LETTER:Rezoning alternatives

I’m writing about how Port Angeles was considering rezoning single-family neighborhoods, so they could park RVs or put in multi-unit housing.

Thank goodness, they voted it down.

What puzzles me though is, if we have such a shortage, why did they allow an old mobile home park to turn into a third Starbucks and chain store pizza?

There are independent coffee shops on practically every corner and we have plenty of pizza shops.

This would’ve been a perfect place for an apartment building.

We have so many abandoned buildings downtown that could be remodeled for housing.

It makes no sense to ruin neighborhoods with more abandoned vehicles.

There are abandoned vehicles all over Port Angeles now.

Look at North Ennis Street or anywhere on the west side.

Some houses have so many vehicles it’s hard to count.

Drive down the alleyways and it’s worse.

They are full of all kinds of flora and fauna, rats especially, and leaking fluids into the ground water.

If the city council has refused to address this blight in the last several years, there is no way we can trust them to address it in the future.

Frances Medeiros

Port Angeles