LETTER:Protect workers

This is my public comment to the resolution proposed by Sequim City Council member Keith Larkin and passed by the council 4-3 regarding supporting local businesses and workers’ rights.

The resolution as proposed was “expressing support for our small businesses and essential workers’ individual rights,” citing federal and state constitutions to condemn health orders issued by Gov. Jay Inslee and Dr. Allison Berry, health officer for Clallam and Jefferson counties.

I strongly oppose the resolution.

I support Dr. Berry and the healthcare mandates for our community.

In 2020, I implemented COVID safety and health care guidelines for my patients and staff in my dental office in Sequim.

I was determined to protect my patients, staff and the community of Sequim.

I maintain that “promoting the general welfare,” preamble of the U.S. Constitution, does not condemn health orders concerning vaccinations.

I also cite the historical health orders for polio and other vaccines.

That we are all in a worldwide pandemic with COVID is notable.

To keep workers safe from harm entails not exposing them to a dangerous work environment.

Certainly “essential workers’ individual rights” must include the right to work in a safe work environment.

As a former business owner in Sequim, I believe controlling the COVID-19 pandemic is the best support for our small businesses’ ability to remain viable and open.

I believe the city council should enact measures to promote the health of our community.

I would support a different resolution, one that supports our workers and healthcare providers.

E. Randy Tierney, DMD


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