JOHN NELSON’S LIVE MUSIC COLUMN: Let live music be the fruit of your labor

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Historical society throws garage sale

PORT ANGELES -- This evening's sneak preview of a giant garage sale should be one of the town's big social events, said Dona Cloud, Kathy… Continue reading

Update: Brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s a success

PORT ANGELES -- A week after deep brain stimulation -- DBS -- ­ surgery, Charmaigne Dunscomb is on a kind of honeymoon. Dunscomb on Aug.… Continue reading

PENINSULA WOMAN: D’Hemecourt helps save natural spaces from development

PORT ANGELES -- The teenage Michele d'Hemecourt thought of herself as a bookworm, not an outdoorswoman. Afraid of slugs, she had never gone camping. And… Continue reading

Let the Peninsula Senior Games begin

PORT ANGELES -- This weekend is about how active, and how fit, a mind and body can get between the ages of 50 and 100.… Continue reading

PENINSULA SPOTLIGHT: Depth and range of passion

Handmade and passionate. That's the kind of music David Jacobs-Strain is into -- and it's the sound that drew the acclaimed singer-guitarist to the Port… Continue reading

JOHN NELSON’S LIVE MUSIC COLUMN: Let live music fill days before school starts again

AUGUST IS ALMOST over and dare I say it? School is about to start. All the more reason to get out and listen to live… Continue reading

Surgery today could alter Peninsula resident’s path with Parkinson’s disease

PORT ANGELES -- When Charmaigne Dunscomb undergoes brain surgery this morning, she'll mark a new, welcome curve on a 13-year path. Dunscomb, 63, had a… Continue reading

PENINSULA WOMAN: Helping to preserve Makah culture

NEAH BAY -- The voice of Maria Pascua fills this room like the sound of a flute, while her gentle drumming offers the dancers a… Continue reading

PENINSULA SPOTLIGHT: Port Townsend artists open their studios to the public

Loran Scruggs, one of the 41 artists on the Art Port Townsend Studio Tour, is clear about why she makes art out of soup cans.… Continue reading

First stand-up comedy night at Port Angeles nightclub

PORT ANGELES -- A pair of comediennes, one "low key" and the other "more of a party-starter," are teaming up tonight for the first comedy… Continue reading

Tribe gets to tell real story about Quileutes and wolves at Seattle Museum

SEATTLE -- The Quileute tribe -- women, girls, boys, men -- gathered to sing, chant and dance its own story Saturday in an atrium filled… Continue reading

North Olympic Peninsula outdoor concerts this week (**beginning today!**)

Pack up a picnic dinner, grab your lawn chair or a blanket — and don't forget your sunglasses if it's sunny — and head to… Continue reading

Millions of tiny toads crawl over Anderson Lake State Park

CHIMACUM -- Anderson Lake was known, at least until now, for its trout and for the toxic blue-green algae that spurred public health officials to… Continue reading

PENINSULA WOMAN: Sara Mall Johani unveils new gallery on Port Townsend Studio Tour

CHIMACUM -- Sara Mall Johani and her husband, Tom Jay, make their home in the deepest woods, so when you visit -- as art lovers… Continue reading

Flamenco classes slated in Port Angeles

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PENINSULA SPOTLIGHT: Snapshots, movie kick off annual Heritage Weekend

PORT ANGELES -- So Junior asks Sugar if she plays that "fast music," that hot jazz. "Yeah! Real hot!" replies Sugar, as only Marilyn Monroe… Continue reading

‘NIGHT OWL’ JOHN NELSON’S COLUMN: Live music soothes on hot August nights

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Sequim couple tell of beauties, pitfalls of life in the wild

SEQUIM -- The most important thing to remember on your next outing, even if it's just a day hike: Everything can change. In a flash.… Continue reading

‘Voices of the Strait’: A documentary about healing a body of water

This is a short movie about abundance: a dozen pounds of salmon for a dime, teenagers buying jalopies with cash from digging clams, charter boats… Continue reading