LETTER:Responsible governance

The Nov. 2 election is less than four weeks away, and the stakes for Sequim couldn’t be higher.

Most significantly, voters can depose Sequim’s notorious Mayor William Armacost, a QAnon promoter who has abused his authority, disregarded rules of fairness and civility, and who has shown contempt for anyone who speaks up to protest his behavior.

In addition, the so-called Gang of Four, the mayor plus three appointed, not elected, council members who consistently vote in lockstep in opposition to the other three council members, have eroded trust and created anger and division in this small community.

Their unexplained ouster of our excellent city manager, Charlie Bush, and the hiring of his replacement is needlessly costing Sequim taxpayers well over $150,000.

Perhaps the most dangerous move by this bunch is a city of Sequim resolution, passed by the usual 4 to 3 vote, full of false claims about constitutionality that encourages people to defy our state and local public health regulations.

It resulted in threats to Dr. Allison Berry, and to some of our restaurant owners and employees, in addition to potentially increasing the region’s risks of COVID-19 spread.

The good news is that five well-qualified candidates for Sequim city council are running to restore integrity, trust, and transparent governance to Sequim.

They are Brandon Janisse and Rachel Anderson, both already serving on the council, plus Kathy Downer, Vicki Lowe and Lowell Rathbun.

Learn more, make sure you are registered, and please vote to bring responsible governance back to Sequim.

Lisa Dekker

Port Angeles