LETTER:Vaccine injuries

I’m writing this letter on Election Day, ignorant of what the outcome will be.

Having become a single-issue voter for a concern that most chose to ignore, I am not hopeful that the change I’m looking for will come willingly from politicians, no matter who is elected.

But I was inspired to write again to you, my community, thanks to whoever left an old issue of Mother Earth News on the library’s free shelf.

It contained an interview with Wendell Berry in which he said, “If you’re really going to neighbor, you go to them when they need you, and when you need help, you call.”

I need your help because politicking seems to be a dead end, but maybe together we can sustain life through neighboring.

I need your help to bring attention and support to people who were injured by COVID vaccination and left behind as collateral damage, with neither medical nor financial support.

Whenever this issue is raised, there is so much effort to assert the rarity of vaccine-adverse reactions that those who did experience life-altering harm are simply shoved aside.

But people have lost health, homes, livelihoods, and in some cases family members.

Please, read some of their stories at React19.org and CanWeTalkAboutIt.org.

Don’t turn away, but let your hearts break and then speak up for them until help comes.

Our elected officials need to know that we, as a country full of neighbors, will not let this grave injustice stand.

Kathy Zelenka

Port Angeles

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