LETTER:Minority unvaccinated

I was the first speaker recognized by Clallam County Commission Chair, Mark Ozias, at the Sept. 7 commissioners’ meeting. I spoke on behalf of my organization, Voices for Health & Healing.

I thanked Dr. Allison Berry for her efforts to save lives menaced by COVID-19 and its deadly delta variant. I held up my vaccination card and thanked the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and health care workers for giving me both vaccinations at Carrie Blake Park.

I urged the unvaccinated to “get your shots.” They are free and 98 percent effective.

I added, “The life you save may be your own or someone you love.”

The crowd outside — I counted them — numbered 72, most of them not masked, presumably unvaccinated, a “super-spreader” event. They booed loudly as I spoke.

This anti-vaccination crowd is a small minority of our community. A majority of us is vaccinated, wear masks and practice social distancing. We support Dr. Berry’s measures to save lives and combat this lethal pandemic.

Thank you PDN for your front-page reporting of the catastrophic upsurge in the deadly COVID-19 delta variant here in Clallam County. The anti-vaxx mob’s threat of bodily harm to Dr. Berry is outrageous, modeled on the terrorist pro-Trump gang that stormed our nation’s Capitol building last Jan. 6 in an abortive coup d’etat. Law enforcement must protect all public officials doing their sworn duty.

We must not yield to anti-vaxxer intimidation.

Tim Wheeler


Acting Chair of Voices for Health & Healing

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