LETTER:Wide divide

As we enter the next four years, after four years of accusations, with a wide divide between sides and little in the middle, here we are.

One side feels the battle is over.

They feel we should all come together, forget the past and just get over it.

The press’s declared winner, Joe Biden, says it is a time of healing, that we are all Americans, and we should come together.

Radio host and conservative columnist Larry Elder has a warning for Democrats calling for healing and unity.

“Don’t expect to see it any time soon from the people you’ve been cursing, smearing, attacking, and calling fascist for four years.”

So where do we go?

When the dust settles where is a path ahead?

What I see is that conservatives are not the ones throwing bricks, but they are very frustrated with elites ruling bylaws for you but not for me.”

A big divide comes as the Left pushes to reframe history to their agenda, as with the 1619 Project, and conservatives push to conserve society.

Jesus once told a crowd ready to stone a woman caught in sin, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” (John 8:5)

The crowd dispersed and neither side in our current situation is without sin.

I do not know what will bring our nation together again, but I do know it will not be in dividing people by ideologies, calling each other names, or using irresponsible rhetoric against each other.

Jon Cooke

Jefferson County GOP chair


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