Visit Price Ford Lincoln in Port Angeles for a great selection of all-wheel-drive vehicles, including this rugged Bronco.

Visit Price Ford Lincoln in Port Angeles for a great selection of all-wheel-drive vehicles, including this rugged Bronco.

How all-wheel-drive keeps drivers steady in the snow

Port Angeles Ford dealer has excellent selection of vehicles for all types of weather

In the old days, only trucks had four-wheel-drive. If you wanted to drive the kids to school in a sedan, your tires probably slipped and slid in the snow. Those lucky enough to have 4WD needed to shift on their own: shift too early and you’d burn a lot of extra gas, shift too late and you might end up in the ditch.

“Ford now has a great selection of sure-footed all-wheel-drive vehicles,” says Mark Ostroot, General Sales Manager of Price Ford Lincoln in Port Angeles. “If you’re looking for fuel-economy we have all-wheel-drive hybrids, if you need towing capacity we have powerful all-wheel-drive pick-up trucks, and plenty of selection in between.”

The beauty of all-wheel-drive is in its intelligence. Drivers don’t have to assess road conditions because the vehicle has made the decision to keep you safe before you’ve even started thinking about it.

“This is super high-tech all-wheel-drive. The vehicle is primarily in two-wheel-drive, and whenever it detects that you’re losing traction it will shift automatically into all-wheel-drive in a matter of milliseconds,” Ostroot says.

If you’re in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, your tires can slip into frozen ruts in the road, and drivers often feel jerked from side to side. But with all-wheel-drive there’s a lot more flexibility between the four wheels, which allows your ride to be much smoother.

“All-wheel-drive vehicles are just incredible as far as maintaining traction.”

New year, new deals

Ostroot’s phone has been ringing off the hook as the all-electric F-150 Lighting officially opens ordering, and there’s a great selection of vehicles and offers for drivers of all types.

  • Between now and the end of March, all 2022 F150 retail orders come with 0% interest for 60 months.
  • For the month of January, 2021 Ecosport Escapes, Edges and Explorers come with 1.9% interest for 60 months plus a $1500 rebate.
  • For the month of January, 2021 Rangers and F150s come with 0.9% interest for 60 months plus a $1000 rebate.

All of these vehicles are all-wheel-drive, so they’ll perform well on snow and ice. Ford’s trucks come with rear locking axles, providing world class stability on snow. Ford’s SUVs offer both front and rear locking axles for great versatility, and the seven-passenger Explorer has plenty of room for the family and all your gear.

“For drivers who aren’t worried about snow and ice, we also have Mustangs!” Ostroot laughs.

Browse the selection at or visit the showroom at 3311 East Hwy 101 in Port Angeles. Call 888-928-4725 to speak to a sales consultant or follow them on Facebook.