LETTER:One-party rule

It took four years and we finally got rid of that hotel guy.

A special counsel, with a multitude of attorneys that cost 32 million taxpayer dollars and three years, then two impeachments involving both branches, an unknown hours or dollars failed, his term ended.

Now the elected other guys who neglected to vote for a phony charge conviction need to be kicked out of office.

We need to save our country.

If we get rid of the opposition completely it would be easier to rule as a single party.

We are gaining.

We now have the Number 1 man and the majority with the right folks in charge of both parties.

Just think what we can do, the Justice Department and other agencies will fall in line, just as they did in past administrations.

We can now load the Supreme Court, who would dare oppose us after we do another 40 presidential orders.

This is working out in our favor, just look at how we can save our country.

One-party rule has worked so well for our favorite country that we moved our manufacturing to them.

They even make our antibiotics.

It is even said COVID-19 originated there. Wasn’t that nice?

Phillip Reed


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