LETTERS: Presidents did the best they could in circumstances

The letter to the editor “Talking patriotism” (Oct. 4) attacks President Trump and other Republican conservatives as “phony patriots” and calls them cowardly.

His measure of patriotism is whether or not they served in the military.

I would point out that Presidents Clinton and Obama did not serve in the military, however, he does not make any reference to them.

The author of the letter also refers to conservatives as “the far right, war’s-the-answer, cowardly, drum-beating party.”

I would quickly point out that Franklin D. Roosevelt was president at the start of World War II.

Harry Truman was president at the start of the Korean War.

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were the presidents who got us into the Vietnam War.

All were Democrats.

Do I blame those presidents?


They made the best decisions they could with the existing circumstances and advisors.

John Procter,

Port Angeles