LETTER:Kidd has a plan

Kidd has a plan

Because of the severe housing shortage that we are experiencing in this community, decisions need to be made promptly that will affect the future of our working-class families now and for many years to come.

Cherie Kidd, an experienced public servant, has the dedication to our citizens and the insight to make the right decisions as director of the Clallam County Department of Community Development.

While both candidates agree that the housing crisis needs to be remedied and that short-term-rentals play a role, only Cherie Kidd has given specifics when asked how she would handle some restrictions if elected.

There are well over 1,000 vacation rentals in Clallam County.

Many residents share Cherie Kidd’s vision to find some balance between families living on the streets or valuable members of our community being forced to move and vacationers using entire homes for a few nights at a time.

Her time on city council shows her abilities and tireless dedication to our locals.

If you agree that we need a comprehensive plan to bring more housing to our struggling laboring class citizens, then vote for Cherie Kidd.

Amanda Stanley

Port Angeles

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