LETTER:Winning combination

Voters, please be heard and vote for what the majority of us in Clallam County need, the winning team of Representatives Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman.

They are veteran legislators and have listened and fought for all of us here at home.

Their hard work has earned them leadership positions that represent us well and brought resources to help better our communities and our lives on the Olympic Peninsula.

Also, vote for the team of Patty Murray as U.S. Senator and Derek Kilmer as U.S. Representative. They will continue to speak up for our state in Washington D.C.

Our democracy and personal welfare depend on logical and informed thinking about what is currently happening in our county and country.

Personal freedoms are being threatened across the country, such as to vote without fear of reprisal or intimidation, to maintain clean air and water, to make decisions regarding our own bodies, and to respect and support those less fortunate and able.

Voting is fundamental to your freedom.

Vote for the will of the majority: Chapman, Tharinger, Murray, and Kilmer.

Be heard.

Annette Hanson