LETTER:Who needs it?

I was happy when the gun shop here on the highway closed a year ago.

They’d had a large sign up declaring that they “weren’t Dicks” and they proudly sold AR-15’s.

I listened to Ed Stack, interviewed back in 2018.

This thoughtful man explained how he’d decided to no longer carry or sell any assault-type weapons in their longtime successful Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.

This was after the Parkland, Fla., high school mass murder.

He acknowledged the decision would cost their business millions in losses.

Another American family, also well-known conservatives, the Walton family made the same decision for their empire of Walmart stores.

I write this from the mass murder capitol of the free world, the USA, where any citizen can buy and keep a personal weapon of mass murder, or PWMM.

Which I believe is the only correct name for these ugly, life-ending instruments of the devil.

Every bit of empty justifications put out for years by Fox News and others fall flat.

In Uvalde, Texas, an 18-year old, barely adult, held off 376 trained law enforcement, good guys with guns, for hours, for their fear of facing his AR-15.

These are bought to intimidate or impress and anyone who’s convinced themselves an imaginary need for are either the worst shot on the planet or live lives of overblown delusions and fear.

The only person in this nation that actually needs an assault-type rifle or pistol, in fact, is a mass murderer.

Tom LaRue