LETTER:Rebuild lodge

In 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the Olympic Peninsula to see for himself the beauty of mountains and rain forest.

Like his illustrious cousin, Theodore, he embraced the tenet of preserving America’s unique lands for posterity.

He signed into law the act which established the Olympic National Park in 1938.

He would have marveled to see the view from the lodge at Hurricane Ridge; we should recognize that was part of the legacy he left us.

Now the lodge is gone, burned to the ground in a tragic fire.

If he were alive today he would move heaven and earth to rebuild that iconic structure which, since 1952, has been at the heart of the memories of so many visitors to Olympic National Park.

When we plan to replace it we should remember the rugged, self-reliant pioneers who came to settle on the Peninsula.

These were people who could sustain themselves independently.

The new structure’s design should incorporate the best of new technologies that exemplify the spirit of those settlers in form and function.

Solar panels and battery storage could allow the generation of clean energy.

Materials fabricated to conserve energy should be incorporated.

The latest media presentations could be available to enlighten and inform visitors of the natural environment, the area’s history, and how we as individuals can work to preserve our parks.

That means convincing our legislators to promote rebuilding the Lodge.

Write to Senators Cantwell and Murray, and Congressman Kilmer.

Let’s get those federal dollars rolling in.

Brian Grad