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Best Delta-8 Flower Brands – Top Companies [Reviewed]

Most cannabis users are familiar with marijuana flower, as it’s one of the most popular and most versatile forms of cannabis; there are almost endless ways to consume it. But, just in case you’re not familiar, we’ll go over the basics first.

“Flower” is just a term that refers to the smokable part of the cannabis plant. Some of the more common ways to use it include putting it in a pipe or rolling it into a joint. However, delta-8 flower is a little more complicated than other types.

Delta-8 only occurs naturally in very small amounts, so for commercial products, it’s almost always made in a lab from CBD extract. In other words, there’s no cannabis flower that naturally has enough delta-8 to give you any noticeable effects. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that delta-8 flower isn’t legit.

Manufacturers produce delta-8 flower by adding lab-made delta-8 extract to hemp flower, which has no or little naturally occurring THC. The result is cannabis flower that offers all the benefits of delta-8 THC, just as you would expect it to if the flower had been grown that way.

Most people are familiar with smoking marijuana/hemp and prefer using this method to be more comfortable over delta-8 carts.

Best Delta 8 Flower Brands

We reviewed a ton of the delta-8 flower that’s currently on the market (it’s hard work, but someone has to do it) and narrowed the selection down to our three favorite brands:

  1. Delta Effex – Strongest flower, most potent
  2. Botany Farms – Highest quality, craft flower
  3. Plain Jane – Best CBG flower, largest assortment

1. Delta Effex

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Delta Effex was among the very first brands to offer delta-8 infused hemp flower, and they have remained at the forefront of the trend. They use some of the best delta-8 distillate available, and their products are always tested (in the raw form and as the finished product) for quality and purity.

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They currently have one indica delta-8 flower strain (Bubba OG Kush) and one sativa strain delta-8 flower (Sour Diesel). Both are available as flower or as prerolls, and both are sold at affordable prices. Thanks to their high-quality distillate, Delta Effex’s delta-8-infused flower is the strongest and most potent on this list.

Shop Delta Effex Delta-8 Flower

2. Botany Farms

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Botany Farms makes high-quality, earth-friendly craft hemp products. Their entire process takes place in the US, from the production of the hemp on small farms to the careful hand-trimming for functional and aesthetic perfection. The company’s first priority is producing the best hemp possible for those who want to enjoy its benefits while keeping a clear mind.

Their indica delta-8 flower is a Bubba Kush strain, and their sativa delta-8 flower is a Pineapple Haze strain. Both of these are made through their cold-press process, in which delta-8 distillate is frozen, crushed and evenly distributed; they have found that this process offers a more consistent result and a better smoke experience than spraying distillate directly onto the flower.

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They recommend their Bubba Kush flower, which contains 9% delta-8 THC and 15% CBD, for evening smoking, while their Pineapple Haze flower, with 4% delta-8 THC and 12% CBD, is perfect at any time of day.

Shop Botany Farms Delta-8 Flower & Pre-rolls

3. Plain Jane

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Plain Jane sells hemp flower grown by small family farms in the US, and the company is licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. They focus on sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and they offer a wide variety of products, including some that are their own innovations.

The delta-8 flower selection at Plain Jane includes Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and even a delta-8 CBG flower. These are available as flower, pre-rolled joints, blunts, and cigarettes. The delta-8 cigarettes come with 20 in a pack like tobacco cigarettes and are an original Plain Jane creation intended to offer a traditional smoking experience without the traditional, sometimes undesirable smell.

Shop Plain Jane Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 Flower FAQs

What is the best delta-8 flower?

It’s just too hard for us to choose a #1 favorite, but as long as you go with one of the three brands above, you will definitely be getting some of the best delta-8 flower out there. All three brands make high-quality products that are thoroughly tested, so even without FDA regulation for hemp, you can trust the product you’re buying. You can use our guide above and check out each of their company websites to figure out which brand’s products appeal the most to you before getting started with one of them.

Will delta-8 infused flower get you high?

Well yes, but actually no. Or maybe that should be the other way around. Delta-8 does produce something you could call a high, but it’s not like the high that delta-9/marijuana products produce. A delta-8 high is less intense than a “regular” high, and, most importantly to many people who use delta-8, it leaves your head clear.

Most people find that delta-8 THC products, like delta-8 hemp flower, allow them to relax and enjoy many of the benefits of THC without the paranoia and other negative psychoactive effects that most delta-9 THC products can cause.

Even different delta-8 flower products can produce different levels of “high”, depending on the exact amount of delta-8 THC in them. Fortunately, you can find the percent of delta-8 THC listed on the lab results and use this as a guide for regulating your intake/effects. For example, if one product has 4% of delta-8 and another has 12%, you can conclude that the 12% product is roughly 3 times as potent.

What is the strongest delta-8 flower?

Delta Effex pretty much has the strongest delta-8 flower you can buy. (And if we want to be specific, Delta Effex’s Sour Diesel has the highest total THC%, so you could consider it the absolute strongest delta-8 flower on this list).

Can you smoke delta-8 flower?

Smoking delta-8 flower is not only possible but also a great way to experience the benefits of delta-8. With delta-8 flower, you have a lot of control over the experience, because you feel the effects quickly and for a relatively short duration. This allows you to adjust the dose with small additions until you figure out exactly how much you want.

Many people who try smoking delta-8 flower find it a better alternative to smoking delta-9 flower, and even smoking tobacco, because it’s a familiar experience that offers a lot of benefits without causing concerns about legality or addiction. You can smoke delta-8 as a joint, blunt, or cigarette, or in a pipe or bong, so there are very few smoking experiences that you can’t replicate (with better results) using delta-8 flower.

How is delta-8 flower made?

The process of creating delta-8 flower is a bit complicated, and the details vary from company to company. But in general, the first step of the process is creating the delta-8 itself, which is done through an extraction of CBD from hemp which is then converted to delta-8. This is possible because CBD is an isomer of delta-8 THC, meaning it has the same chemical formula but a different molecular structure, so CBD can be dissolved and “restructured” to form delta-8 THC.

The resulting delta-8 distillate is then added to hemp flower, in one of a number of ways. The original method, still used by some manufacturers, was to dip the flower directly into the distillate. Unfortunately, this makes the flower soggy and difficult to smoke, so it’s not exactly ideal.

Another method is to spray the distillate liquid on the flower, so that it doesn’t get soggy and heavy, giving a better smoking experience in general. Some manufacturers even turn the distillate into a solid powder that can be dusted onto the flower in large quantities without changing its texture. Botany Farms’ method, using frozen delta-8 distillate, is one of these methods.

Although the dipping method has the most drastic effect on the flower, each infusion process gives a different result and a different smoking experience, so don’t be afraid to try out all three of our favorite brands to see whose production methods you prefer.

Are delta-8 flowers sticky?

Yes, since delta-8 distillate is always sticky, but some flowers are stickier than others, depending on the production. Dipped flower has the most liquid and is the stickiest, while sprayed flower is somewhat less sticky and dusted flower is the least sticky.

Are there other ways to use delta-8?

Yes, there are several ways to consume delta-8 so you’re not only limited to delta-8 flower. There are two popular methods of consuming delta-8. The first is through inhalation. This method includes products such as: flower, vape cartridges, disposable vape pens and dabs. The next most popular way is through oral consumption. This method includes products such as: edibles, tinctures, gummies and drinks.

Each method of consumption has its own pros and cons. Inhalation products are good for instant effects that don’t last as long. Oral consumption products can take 1-2 hours to reach their full effect but also last for a long time. These differences should help you decide which type of product works best for you.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to only buy quality products from the best delta-8 vendors.


Delta-8 flower is produced by adding delta-8 distillate to hemp flowers, to provide the cannabis smoking experience that is known and loved by many. Delta-8 THC has many benefits to offer which is one of the reasons its popularity has grown significantly this year.

Just like with any cannabis/hemp products, you need to verify the quality of delta-8 flower yourself, since the FDA doesn’t regulate it. Fortunately, we’ve taken the hassle out of it for you by finding three highly reputable delta-8 flower brands that quality test their products thoroughly. Use our guide to figure out which brand vibes with you, or if you’re up for an adventure, just try them all out until you find your perfect delta-8 flower.

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