LETTERS:Opposes harvest

My family has lived in the West End for the better part of a century.

Landslides on state Highway 112 between Deep Creek and Twin are a regular feature of local life.

These frequently close the road for months and millions of dollars of public money have been spent on temporary repairs.

Rayonier proposes logging a vulnerable section of this area under Forest Practices Application 2617656 as Class IV Special due to historic landslides, unstable slopes and effect on protected waters.

Two harvest units are between the road and the Strait and two are immediately to the south in steep, unstable areas where numerous slides have impacted crucial waters of the state and damaged the highway.

The proposed logging uses cable-assisted tethered logging methods that lower multi-ton cutting machines from a winch anchored on a remotely-operated unmanned shovel.

These techniques are specifically intended for use on the 100 percent or steeper slopes.

The potential for disaster from this irresponsible project is great and should not proceed under any conditions.

Why isn’t the state Department of Transportation taking the lead in opposition to a practice that will almost certainly result in even more public money for temporary repairs and another long-lasting road closure.

Don Hamerquist