With regards to the letter “Love the Unvaccinated,” people do not have the right to “reject medical treatment free of coercion’ when their rejection causes harm to others in the form of death and/or sickness.

To correct the misinformation given in this letter, people infected previously with the virus do not normally develop natural immunity.

They can become reinfected and pass on the virus.

The science shows that the omicron variant can evade the immune protection conferred by vaccines or a previous infection, according to a December article in Science News.

Scientific research shows that natural immunity to the omicron virus has no durable protective qualities, in direct contradiction to what is stated by the author.

Omicron is infecting those who have been vaccinated, but they are rarely hospitalized and usually have a much less severe reaction.

The unvaccinated are once again filling our hospitals and taxing our health care workers, our economic well-being, and the schooling of our children.

They die at a much higher rate than vaccinated people.

We have had divisive speech from many who definitely do not love their neighbors. This works both ways.

Loving your neighbor means doing no harm, to anyone.

Sherry Schaaf