LETTER:Supports Tharinger

Regarding the article “District Candidates Trade Views,” covering a candidate debate, I’d like to point out some serious discrepancies with Brian Pruiett’s agenda.

He states that affordable housing is significant for us. I’m glad that Pruiett wants to do something about that.

But, wait a minute, later in the article, when asked if he would support in the repeal of minimum wage increases, Pruiett said he supported the idea.

I’d like to ask Mr. Pruiett, do you think you can afford decent housing on a minimum wage income?

It is not hard to see, given the cost of renting even the shabbiest of places, that a minimum wage of $14.49 per hour is not going to come close to a living wage right now, especially for single parents with children at home.

Is Mr. Pruiett championing the working people of this county with his “…oversight of the Washington State Building Code Council?”

Or is he working for the developers?

I’m with Steve Tharinger on this one.

Dan Burdick,

Port Angeles