LETTER:Vaccine questions

For years I have voted Independent.

The best policy positions, to me, get my vote.

Yes, I am vaccinated.

All that said, I have questions for our local policy decision makers, or anyone else who can enlighten me.

From January 2020 through January 2021, states and localities with COVID-19 hot zones, or even suspected rising cases, were given federally supplied temporary facilities, such as tent hospitals, hospital ships, military medical personnel, supplies and equipment.

It is now October 2021 and we are being informed by our trusted media that COVID-19 is so bad that hospitals are now having to decide who lives or not.

Idaho is implementing crisis standards, which means rationing resources to patients with the best chances.

New York calls to “Stop delivering babies.”

Here at home, local hospitals have stopped non-COVID-19 elective surgeries because of shortages in hospital staff and space.

Yet no federal support is in sight.

Sure, money is being sent, but I have never known a dollar bill that was able to perform a surgery or deliver a baby.

We are being encouraged to divide ourselves into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, the latter to be proclaimed the villain.

I’m not aware of the CDC doing a study on the benefits of COVID-19 recovered people’s immunity and why they, too, are mandated to receive the vaccine to participate in some type of employment or community enjoyment.


How does any of this help us all recover united and thrive?

Deb Dove


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