pass your drug test in the long run.

Other Remedies

A little research on the internet will lead you to many detox solutions, from water and lemon juice to ground ginger, cayenne pepper, honey, and apple cider vinegar. The choice will vary with personal preferences and budget. At the same time, some people would want to consider vegetables, including garlic, broccoli, mung beans, and grapefruit. Each of these solutions boosts your chances of passing the drug test.

FAQs About THC Detox

Will I Get THC Withdrawal?

Marijuana exposes you to various physical and psychological effects, meaning you could experience withdrawal-like symptoms when you stop using it.

What Are The Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal?

Various marijuana withdrawal symptoms suffice, including insomnia, emotional instability, decreased appetite, stomach pains, fever, and dehydration.

What’s The Most Common Symptom of THC Withdrawal

The most common symptom of THC withdrawal is insomnia.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In the System?

Cannabis will stay in your system for 24 hours to four months, depending on physiology and cannabis consumption habits.

How Quickly Do THC Detox Pills Work?

Some THC detox pills will work within two to six hours. However, most are designed to work within three to seven days.

How Do I Speed up Weed Detox?

Taking lots of water, exercising, and using a THC detox supplement could speed up the weed detox process.

What Is The Best Detox For THC?

The best detox brands in the market are TestClear, Pass Your Test, and Rescue Cleanse.

How Does The Detox Mouthwash (THC) Work?

This mouthwash eliminates THC traces and other contaminants from your mouth. Removing these elements improves your chances of passing the drug test.

What Is the Best Detox Method?

Combining THC detox formulas, exercise, water, and electrolytes is the best way to detox.

Final Word

With an upcoming drug test, you’ll be willing to do anything. However, there is no need to take extreme measures. Following the insights above will allow you to pass your drug test.


The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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