LETTER:Small business harmed

Recently, a small business owner on the North Olympic Peninsula shared with me that his small business, initially deemed non-essential and subsequently permitted to operate in service of only essential customers had, along with other local businesses, been informed on to the health department for violating conditions of operation.

Fellow citizens informing on others to government agencies that do not answer to the public is nothing new.

Stalin and Mao had theirs, Nazi Germany and the Vichy government of occupied France theirs and Soviet Union East Germany had theirs.

Now it would seem we have our own reprehensible informants.

I don’t blame the informants as there will always be such small-minded individuals in any society.

I blame a repressive government that declares marijuana stores as essential and family-owned small businesses as expendable over a pandemic that has claimed but one life on the Peninsula over the last nine months.

Vote freedom, vote prosperity, vote Republican and turn out Chairman Inslee and his Democrat rubes who have created and sustain this toxic environment.

David Benzick

Port Angeles