LETTERS: Commercial crabbers ruin sport for everyone else

The state gives us recreational crabbers a total of eight weeks to fish for crab.

This year they let us put our crab pots in on July 4 until Labor Day.

That gives us eight weeks, or 40 days that we can crab.

Today, Aug. 6, there were no less than 15 commercial boats that put their crab pots out in front of the Three Crabs Road.

That probably is a total of at least 300 pots they put down, compared to my two pots per person.

You might as well forget about putting your two pots out front, or in the channel off the Cline Spit area.

I ask, why does the state give us a eight week season of crabbing and in reality take four weeks away because of the commercials being out there raping the waters?

The commercial folks will crab all winter.

Oh yes, they give us winter crabbing, but one has to be a fool to be out on the waters in those months.

Gail DeLorm,