LETTER:Stand up and be counted

I believe it is time for all true Americans who believe in our country, our Constitution and our way of life to stand up and be counted.

The present administration is bent on negating all of that.

They are ruling by executive order, they are running roughshod over all and every person or organization who does not believe in their far-left-leaning view.

Take for example, we no longer have a free press. It seems that the mainstream media will not report on anything that the left does not approve.

There are a very few exceptions to this trend.

Social platform have repeatedly banned those who do not follow their leftist ideas.

Look up the “Communist Manifesto” on the web.

Their goals are being met.

This has happened over many years of good citizens sitting back and saying nothing.

Let your voice be heard.

Write your Senators and Congressmen.


The far left has infiltrated almost every facet of our society. It seems it is in full control of social media, is embedded in labor unions. They are extremely embedded in our mainstream media, television, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Certain stores are no longer carrying books that do not follow their leftist ideas.

Is this really a free America?

I for one do not believe that it is, and I plan on doing my best to reverse this trend.

I ask my fellow Americans to please join me by doing your part also.

Act now, or it will be too late.

God bless America.

Robert Nelson


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