LETTER:Need a new voice

On Dec. 14, 2020 the Clallam County Public Utility District commissioners were dealing with the 2021 draft Strategic Plan.

Page 3 contained a statement clearly recognizing the need for affordable, cost effective renewable energy supplies in addition to the existing hydropower source.

That statement and wording supporting additional conservation were red-lined by Commissioner Paschall.

Commissioner Waddell, who represents District 3, immediately objected to Commissioner Paschall’s red-lining of that segment.

Commissioner Waddell strongly supports finding reliable power for his region and asked for the deleted segment to be added back into the strategic plan.

I stood up during public comment and asked Commissioner Paschall why he struck this segment out.

Paschall replied, “I did not like it.”

I then asked him to explain why he did not like the questioned segment.

At that point Commissioner Will Purser interrupted with, “He does not have to answer that.”

Commissioner Purser then immediately called for a vote and commissioners Purser and Paschall voted to have the segment stricken under stern objections from Commissioner Waddell.

This is just one example of why a new voice is needed here at Clallam PUD.

We need an additional commissioner who sincerely wants to hear from and engage with the rate payer.

Ken Hayes is that person.

As former Sequim councilman and mayor, he is known for engaging the public.

Let’s put the public back into our PUD.

Vote Ken Hays.

Richard DeBusman