LETTER:Not leaving

Council member Mike Pence suggests that the solution to his misrepresentations on his application for appointment to Sequim’s City Council was for me to leave Sequim, move away.

He claims I don’t like anything.

There are many things I like about Sequim, including the quality of character and competence of our city staff.

I learned that from being involved in Sequim 101.

What I don’t like are hidden agendas, and there is a faction (Pence, Kincaid, Larkin, and Armacost) on the Sequim City Council that seems to have them.

This faction was not vetted by voters. Pence, Kincaid, and Larkin were appointed to their seats.

The mayor was appointed to the position of mayor.

The mayor boasts about the executive experience in this faction, and now we find out that the executive experience of this faction, save for Council member Larkin, is greatly exaggerated.

Mr. Pence’s claim to executive experience is questionable.

It seems the rush to hire a city manager has to do with politics; do it before a new council is elected.

How can we trust them to do what is best for Sequim?

What philosophy of city governance does this faction embrace?

Given the factional nature of this council and the manner in which it ousted Charlie Bush, it is unlikely that a qualified candidate would apply.

This faction has already cost Sequim money; the cost of ousting Charlie Bush.

Do we really want Sequim to incur more costs by launching a flawed search for a city manager?

Karen Hogan


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