LETTER:Timber sales

Thank you to the PDN for reporting on the efforts of the Port Angeles School Board and Superintendent Marty Brewer to fund the reconstruction of Steven’s Middle School (“PASD Board Renews Pact with Lower Elwha Tribe,” Nov. 16.)

The 2020 capital levy was a hard-fought win for education after multiple failed votes for a capital bond.

As a parent of two PASD students, I appreciate the school board’s efforts and the efforts of volunteers who supported the levy.

I also appreciate that Superintendent Brewer is seeking an additional $18 million from the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) for Stevens Middle School.

SCAP is funded primarily through the sale of timber on Common School Trust Lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR.)

These timber sales provide a valuable product (lumber), a basic need to humankind (shelter) and meaningful work for hundreds of people in our county (loggers, biologists, foresters, mill workers.)

For rural communities like Port Angeles, the connection between prosperity and responsible management of renewable resources by the DNR is clear.

Efforts to stymie DNR timber sales by environmental groups through lawsuits hinder our community’s ability to fund education.

Please support schools in Port Angeles.

Reed Wendel

Port Angeles