LETTER:No red wave

Surprise surprise, the polls, right and left wing media got it all wrong.


They were wrong in 2016, 2018, 2020, and now 2022.

Why do we continue to listen to these pollsters and media talking heads.

Are we now going to have to listen to this nonsense from the cable networks for the next two years.

Give me a break. They only do it to get ratings and money.

It gets so ridiculous, the constant barrage of what ifs and wherefores about who’s ahead, who might be ahead and who might not.

Not only is this hard to listen to but it probably influences voters who have not yet voted to not vote or to change who they are voting for.

My recommendation is to just change channels and watch a good movie when you are subjected to this garbage from the media.

So in spite of being misled again, those of us who are true patriots, who are committed to the rule of law, and who revere our democracy, have won.

Truth over conspiracy, denying the deniers, and putting MAGA followers back in their closets.

And now we have the liar in chief wanting to try and destroy our democracy again.

It remains to be seen if the same politicians who approved of him last time will do so again furthering their reputational downfall into utter disgrace.

Stan Riddle