LETTERS: Sequim not a good place for MAT clinic

I attended the “Coffee with Mayor Dennis Smith” at Sequim City Hall on July 25.

An audience member questioned what can be done about homeless people and panhandlers in Sequim.

The mayor answered with an impressive list of social services which are offered to homeless people.

I asked what can be done if a person refuses those services.

Can homeless people sleep on sidewalks in Sequim?

Can they sleep in parks?

Can they panhandle?

People can sleep anywhere.

They can beg as long as they do not physically threaten someone.

I am deeply shocked that the excellent quality of life in Sequim is entirely due to the cooperation of the citizens.

Watch “Seattle is Dying” on YouTube.

The so-called Healing Campus clinic proposed by the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe and others will bring opioid addicts into Sequim by bus.

The clinic staff and police cannot control them.

If even a fraction leave the campus to buy drugs or become homeless, the quality of life in Sequim will be degraded.

Visit www.saveoursequim.org.

This addiction clinic does not belong in downtown Sequim.

Wendy Goldberg,


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