LETTER:Vote for change

This is in response to the paid advertisement in last week’s Sequim Gazette from Gayle Baker promoting the Independent Advisory Association-groomed candidates for city council.

Note that other than two individuals, the public has no idea who backs the IAA nor what the agenda might be as they are not a legal entity and some of their candidates have refused to participate in any legitimately recognized forum.

The advertisement leads off with the same tired fear-mongering about the MAT (medication-assisted treatment) clinic, the Jamestown Healing Center.

It then becomes a generic promotion of their collective experience which doesn’t actually speak to what they bring to the table.

My concern in these final days before the election is that their whole campaign has been based on fear and smear tactics.

Council members need to be prepared to consider a broad range of agenda items, rather than focusing on a single-minded agenda.

These candidates are the same that support Mayor William Armacost who has brought such chaos and negative attention to Sequim.

We are overdue for change.

To heal.

To get back to the sense of community that once defined Sequim.

If you want to see what the candidates for change have to say about not only their extensive and recent experience, but also their passion and dedication to Sequim, I invite you to view the Sequim Good Governance League panel recording on YouTube, https://youtu.be/ASElaryBPTw.

The questions asked go beyond mere platitudes and elicit the honest answers we need.

Nicole Hartman


EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicole Hartman is a Sequim Good Governance League board member.