LETTER:Thanks workers

Since November, crews have been working to create a roundabout at the intersection of Sequim-Dungeness Way and Woodcock Road.

Like many other residents, my husband and I have frequently driven through that project on the way to appointments, to the supermarket, to pick up prescriptions, for church services, to deliver holiday gifts, take bottles and boxes for recycling, reach local restaurants, pick up take-out dinners, access U.S. Highway 101, etc.

Sometimes the traffic control monitors require us to stop, then to proceed slowly and with caution.

Meanwhile, teams of workers in trucks and enormous earth-movers are digging, shoveling, grading approaches, and laying curbs to carve out a safe and efficient way for all of us to traverse that intersection.

The crews are now paving, and soon they will be done.

Lately, I have been realizing that, while the votes were generated by some civic group, the hands-on, day-to-day labor is being done by our fellow Clallam County citizens.

And much of this work has been accomplished in cold, rainy, muddy and snowy conditions.

One day my husband and I brought boxes of cookies for the workers to share, and I’m hoping that other folks also found ways to say thank you for their service.

They’re almost finished, and I’m writing here to express gratitude.

The names of these men and women may not appear anywhere on our new roundabout, but I hope that all of us will keep their efforts in mind as we use it.

Jackie Middaugh


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