LETTER:Salmon restoration

Kudos to the writer of the Dec. 19 letter “Salmon Restoration,” calling out columnist Pat Neal for his persistent negativity about all involved in salmon restoration work.

Week after week, year after year Neal uses his column to bash fish and wildlife agencies, biologists and advocacy groups, dismissing them as part of the “The Salmon Restoration Industry” or “The Salmon Industrial Complex”.

He questions the competence and impugns the motives of people devoting their lives to recovering healthy, harvestable salmon and steelhead populations.

His only solution seems to be flooding every river with hatchery fish, but he’s no fan of hatchery managers, either.

The Peninsula Daily News would do readers a service by, at least occasionally, providing space on the Commentary Page to other, more constructive voices on an issue that’s deeply important to many Peninsula residents.

Marc Sullivan


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