LETTER:Supports Goolden

I would like to make public my support for Leo Goolden and his quest to restore the wooden sailing ship

Tally Ho.

The ingenuity and precision with which he works is nothing short of amazing.

I think that his talent and craftmanship warrant my full support and encouragement.

I wanted to pay forward the same support and encouragement I received from Clallam residents during my own projects.

I have visited Leo and have seen his work area.

As I follow his progress, I’ve discovered this young man is not only a gifted shipwright but a thoughtful and true gentleman.

This is the type of person that, I am sure, most in our community want to encourage and support.

I am proud of the tremendous local support he has found up to this point.

His progress is followed by enthusiasts around the globe and he has represented Clallam County and the rest of the Peninsula admirably.

Seeking the termination of Leo’s project on the basis of code violations seems counterproductive at best.

He represents all that is good in his profession and his generation.

Any negative impacts of his efforts are trivial in comparison.

It is so disappointing that our community officials are choosing to discourage rather than encourage this young man and his dream.

There must be a compromise that can allay the concerns of the faultfinders and allow this amazing project to continue to a point where it can be safely moved.

Harry Cook


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