LETTER:Thanks volunteers

If you have enjoyed a bike ride, run or hike on any of our many local trails then you can thank a volunteer.

If you’ve enjoyed the Hurricane Ridge Ski Area, you can thank a volunteer.

If you’ve enjoyed the new pump track, the BMX track, a festival, music on the pier, art, theater, running a race, less litter in our public spaces, the food bank, local animal services, hospice services or children’s sporting events then you can thank a volunteer.

This city is virtually run by volunteers.

Port Angeles is amazing and has a wide array of services, perks, events, and places that would not exist or be as awesome if it were not for the people that sacrifice their time, money, and efforts.

From digging in the dirt, picking up litter, officiating a swim meet to sitting on a board, these folks are out there everyday making things happen for us.

I am very thankful for all the volunteers out there.

You make our city better.

Michael McGuire

Port Angeles