LETTER:Opposes dam removal

As a retired native of southeast Alaska who has been active in the fishing industry, I question the wisdom of considering dam removal.

Southeast Alaska makes every effort to ensure that streams provide ample escapement for salmon runs. Commercial fishing near rivers is prohibited and little if any gaffing, or snagging, of spawning salmon by sport fishermen is allowed.

Also, to some extent, control of seals and sea lions is practiced.

As a result, these and other regulations led most years to healthy returns.

It seems to me that Washington does little to protect escapement.

Rivers are exploited commercially and by sport activities.

The banks fronting the rivers are knee deep with seal and other predators.

The salmon have no chance.

I see no benefit in dam removal.

In fact, most likely, that would hinder our commercial agriculture industry and limit the recreation activity that these dams provide our citizens.

Please add me to your No vote.

Gary Emard


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