LETTER:New year’s hope

With most of local Sequim fireworks displayed well before midnight on the evening of Dec. 31, it appears folks were celebrating the end of 2022, rather than the beginning of 2023.

That seems totally appropriate, though some may have simply wanted to get it over with and get the kids or their weary selves off to bed.

To quote the wry wit of social and political commentator Walter Kirn on a podcast earlier the same day, “In 2023, the jaws of uncertainty are gonna open ever wider.”

But, when necessary to the neoliberal narrative, the acquiescent local and national media coverage of events will offer aid and the comfort of a shared and manufactured certainty to the populace in order, as FDR’s conveniently vague quote reminds us, to forestall the inconvenient discomfort of fear of the wrong things.

At the risk of triggering inherent ageism, I’ll quote Pogo here, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

So, the pills eschew, both red and blue, for a happier New Year.

Charles Main