LETTER:The right to vote

Martin Luther King Day.

This year, the King family is asking you to stand up and commemorate him with action.

King fought hard for civil liberties and no civil liberty more so than the right to vote.

Honor his memory by supporting the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Both bills are before the Senate now.

Moving ballot boxes hours away, officials reducing the number of functional voting machines in polling places, creating districts of one-party super-majorities, splitting up minorities to make certain they remain minorities, effectively squelching their chance of making meaningful changes in their neighborhoods — these are methods used to suppress votes. These are not practices to reduce voter fraud.

Registered voters should be able to vote.

This isn’t a partisan issue.

Allow people to vote.

Don’t set up obvious barriers to voting.

The League of Women Voters believes voting is the most important right accorded to U.S. citizens.

We admire the suffragettes who marched and fought for women’s right to vote.

We continue their cause today.

We believe in democracy and the power of the vote.

We need your help.

Let’s defend the right for every eligible person to vote, regardless of race, party or gender.

Email Maria Cantwell at www.cantwell.senate.gov or Patty Murray at www.murray.senate.gov with a short note: “Please support the right of Americans to vote.”

It’s a simple act that could make a big difference.

Carole Calderwood


EDITOR’S NOTE: Carole Calderwood is the secretary for League of Women Voters Clallam County.