LETTER:Speaks for Titterness

I live in Jefferson County, where I first met Marc Titterness, back in 1995, when he was working with some friends of mine, at the Port of Port Townsend, building yachts.

We lost touch when he moved back to the Midwest, and reconnected, when he and his family moved back to Washington.

His opponent in the sheriff’s race says he sees things from the 30,000-foot level, like that is somehow an advantage over someone who lives and works on the same level as most of the rest of us.

Marc started his career in law enforcement before he moved back here, and has been talking about how he would change things, and what needs to be changed, for years.

If I lived in Sequim, I would be voting for Marc.

Vote Marc Titterness for sheriff.

Julie Reuther

Port Ludlow